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  1. Talk about Memories Mark, I watched this a few times last week, it's what made me think about these here websites!
  2. Went through my facebook photo's...Lookie what I found! I even have a Gold One or Two!
  3. Thanks! Such a warm and fuzzy feeling to be welcomed back so kindly! Dude, you've gotta get a picture of it sometime!
  4. Ghost mentioned I should swing by and say hello to you all! Update of where I've been and what's been going on with me is in the progression page. Ask most people, I've still got a huge knowledge of mod ability on G6's, and am looking to help all, once again! Current Car, 2000 Mazda Miata, which I'm growing to be too big for, very soon!
  5. The G6 is Long Gone! I've moved to Houston Texas, where I have family all close too. I was getting into the problem that most people is Northern California get into, I started to use drugs! Yeah, picture me a drug abuse. Blew the engine and turned the car back as I couldn't afford it. Anyway, a little Ghost told me to peek on in and say hello. All the photobuckets, picasa file sharing, and all other things related to my gmail from California has been deleted, that's why you can't see pictures. TRUST ME, I MISS MY G6! Clean and Sober now since Feb 3013, again I'm in Houston, TX. Jamie(BAMBAMM)
  6. Been gone for some time, sorry guys. Still trying to find a job. Here's the update, I installed my roof spoiler today.....Here's the photo's. Point of Order, YES, I'M WELL AWARE I NEED TO WASH THE CAR!!!!! These are the final pics, showing the little bit of gap upon final installation. Passenger side: Driver side:
  7. Pulled up to O'Malley's in Old Sac Saturday Night, gave the G6 a little Rev, and this guy looked at me, Dude, that's a G6 right? Yeah, and he started to tell me, man, theres so much stuff you can do to that thing.....I said, well, far from "so much" the only super performance mod I know of is the headers for the GXP 3.6 vvt...... He said well, just put me in my place......so about two minutes pass and he said, yeah, I just got out the Army, Fort Hood, Texas.............My wheels started spinning. I said, "So you know Dan McCormick, that's how you possibly have some information on a G6 and performance upgrades." He replied, how do you know McCormick. I said, well, "I'm Bambamm and he and I had the only two gold G6's in CA with any balls to do anything slightly nice to them....." He couldn't believe it, so I took him out, showed him my plates and then got on line with the galaxy tab and showed him some info that Dan had posted......sure enough, he was shocked! Anyway, DAN, heres Mark, I don't remember his last name, but he's recently DD214(hororably) and we had a good last saturday night, and it's all cause we both knew you! Here's the pic
  8. Stevenson Ranch Golf Course, I've played there. I used to date a girl down there, and her brother Chris worked at the Golf Course. Her name is Suni Madden
  9. sorry guys, I'll post up the final location and date this evening. I'm thinking I'd like to go ahead with Santa Monica, and I'll give the new momma a call and check with her for the final and bestest place to meet, posting will be tonight, I'm sure of it. Thanks again ya'll.
  10. Here is a very cold cold start. It's with the gtr, and you all that don't like, I appreciate your silence, it's a golden opportunity to just say, dang, it's a nasty sounding G6 and it sounds "insert your thought here". Please, keep your personal attacks toward the gtr, to yourselves, got it, or I'll come to your neighborhood and just start the car in front of your home all day long, just to piss you off! LOL. 3/28/2011: just over 55,550 miles. Car has sat for 4 days, waiting on that UE check, hopefully this Friday or Saturday. I did finally take the last few dollars out the savings for a tank of gas, here is the cold start w/gtr. 3rd cat removed, 2009, 3.5vvt, has a 3rd, non sensored/monitored cat, yes, ya'll! Could someone please make the video link post correctly, thank you. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0_iSKESDS0
  11. thanks to you all, just doing alot of resting lately. I'm very bored to say the least, but as long as I keep away from the people I started down the path of ill will, I'll be fine. Thanks again.
  12. Sorry for my lengthy absence, I had become another victim to substance abuse. I had been smoking crystal meth(ice) and it has taken a negative toll on my life, responsibilities, and employment. I'm no longer employed, I was not busted for my use, however I've had to come to terms with my use and now I am recovering and correcting my life. I'm working to get myself back into the working community. No I didn't do anything irrational, I just started coming into work, later and later. eventually, I was released for tardiness and work performance. No drug testing or screening was done to prove, however accusations, I didn't deny, were made. I have been usuing meth/crank, since about my 38th birthday, around Halloween. It all started cause a chick and well, it's history from there. I'm ok, please just let it be as it were, you'll find i'm the same person, just not afat guy like most remember, too. In the past 5 months, i've lost probably 8 inches around the waist, that's 4 inches in pants, I was wearing 48's, now I'm probably into 42's, but I'm just tightening the belt a little more wearing the 44's. I'm eating healthy and I've stopped drinking completely. Gosh It's really tough to write this........... I'm sorry to have break this news to most of you, however I'm still driving my 6, but she's not too appreciative right now, I'll have to wash her as soon as my first UE check comes in. Making ends meet have gone as far as I can right now, the finance company actually tried to retake the car last month, on the 24th. really, financial companies are that hard up they are trying to collect cars 11 days past due, no, NOT 41, days, 11 days past due! My payment is due the 13th, it was the 24th they shut it off with the gps locator. Luckily, I know how to disengage it so I could take my buddy home and call them with a bit of time to make the payment, as they say the collector was on his way. Well, I have a working relationship with them now, I called her yesterday, they are local anyway, and informed her I had not received any UE check, and probably wont for another 20 days......Why does california take so long?...She said that's fine, they just want me to keep in touch with them.....easy enough for me, I'll call them every two freakin days, I said, she said that's fine. So all in all, I'm here, I'm available for conversation, anyone can call me, 502-922-6746, yes, it's a gosh darn kentucky #, but it's my google voice number, for my Tmobile phone, please make sure you say immediately, "Hey Bam, it's "Jimbo" from G6P, how you doing"........it will keep me from being rather negative when I ask, "who the hell are you, you called me?" as my reply. I wanna say again, I'm ok, just lost my way there for a little bit, and thanks for everyones support. Bambamm, I'm just a little lighter now..................
  13. Here we go again, it's time to put on our thinking caps, and figure it out! Where and When, that's all we need to know on this Poll. Thanks. Choose: 1 City/1 Date! Meet Point/time will be posted once the city and date chosen by a majority. Three(3) Cities Have Been Chosen, and you're allowed 1 city/1 date, please. City 1st: Sacramento - it would be nice to take a drive up Highway 50 to Tahoe on Saturday and enjoy the spring sunshine. Nice wynding roads up for a little drive. 2nd: Fresno - not too much to say about Fresno, it's a melting pot for most to meet up, and well, if there is a nice place to take a drive, Pete will let us know. 3rd: Santa Monica - nothing more to say than "The Snake".........Mulholland Drive and Hwy 1 to Malibu. Wonder if I can meet up with Charlie Sheen and go hooker hunting? Date - It's going to be a date in April, cause it gives most time to plan for it. April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, or 30th?
  14. I think that the Hot August Nights is a Definite Maybe!
  15. I'd like to thank the Academy and those that voted for me. I know I wouldn't be around or enjoyed without the support of everyone else in here. Remember, it's a team effort that makes a quality product and it looks like we're doing just fine! Well done to you other winner's, too. Glad we can all take a joke, cause without a sense of humor, this would just be another silly website!
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