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  1. My '90 Grand Am was a hand-me-down from my dad when I turned 16 and got my license. Seeing as how I rode in that car my entire life, it was kind of neat having it as my own. I loved it, but after driving it for a while it started to develop problems, rust, turned into an electrical nightmare, ended up spending more than its worth in repairs in a matter of months. So we all kind of agreed I needed a newer more reliable car. That's when the search started. I was looking for something a little faster like a GTP or a Cobalt SS and some other stuff, but there weren't any available at the time at
  2. My '05 GA GT's best is 15.3, stock. The old '90 SE's best is a 15.7, I'm sure it could do much better but it was my first time racing it so I didn't have a damn clue what I was doing. The LeMans managed a whopping 10.9 1/8th.
  3. For the price, and ease of install compared to most other things, definitely worth it imo.
  4. Well, it wasn't easy. No matter how I adjusted it, I just couldn't seem to get it to fit right. It was like the holes were drilled wrong or something. But after about 30 minutes straight of screwing with it I got it on.
  5. Got the STB's on. Gotta say, made more of a difference than I expected. Doesn't feel like the rear end wants to go flying as much as it used to, and overall is feels more stable in higher-speed corners.
  6. Sweet! It's nice to see an older less popular Pontiac getting cared for.
  7. Thanks everyone. Have you seen the other ones? Didn't you say you lived off Union Deposit? Surprised you haven't seen me around, I take Union Deposit Road to and from HACC every day.
  8. Thanks. Well.. K&N filter now, front and rear STB's on the way, and Flowmaster 80 cat back as soon as I have the cash.
  9. I have about a thousand pictures of this thing.. but I'll spare you all for now.
  10. Washed two of the Grand Am's today (SE isn't here right now) and the LeMans, and just spent the whole day driving (More of that to come, the day isn't over yet!). Felt like a good thing to do on a day like this. As far as I'm concerned, Pontiac isn't dead until they're all off the road and people like us are gone. Still though, RIP Pontiac.
  11. Hummelstown PA, right next to Harrisburg. I'd love to put a 455 in it some day if I can get a hold of one.
  12. Thanks. Yeah the 2-barrel is out the door as soon as I have the cash. And yep, still the original Pontiac motor. I'll get to it eventually lol. Got no monies 4 mahds. I got myself a JDM K&N filter though, shitz tyte.
  13. Now what gave you that idea? Haha.
  14. Hey. Was browsing earlier and noticed all the GAOC members here do I decided to join up. I've got quite a driveway full of Pontiacs already.. This was my first car, a 1990 Grand Am SE. Quad 4 High Output 5-speed. Fun as hell to drive. Dad bought it new in 1990 and gave it to me when I turned 16. Recently retired it since it's becoming a money pit, but I'd say it did its job quite well for being a daily driver for 20 years. My new daily driver to replace the old GA. 2005 Grand Am SC/T. Drove all the way to CT for it! All stock for now, probably gonna get some bolt-on stuff for it but
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