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  1. I want to buy a fiero for a project sometime and put an LSJ 2.0 turbo from a cobalt in it. One of my dream projects
  2. Well, I guess if you would have gotten it you would have probably gotten rid of it in a month or two anyway. Haha, sorry Mark, jk.
  3. Plus ghandis link is old as frack. Convertable camaro is already on the way and I have seen a V wagon already.
  4. Look at that huge wing. What a ricer.
  5. God I wanted a g6 or grand prix in FOM. drool........ Also was ready to pony up for a elctric blue g6 when I was buying mine but it sold before I got to it.
  6. Well I have something I need chopped up real quick. I have a tattoo of the pontiac dart but it isnt the best and I want to alter it and get the tin indian added with 1926 and 2010 in there. This is what I have http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YKPd1gUPBrw/R_rI...320/pontiac.jpg This is what I want it changed to Basically mine is flat, no 3d effect. I want a little 3d effect using shading, and the "chrome" to be dark grey like my car. I would like the indian with the ring around him and 1926 at the bottom left of the ring and 2010 at the bottom right both following the curvature behind the dart, but proportioned propperly. my tattoo is the same size as the first one, that is the pic the artist used to draw it. I tried on MS paint and failed. I can post that up later for an idea.
  7. Who cares what celebs do in their free time. he could have screwedthe queen I wouldnt give two poops. All I care about is they keep making Top Gear and Clarkson is still funny.
  8. You said they worked for 15 min? Did you touch the bulb?
  9. Jordan5150


    My cousin got to try Dark Lord, supposedly it is one of the darkest beers made, and is only sold at sampling partys in very very small amounts. Look it up on ebay, shits be expensive.
  10. Psh, say what you want Chaos, mine are all black..... But anyways, you will need 05-06 headlights to open them. The 07+ have a grey sealant that is nearly impossible to open wihtout breaking the lens. I can get you an ebay seller that sells them if you want. But those eagle eyes projector headlights you have chopped on are good. A couple guys on g6performance.com have them and the light output is good. The spyder ones on the other hand suck balls. Anyways welcome! And not to creep but if that is you in your avitar you are pretty!
  11. Jordan5150


    Leinenkugels is a very good one like sam adams with many varieties. I also am a huge fan of Kilians Irish Red
  12. The reason Buick wasnt killed because they are the number one car company in China
  13. This car is making me want to find a GTX again.
  14. If you want a G8 and a truck I dont see a need for a supercharged van. Moving your life forward is more important than a 300 hp van as cool as it would be. And no matter what you end up doing to that van, the G8 is still gonna be more fun and faster bc it was made to go fast.
  15. If the winters werent put on right that could easily be the issue. I am not sure but dont winter tires have more road noise anyway? But if they are off balance then I could totally see it bouncing and humming from vibration.
  16. Wheel bearings. They hum like a mofo when they go bad.
  17. Got omnislash in the battle square last night. Heading back to the chocobo ranch tonight to get a black chocobo, level him up, then the Gold.
  18. Haha, sorry. I am lazy when it comes to getting pics on the net. Imma have to do a shoot with the Chevelle and my 6 once the weather gets better. One reason was that he stored it for the winter one year and didnt drive it again for 2 years. I finally got it runnign last summer and drove it as much as he did. Im gonna be putting money in it soon.
  19. Make sure you run around in the woods to get yuffie. Should be able to get her in the woods by Junon. Just save before you go in so you arent screwed if she steals all your shit.
  20. I bred my chocabos last night. Got a Blue female and Green male. Raced them a few times and did two battles in the battle square. Left it on bc when you leave the battle square you loose your points and there is no save in there. On a side note I dunno if you have beaten it before but you will figure out a lot more about Clouds little run in with Sephiroth in the reactor and such much later in the game.
  21. Ah all the memories. I thik Im gonna go home and gain some BP at the abttle square to get omni slash and try to level up my KOTR so I can beat emerald and ruby
  22. Love love love this game. One of my favorites. I picked it back up last year and got sucked in for months. Went for basically 100% completion and am pretty much there. It is fantastic. Best story out of any game ever.
  23. I would have a custom 3" exhaust made with a magnaflow muffler. No fart can, and I have heard thrush turbo mufflers shond like garbage, but that is on Saturns so you never know. I woould get on a miata forum.
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