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  1. And over here, they are old persons cars. lol They haven't made a good buick since the grand national IMO. Their current "sporty" models such as the Regal GS fall far short of expectations.
  2. I wouldn't say they got it all right. I still can't get over those hideous rabbit teeth in the front grill. Other than that, it's a very nice car. A kid in one of my classes at school has one in all black.
  3. There's nothing they sell at GMC that is any different than Chevy trucks though. Exactly the same underneath, and almost the same on the outside too. Nothing they couldn't offer with some options or an extra trim level on a chevy. Same thing with Buick. The reason why Buick sold so well in China was just because of the name. Their very small class of rich/priviledged people (basically their commi leaders) had bought buicks back in the day, so buicks were seen as a status symbol. Doesn't even matter to them what kind of car it is or what it looks like. Simple solution... make Pontiacs in the US
  4. Ok, here's my official submission, just in under the wire. I finally had a chance to wash her and get some current pics yesterday (before the rain came today). Photobucket was causing me some problems this morning, but I got it working tonight. Full res pics are 2048x1536. Played around with a couple of the filters on my galaxy S3 and I like how they came out. I'm not really sure which is the best, so pick your favorite. Car is a 2000 Grand Am GT1 "GXP" concept clone (sorta).
  5. nah, I wouldn't put my car in there. It's not really in show condition right now. Plus there aren't many newer cars in there. Those camaros were about the newest things there. Mostly older hot rods and muscle cars, and a few "newer" muscle cars. I don't think anyone would really care to see my car there. lol
  6. Good idea! I'll try and remember when the time comes to make a post over here ahead of time.
  7. lol well, that isn't really feasible. We usually trade off weekends going back and forth, and she was out here last weekend. Plus we already have plans with her friends. I'll just have to miss it. Honestly, when I used to go on Saturdays back 6 years ago, it was so packed and crazy that it wasn't really fun. Most places the parking was reserved, or you had to go down really early to get a spot then couldn't leave or you'd lose your spot, and there were so many people on the road that didn't belong there that you couldn't actually cruise. It took like 4 hours to go 2 miles... not fun
  8. Yeah, the weather was great, and lots of nice cars there.
  9. Shoot... never mind. I forgot, I'm supposed to go to Lansing this weekend to see the GF. I won't even be around Saturday. Oh well, maybe next year. I'll probably go down there for a bit tonight and tomorrow night though.
  10. Went to a car show last weekend in downtown Rochester, MI called Rockin' Rods. It's a charity car show they do every year. There were lots of really nice and some very rare cars there too like a Nash Ambassador, a Cord, couple Studebakers, and a few others. Lots of nice Pontiacs too. I would have taken more pics but it was actually kinda crowded, and I'm not that fast taking pics with my galaxy 3 yet. Anyway here are a few good ones I snapped. The rare and elusive Solstice gxp coupe. Really nicely done Chevy II with air ride suspension. A '32 Dodge coupe with a vip
  11. Hey guys, been a while since I've been active on this forum (been busy with work/school). Anyway I saw on FB that there was a meet planned for Woodward cruise. So what are the plans? I haven't been there in like 6 years 'cause I just moved back from Florida. It would be fun to meet up with some members while I'm down there. I'll probably go down a cruise a couple nights this week too because people start cruising on Monday usually, lol. My parents went down last night in their 'vette and are going down tonight too. Anyway, hope to see lots of Pontiacs on Saturday.
  12. Hmm, that's interesting. I haven't seen that one. I don't really get anything from Pontiac anymore though, and I'm surprised they send stuff out still. The only thing I ever get is advertising for former Pontiac owners trying to get them to buy Buicks. lol
  13. Gotta love those classic Pontiacs. Would love to have one myself some day when I get my own garage and have the money. It would be a tough call between a '67 GTO or a '69 Firebird though. Anyway, welcome to the site, and enjoy!
  14. Hey, welcome to the site! Nice pair of Bonnevilles. I always thought they were an underrated car IMO. I always liked the front end on them though. I liked where they placed the fog lights and the design of the headlights and grill opening. I think it might look better with some different rims, but that's about it. Anyway, welcome and enjoy the site.
  15. wow, that '95 looks sharp! It's a great color and the paint looks in really good condition. I like the rims too. Nice ride! And welcome to the site.
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