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  1. Glad to see you made it on Daniel! Hey Bambaam if you guys wanna come hang out with us at our meet on Friday night you're welcome. We always finish our night at a restaurant too, we can go to Friday's, BJ's or El Torito if you're looking for drinks! So what time are you planning on arriving in canoga?
  2. lol, I'll be announcing it tonight at our weekly meet as well.
  3. ok i extended the invitation to GME ternal I made a thread about it. you guys feel free to join up on the site if you guys wanna check out the thread. ill keep you posted on who is joining us
  4. ill be there, i can fill in if Jess isnt able to, but we will see.
  5. Awesome! Another Sunfire!!! WElcome, welcome, nice ride. but i must agree on cleaning the engine bay lol
  6. CONFIRMED Guests/Members 1.Bambamm - Sacramento, CA (Host, but I'm sure there will be a Hostess, too) 2.Skrilla818 - SFV, CA MAYBE Attending Guests/Members 1.Phenom - San Jose, CA
  7. so looks like th 16th is becoming a good date???
  8. I think I will have a better shot requesting the 16th then the 30th.... so I'll just vote the 16th...
  9. santa monica canyon runs and beautiful pch scenery is worth the drive itself
  10. Skrilla818

    my life....f***

    Damn, this sounds like dejavu with one of my online friends from Ohio. His gf from 3 years broke up with him, then he lost his job, then he had his garage broken into and few thousand worth of parts stolen, then his whole house burned down with his car and his motorcycle and all his after market parts and EVERYTHING inside. IT was most likely due to some potheads that hang out around his place, but sadly insurance didn't cover anything. I can't say that I personally know what my house burning down feels like, but I do know a thing or two about a broken heart. Thats going to be a long term healing process, but just focus on getting yourself back on your feet to keep your mind off her. All this shiit is unpredictable, and sometimes when things go wrong, the whole world just decides to take a shiit on your doorstep... (so to speak) if you need anything, we're here for you. Im sorry and I guess there's nothing more to say then when youre down the only way out is UP.... keep your head up...right now is the strongest you should be...
  11. shiit i dnt think i can request that off.... its during our golden quarter, especially since its a saturday well I can try my best for whichever day it ends up being.
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