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  1. Bryan

    Rainbow Wheels

    I've seen similar style wheels on tons of rice around here. Lame IMO.
  2. Why didn't you bring a real camera if you were going to take that many pictures? Very nice though, definitely some sick cars in there.
  3. Bryan

    2010 challenger

    Pretty badass.
  4. I once had 5x114.3 wheels on my GA. Initially, I installed them without hub rings and had vibrations at 70+mph. Got a set of properly sized rings and took care of that. woowoo
  5. Bryan

    2000 Grand Am bumper cover removal

    There are a series of bolts where the bumper meets the fender on each side. Huge PITA to get to, but I believe that's it other than all the pins/air dam bolts.
  6. Bryan

    My SE/GT

    Nice turnaround man, good job.
  7. Bryan

    A Chevy?

    Yeah the dark blue one definitely doesn't look half bad. From the factory they look ridiculously blahhh though.
  8. It's insane how much white LEDs light up your interior..literally like the frickin light of day at night.
  9. Bryan

    [ChaosweaveR]'s Grand Am GT Progression

    All black is hotness broooski! But I'm interested to see how all this turns out.
  10. Bryan

    Woodward dream cruise

    That's pretty normal..at least the last few times I've been down there. During the cruise weekend they seem to make it 10pm.
  11. Bryan

    Notallthere's Vibe

    Definitely makes the engine bay look a little better. Cleaning it would go even farther.
  12. Bryan

    Some pics from the Cruise for Sal, 8/1/2010

    Nice pics man. And yeah, 55 mph blows..I'm glad we're at 70 up here.
  13. Bryan

    Hella FAIL

    The red Neon on the first site looks frickin ridiculous. Not that the rest don't, that one just stuck out at me.
  14. Bryan


    ^what he said.
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