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  1. G6shift

    Official Sig Request Thread

    sweet thank you sir!
  2. G6shift

    Ghost's Progression

    get verification but im 90% sure
  3. G6shift

    My new 01 GTP

    that gtp is squeaky clean! i dig it, i wanna buy one as a winter car. on the new car!!
  4. G6shift

    G6Shift' Progression

    haha she loves taking pictures, she wants to go take more tonight, she is a bit of an artist, shes good at graphic art and regular art, so she loves doing things like this.
  5. G6shift

    G6Shift' Progression

    went out to the industrial park today, and my gf decided she wanted to take pics,
  6. G6shift

    Official Sig Request Thread

    Thank you very much sir
  7. G6shift

    G6Shift' Progression

    ask and you shall recieve, just need to get paint and clear then primer/seal both the fender and trunk lid then can paint and clear them. this progress was made about 2 weekends ago, and am at a stand still till i have extra cash flow.
  8. G6shift

    Official Sig Request Thread

    hey jedi, i was wondering if i could get a sig with my car, with the first pic of the new pics i took with my new camera.
  9. G6shift

    G6Shift' Progression

    got a new camera so i thought i would take some pics!
  10. G6shift

    G6Shift' Progression

    Just got eyelids: Vandalism:
  11. G6shift

    Josh's G6 2009 2.4L

    i didnt see your maf was connected to the airbox, what a stupid idea. lol
  12. well he did work for dodge, and he says they cant spell fuel efficiency, so why should he have to lol
  13. i work at enterprise and our new grand cherokees are in the shop every other week and when we do have them they drink gas like crazy.
  14. G6shift

    Josh's G6 2009 2.4L

    good looking g6 man, you could probably fassion up a cai for it, where in ohio do you live?
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