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classic wheels for a classic ride

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Ok the wheel i'm thinkin about might not be the forte of most of the members here but your opinions are still valuable to me because different perspectives are great when dealin with choices like these.

first the stock rally 1 rims are on the car i could clean them up and get new trim rings and center caps.


or dog dish style


or go with the rally 2 wheels and caps


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old school aftermarket rims?

Keystone Classics


Cragar SS



stock GM rally rims


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^^^ probably the most sold/popular aftermarket rims EVER.

and WHY have we never seen pics of your dads Chevelle?????

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Haha, sorry. I am lazy when it comes to getting pics on the net. Imma have to do a shoot with the Chevelle and my 6 once the weather gets better. One reason was that he stored it for the winter one year and didnt drive it again for 2 years. I finally got it runnign last summer and drove it as much as he did. Im gonna be putting money in it soon.

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I almost got a set of the Keystone Classics for my 81 Monty years ago.

Not too many tires are as classic as the BFG Radial T/A. :lol2:


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Since I had a '73 Lemans back in the day, I did have a set of Cragar SS wheels on it. It looked great. My mistake was putting to large a tire on the rear. The tires were wider than the fenders by 1/8 of an inch. So when the suspension bottomed out, it with cut into the sidewall (not good). As a 19 year old kid, L60x15s were way too much tire.

I still have those Cragar rims to this day. They are rusted and need to be stripped and re-chromed. I may put them on the '72 some day. Another look couple of ideas about the Cragars would be get the fake knock-off center caps. Also, back in the day, you could get gold or blue anodize spokes. Personally, if you are going with an orange/black paint, the gold anodized might look good.

Stock Cragar SS Center Caps


Gold Center Caps


Fake Knock Off Center Cap


I have never been a fan of the Rally I wheel. I have always like the Rally II wheels. So taking a set of Rally IIs, you have some paint options. You can maintain the stock argent silver/charcoal colors with chrome/stainless trim rings. You can two-tone the Rally IIs like Pontiac did in the 70s to color match the wheels to the body color. Finally, you paint a nearly chrome looking paint instead of the argent silver and clearcoat to a highly polished version. Finally, you can purchase chrome or billet remakes of the Rally II.

Chrome Rally II


Painted Rally II


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stock GM rally rims


^^ NOT this! ^^

Do NOT put chevy rally wheels on your Pontiac!

There have been some great suggestions in this post of classic PONTIAC wheels (Rally I, Rally II, body color steelies w/Pontiac "dog dish" hubcaps) and classic aftermarket wheels (Crager S/S, Keystone, Torgue Thrust).

Here are two more suggestions of classic "back-in-the-day" wheels:

Pontiac "Snowflake" Wheel


American Racing 200S "Daisy" Wheel



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Thanks stratman and everyone else for the suggestions. Whatever wheels i end up going with will be thoroughly considered before i make the decision of course it goes with out saying that putting wheels on the car is a long way off. i felt it would be good to see what other people thought, and they might suggest something i haven't considered or thought of myself. My "restoration plan" goes; engine dress up and restoration, trans, suspension and brakes, exhaust, body, paint, interior and stereo, wheels. This is subject to change if i find a good deal on parts or some rare part pops up that i can't pass up. Wheels are last because of the high cost of show quality tires, the ones i have come across are about $215 each same with most of the classic rims and aftermarket the fact that i can get a lot more done with my money on other parts of the car is what puts wheels in the place that it is. I asked about the rims on this thread because it never hurts to think ahead and thanks again to everyone for their thoughts they are very much appreciated.

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