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  1. My 1964 GTO. This is the first pic after its restoration.
  2. So during last fall, on my last drive before putting her away for the winter, as I was turning left the wheel locked turning left, and could barley turned right. I finally got some free time recently to find out what had broken and to try to fix it. Here's what I found: This guy, which is connected to the steering, was missing a bolt and small plate that the bolt held to. So i guess at some point while I was driving, the bolt loosened and fell off. Don't know when, but the car was drving fine until I was headed home. So what I'm in need of is another bolt like the one below, an
  3. Here are some more pics of the restoration and when it was done. Sorry for the delay, been very busy lately.
  4. Finally got my GTO back this weekend in time for the mall car show! Sadly I didn't win any awards, but at least I got her back, and it was a geat show! More pictures will be coming soon!
  5. It's been quite some time since an update, (as well as me being on the forums), but I have good news! My GTO is finally getting work done on it, and I should get it back 100% restored in about a month! I am madly excited. Its been years in the making for the day it gets restored, and that day is almost upon here! Here are a few pics of some of the work: I will add more pics in the coming weeks!
  6. Just looked through your album, and nice work! Must have been a ton of fun restoring it. Hopefully I can get my 64 restored soon.
  7. Nice GTA man! I've always loved them. And welcome!
  8. must change pants Awesome pics! Wish I could see some time.
  9. I was thinking about getting a beater in the coming months before winter. But you never know what the next day weather is gonna be in Montana. It snowed in July a few years back. Last winter lasted in extra 3 months. But the year before, it was pretty much dry. I'll just have to wait till winter hits. It's called Cosmos Purple. Only available in 04, and they only made 700 with the purple. 377 are manual, and the other 323 are auto. The one I test drove was Purple, and I fell in love with the color. Don't really care that the LS2 has more hp. The one I drove had plenty of power. I
  10. I've been in the market for a new car lately, and haven't really found anything that stood out to me. Until I test drove an 04 GTO. The car was amazing. It was the first car that I got into that just felt right. Like the car just fit me perfectly. The thing that caught my eye was the Cosmos Purple paint. It was beautiful. So, I would like some info about the car. Like if there are any major problems, etc. and if they make a good daily driver. Here's one that I'm fairly interested in: http://portland.craigslist.org/grg/cto/2556338154.html And one final question. This might be a dum
  11. That is one hot car!! Very nice!!
  12. While I was browsing pictures of various cars on google, I came across this: http://www.hubgarage.com/mygarage/KevinMor...8/photos/329435 I think this is actually pretty cool. Kinda wish that Pontiac made a truck. Besides the G8 Sport Truck.
  13. I'm totally going there once my GTO is done!
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