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GTP from VA

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I meant to get around to this last month, but my horse had other plans for me that equaled a busted talus, fractured knee, and a requirement of surgery with a long recovery.

I'm not too creative with usernames, so obviously I'm Kendra. I've been into cars as far back as I could remember. Somehow I managed to pick it up when my Dad had all but lost interest and my brother had no remote interest in cars. I valued the way my first car looked (even when I didn't know a thing about detailing and swirls ;)) and while I had some questionable taste as to what I wanted done to my car I finally outgrew the quirky and stupid cosmetic mods and moved to what mattered. Of course now I only show the GTP and drive it when I can, but I haven't messed with engine mods. Thought about it, but let it go.

My first car was a 2001 Midnight Metallic Blue Grand Prix GT. Such a fun car, I learned to drive with and ended up having my hand forced to sell it since I had a truck my parents wanted me to use instead. Don't ask, I live under their roof and the car was theirs, so I had to give in. I think I was like 17 at the time, I got my license late because the horses kept me busy.

Finally last May I found my current GTP for sale and while it wasn't local, I knew that if I got another Grand Prix it'd be a GTP and if I got one with over 100k mi. It'd be the one I have now. I didn't know Dave personally until after I started inquiring about the car. He really bent over backwards to help me with this car and very grateful he sold it to me. While I didn't need the GTP, I wanted it, and I needed to establish credit so in my opinion that was a legitimate excuse ;)

So now I've acquired a pricey hobby of detailing, having a black GTP I didn't have a choice. But it definitely keeps me busy, of course with my injury I've been pretty much limited to... looking at the car. With detailing came photography, I must say cars are so much easier to photograph than horses, they only move when you want them to lol.

Anyways, sorry for the "spacious" post, but I figured those that don't know me I'd give a bit of background to my Pontiac history. I look forward to hanging around and making some conversation and learning some new things with you all.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Thanks for the welcome :)

I'm in Fredericksburg, VA. I tried to make the meet in May, but the incident happened on May 17th and I had surgery on the 19th and definitely was not up for making a trip with staples in my foot :P This next one, however, I may be able to make if I can clean the GTP up. It takes long enough having to clean it without injury, now it's taking twice as long to make it look halfway decent from a wheelchair lol.

Here are the most recent I have of the GTP:




This one was just a quick shot, it really was too bright out, but it was a day or so after the Car Show and I couldn't take the shots later that evening:


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Very nice, clean GP GTP you got there!! Only thing I'd do is put some black vinyl over the front dark to give it a nice darker look.

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Glad ya'll approve of the GTP :)

Do you have adapters for those wheels? They look like there from a solstice.

While they look very similar they're Chrome Mille Miglia Evo5's. If I'm not mistake they don't even produce them anymore, which is a shame, they're quite nice :P.

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