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  1. red97GPGT

    2001 gtp special edition

    I'm with chaos on this, i know he's likely all about the fact yours is the Spec. Ed. on a second not, if you want to donate your spoiler to me, ill be happy . how is the output on those spyders btw.
  2. That is a freaking odd and silly problem to have! I like those LED tails though.
  3. red97GPGT

    2001 gtp special edition

    Dude tint them tails! Quick question though, what are your thoughts on running a 5x114.3 wheel vs 5x115, i hear the fit with little to no issues.
  4. Chaos is right, anything for a LE5 will fit/work.... just some require extra tuning to do so.
  5. red97GPGT

    Just wanted to share a photo i took in Kuwait in '04

    Thanks mark! It's the best shot i ever took and im glad that i was able to recover it.
  6. I took this photo at Camp Victory Kuwait on april 1st 2004. We were on our way home after a long hard year. It's the best photo i have ever taken, and i managed to recover it from a damaged harddrive, and i wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy.
  7. ordered a solid GMPP 18mm rear swaybar and poly bushings today. car had a front GMPP and a STB when i bought it.... turns into corners like a demon... though her ass end floats like a ballon. lol Also little brother stopped by and took a couple of quick photos with me.... his GP and mine. I call this the convince little bro Grand Prix's rock Mod.
  8. red97GPGT

    markpetersonii's 3rd GTO...

    Glad to see you got another GTO, you're going through them like im going through Grand Prix's! But, spoilerless GTO's are sexy. Do it.
  9. red97GPGT

    **Official Dubstep Thread**

  10. Quick update, car threw the p0102 code, maf undervoltage..... was down for over a week. Local yard had one MAF.... the next nearest was chicago! But i got it, its in...and im sure the car ate several small woodland animals or even children when it turned over for the first time with the new MAF. So glad to have it up and running again.
  11. red97GPGT


    im on my 5th pontiac, first car was a 69 Catalina, the a 99 GP SE(currently embroiled in a legal battle with the city for illegal towing and improper following of police procedures) - PM if ya wanna know the dirt. 2009 G6 Ecotec with SP1(totalled - sideswiped into a jeresy barrier), 1997 GP GT (Totalled, cell phone + idiot + parked car = crunch) a now im the proud owner of a 2002 Silver GP GTP. May the mayhem commence!
  12. red97GPGT

    Grand Am GT

    Need more pictarz from a distance, we wanna see the whole deal yo!
  13. red97GPGT

    2001 gtp special edition

    try the p0102 code.... i got that little gem early last week when the car stalled out at 70mph on the interstate, 3500lb sled anyone. You get that code, dont dick with it, just replace the damn thing. lol
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