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Looking Into Aftermarket Seats

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I like the second ones looks better but for a daily driver the first ones you may like more. The side bolsters will get annoying manouvering around them. Also can you order them without the logo on them?

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unfortunately, all bride manufactured seats come with the bride logo all over them like that. I like the style and how the seats are very comfortable. I have sat in these in other friends vehicles and both are very very comfortable. the 2nd ones are bitch to get out of though with my fat ass. lol. but they HUG WELL.

any ways, i have a buddy who can get these made generically with no logos on them. I just don't want to get generic again cuz i got some generic sparcos for my 2g and they broke easily. That is why im looking for the original manufactured ones. proven and tested to work great.

let me see what I can find out from Bride.

So far, Cuga looks to be the most popular of the 2.

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FAK! THOSE LOOK NICE! how much they going for?

$1500... JEEBUS!!! lol

the Cuga's are going for $700 for the pair and Digo's going for $600 for the pair. more then half the price.

these don't look too bad.


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ok. I have changed my mind over to the Sparco Torinos. What you think?


well.. the CF does come on the Cuga's but man...

You know what... all suggestions are welcome. I want something comfortable. Corbeau's are an option as well.

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I like the looks of those ones better a little more subtle and not like sitting in the giant billboard. (this coming from a NASCAR fan)

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I don't know if this is still a topic up for discussion, but I think the Corbeaus are the best looking, and they definitely look comfortable. I know Sparcos are good, and I'm sure they would be fine for everyday use, but I think having the lady sit in them prior to purchasing them would probably be your best option, if it is an option at all. Or at least, have her take a look-see before you buy them. My vote is in for the Corbeaus, though! They look like a happy medium. Have you found any reviews for them?

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Not digging the Sparco ones... I'll tell ya why! Look at the lower portion of the seat, where it has cloth and then leather. That leather is going to rub everytime you enter and exit the vehicle, and over time will give out, trust me, my DSM has leather buckets in it currently and I have that problem. For your car, I would highly recommend the Digo, due to the ease of entry and exit for daily driving. The only reason you would need the Cuga's would be for the weekend track racing or road course. They are designed for the lower HP cars who need a to be secured into you car more, and are designed to coincide with helmets. You won't like them over time.

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  • 2 months later...

thank you for the advise guys.

I actually found some seats that I have done some research on. Not many reviews but they are built and manufactured by a business in CA. Some are skeptic to try them due to the lack of reviews but lets just say I have some arrangements to test the seats. :willy_nilly:

Here is a pic of the seats.


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