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markpetersonii's GTO - SOLD.

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2005 Pontiac GTO - Midnight Blue (375hp/375tq)

- Kooks 1 7/8 LT's

- EDGE 3000 Stall

- Harrop Diff Cover

- X-Pipe

- Magnaflow Axle-Back

- Vararam Intake

- MSD Wires

- Spoiler Delete

- VX Tails

- 18" Beyern Mesh 9.5" rear 8.5" front

- Cut rear fenders

- Pedders Street 2 "Zero drop"

- Black Vinyl Dart Overlays

- 6000K HID Lows

- 15% Rear, 35% Front Tint

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mm.....eh. :)

:P jk. :P:bacon: there was no point in telling people your secret today. :lol2: looks good.

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AWESOME! CONGRATS!!! That answers my fb question lol.

Nice Ride, I'd just be a little iffy with a pre-modified car, but there are people who take care of their ride and no problems arise.

But if you get is sunday that means you might come out the following friday??? :P

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stalled auto eh? ive heard its not that hard to DD lower stalls such as 3000. I know the mods are good but 75k's a lot of miles. No worries chap, ls2's are good for a shit ton of miles. Watch that trans tho since its stalled.

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I like it alot but where have I seen that car before?!?! :P


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i like it as well. i would just never buy a modded car like that. maybe just intake or exhaust but keep in mind that a modded car means that it has been raced or pushed a lot. beware of the ware and tear that the motor could have. i know ls2's are strong but they also can become weak if treated the wrong way from what i have learned about the LS2.

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Holy crap! Thanks guys!!

I was reluctant with the modded car too but i searched about everything this guy has done with the car, he's told me all the things he's done. He's had it kept up by Haddad Motorsports and they are a GREAT company out here, one of the best! I think I can trust him. He's trying to get a G8 because he's having kids so he's selling the GTO.

Everyone on the forum is sad to see the car go, but luckily I'm going to be on there too so it won't be going far.

And yes, I'll be out Friday, Myriam, Sunday as well!! :dancingpontiac:

In fact he just called me this morning and I might be able to get it today or tomorrow!!!! ;):D :D :D :D :D :D

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' date='Jun 16 2010, 08:52 AM' post='29713']

You gonna add any Marky Mark touches to it? Tail light tint would be first on my list. Black and white tails FTW!

Yeah, I was thinking a theme of black and blue. Tint tails, PC the rims black (minus the lip), Recessed black grills, get the rear diffuser painted or get the Monero one. MAGNACHARGER....

You lucky lil beeotch!!! and I mean that in the nicest way possible... :dancingpontiac:

LOL thanks Pete

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  • Founders

Looks good! I probably wouldn't of gotten this car because of the mods but if you thinks he's trustworthy, I see no reason. Just watch the high mileage like said, giving the nature of the car, it was pushed and trans will have issues.

Tint, spoiler re-add and PC of wheels will lead this thing to pop! Congrats bud!

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I'm going to say no on the spoiler. That Boomerang can stay off. It blocks so much view out the back window.

I just called him and he said that he will be changing the oil (Mobil 1) before I come to get it :dancingpontiac:

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Noicee. Regardless of the miles/mods, congrats dude. I think I would keep it spoilerless for a while at least, looks pretty clean.

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