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My new 01 GTP

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Hey all I've been telling you about my new GTP. I finally took delivery of it tonight. Its fully loaded and includes, Leather interior,heated seats,HUD/DIC,dual climate controls,bose sound system,auto dim rear view mirror with onstar,temp and compass and of coarse the moon roof.... Here's some quick shots before I put it in the garage tonight. Going to register tomorrow and drive it.








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the red is going bye bye and its reflective paint..

CAI,TINT and a couple other things but I want to enjoy this car for a little bit before I do anything to it...

Thanks guys!

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Congrats thats one hell of an upgrade compared to your old one!

That one has the HUD, thats such a cool toy. I wish the G6 had that....

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Here's some pictures I snapped today... Not the best because I was sort of rushed but I'll be taking more pics tomorrow with some cool scenery. I also got rid of the EVS dealer sticker on the back.... unfortunately this was after I took pictures.... There is also a few pictures when i was parked behind my friends Monte Carlo.










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Looking good man - Debadge the back end on that thing too - it looks so clean with them gone :dancingpontiac: Throw a cai on that asap. Srsly. And tint the tails... that too!


mine - debadged/tinted tails :)

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Very nice! You can definitely tell that car was taken care of. Paint looks great, engine bay looks clean. It would definitely make a nice daily driver.

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Hey everyone I've got some updated pics coming very soon. Since the last pics, I've removed the red paint from the exhaust tips, had the resonator removed(it was actually the only part of the car with rust on it but hey its normal) and installed my CAI from the old GP and bought a new filter for it. I can't tell you how much I love the sound of my GTP when I first start it up....Its got that nice whistle to it from the S/C and when I go open throttle it really whines loud...

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Hey all, I've been rather busy with work,house and family but I did find some time today to break away and upgrade the fog/driving lights on my car. I went with a blue 4 inch round blazer fog light... I got a really good deal on them. I even retro-fitted the old stock brackets to accept the new light. You'll notice a bunch of washers in between both mounting tabs, those were merely a mock up but I had a buddy cut some spacers for me out of stainless steel. I even had time to install my CAI from the old GP the other day. I'll get some pics of that tomorrow but for now here's some pics of my new fog lights.







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I wont know how they look til tonight when I take it for a ride. I'm sure they'll be plenty bright for now though. 55 watt H3 bulbs should do the trick til I get order an 8000K HID kit for them.. These lights are full metal with glass so no chance of anything melting. I even upgraded the stock harness with a secondary relay/harness to avoid any issues since I do not know and couldn't find how much wattage/power the stock harness could take.

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A small update.... I sold my 97 GP last week friday for 1500 cash... YAY!! but at the same time its weird not seeing the car even though its a block away from me lol. So on with the GTP..... I bought a hud pod for it and I'm currently waiting for this in the mail.... I've already got my boost gauge that I installed bright blue LED's in a few years ago( yeah that gauge has been from one car to another lol) I'm also going to purchase an aeroforce scan gauge..... That will most likely be the extent of after market gauges in the car.... Once I get the pod and everything installed I'll post some pics.

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I had the old GP since feb 2009..... The guy that bought it lives a block away from my moms house.... So anytime I go over there I'll see it out and about

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