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Hello all, TTA owner here

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Hi all, lifelong Pontiac fan here, I've owned 3 of them but two are no longer in my ownership. Got back into the Pontiac owners club June 2009 with this........

1989 Turbo Trans Am, its number #82 of 1550. This was one of the 150 festival cars at the 1989 Indy 500 where the TTA served as pace car. This has the cloth/T-tops which only 187 were made with those options. I have the PHS paperwork also from the former owner and a laminated window sticker. I am the 6th owner of this car, its been titled in 5 states but spent the majority of its life down in FL where most of the mods were done.

For those of you not familiar with the 20th Anniversary Trans AM it makes for some interesting reading. It bears the distinction of the fastest production Trans Am ever made and also the only one to ever carry a V6! The turbo V6 is used from the 86-87 Buick Grand National and had some internal modifications and different cylinder heads used to fit the f-body engine bay. The cars were built by ASC McLaren which was the same group that built the GNX and many other GM special cars during the era.

Factory Options, essentially all Turbo Trans Ams started life as top of the then line GTA Trans Ams, so it had all the power options, the gold lace wheels, WS6 Suspension, and the 1LE Corvette Brake package which later became an option.

Engine Mods

* Ported Stock Iron TTA Specific Heads

* Valve Springs

* 206/206 Cam

* Chrome MAF Pipe with K&N

* Polished up pipe

* Turbo XS Manual Boost Controller

* Walbro 340 Fuel Pump Hotwired

* 42lb 009 Fuel Injectors

* Terry Houston 3 inch downpipe

* 2.5 inch Dynomax Catback with gutted Cat

* Turbo Tweak Custom Eprom Chip


* Welded Subframe braces

* Poly swaybar endlinks (pending install)


* Kenwood X493 MP3/ipod control head unit

* Cadence Front 4x6 speakers

* Pioneer Rear 6x9 speakers

onto the pics! car in Massachusetts prior to me picking it up, went up a month before to test drive and see it in person









Its time with me, local meet, later a 4th gen did show up!




Some Recent shots after some cleaning, notice the shine the up intercooler pipe now has to match the other intake pipe









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WOW!!! Very nice!!! Looks really good!

I love F-bodys!! TAs hold a special place in my heart more now. 1989 was a good year, especially since its my birth year :lol2:

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1989 was def a good year for the Trans AM, TPI V8s were starting to pack a decent punch, T-tops were finally offered on the 350 V8s instead of just the 305 engine. Digital dash was gone in 89 though as an option. I've had some thoughts of getting rid of this car and getting a 89 350 GTA just because I'd like to have a red one or maybe a black one and the TTA only came in white

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The Chief welcomes you to our tribe! :lol2:

and that is one rockin TA pace car! :huh:

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' date='Mar 18 2010, 09:58 PM' post='17907']

I want your T/A. Add the fact that it's the delicious and rare LC2 motor...your F-body is chock full of win.

Welcome to the site!

you jus want everything. :welcomeFP:

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1989 was a good year, especially since its my birth year :woot:

They sure do make 'em young these days...

It is nice to see another third gen on the forum, a very clean one too.

your F-body is chock full of win.

Hey, no one every said that about my T/A :D

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I plan on putting a TA49 in it at some future point, thats basically the best stock appearing upgrade and runs alot of cars into the 11s with no issue. I'll never drag the thing but I like having the power while looking stock.

Many many future things planned, much of it of course depends on money and my job situation

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you should be proud its soo clean!

I am very proud of you Matt :lol2:!


I really dig this last one I think it might be my new sig ^^^^

I agree!

It's absolutely beautiful Matt! I don't even really mind the tan in the interior :P. So, should I take the train out a few days before the Bash and drive it to Ohio for you :D?!

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