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  1. they were in it when i bought it, plus, aside from retro fits, there the best looking of the projector headlights for these cars in my opinion
  2. here are some peektures as promised yes, i did have a fart can on the stock exhaust, i shoulda waited, but i got my full cat-back now the new Megan Racing Drift Spec but thats all for now, just thought id drop in and say hi again
  3. I love it, it has every option except onstar and G85 (recaro seats and LSD tranny)
  4. Hey everyone, its been way to long, I've been busy with work, cars and life lol, but now for the news of what I'm driving now I picked up a 2007 cobalt ss/sc, only mods are an ebay intake with an AEM dryflow filter, Gen 1 halo projector headlights, RTX 6000K HIDs, tinted tail lights, de-badged except SS badges, black 3D SS Badge inlays, and my recently installed Megan Racing Drift Spec cat-back exhaust, anyways, ill have some pics tonight when I'm home on the computer not my blackberry
  5. dxdean3

    my new car

    heres the pics i promised
  6. dxdean3

    my new car

    yup, still got the flwr, and the sedan too, now i got 3 J's lol
  7. dxdean3

    my new car

    yup, i love my J cars, no pcs yet, im going to get it tomorrow so ill have pics tomorrow night or so
  8. dxdean3

    my new car

    i bought a new car sunday night, its a 2000 cavalier z24 convertible, its red with a white top, with a blown 2.4 5spd, this winter, im going to dye the top black, swap in an ecotec, drop it, and put a set of rims on it, ill post pics once i pick it up
  9. if i could find a feiro around here that isnt swiss cheese it would be a miracle
  10. well it wouldnt be rushed thats for sure, i would do everything i have to to keep it road legal, and make it look as stock as possible, it would be a long project as im only 18, but i have a really good job, and the space/tools to do it, just need a donor car
  11. well, heres an idea ive had for a while and here it goes i want to take a 95-99 Sunfire GT, completely gut it to the bare shell, convert it to RWD and have a 350sbc for the power plant, while at the same time trying to keep the stock appearance, after i have my 03 finished, and my 01 sunfire sedan done the way i want, this will be my next project thoughts?
  12. your not the first to say it lol, to each their own i guess, i love my rims
  13. i didnt say you were bashing me, just stating that JBO makes any other car forum on the planet tolerable in that sence
  14. im used to it lol, JBO is a hell hole for getting bashed and flammed
  15. the car isnt daily driven anyways, after its finished in the spring, itll be lucky if i have it out twice a week
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