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    Well of course Pontiac otherwise i would not be here, PS3 when i have time, Computers going to collage for my assoisiates in IT right now almost done. and last but not least my wife and two beautiful daughters.

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  1. Defenatly comin back to this post when i go to do my own carpet. Oh and if you think your old carpet was bad i'm to ashamed to post pics of mine.
  2. Not yet most of the stuff i've done is so small it might go unnoticed on the car as it's so big. But ill get a few anyway.
  3. Ok it's been awile since i've posted. I've got a few things done, mostly cosmetic. before after before after before after before and after before after
  4. Not yet been repainting the grills when i get some pictures up critique them give me some feed back on what you think.
  5. I don't know if any of you know but in Somerset, Ky, not very far from me, they have an event that takes place from April to October on the last Friday of every month, called the sommers nights cruise here is the link, somernites cruise. Last weekend was the start of the new season I went for the first time actually since i moved to KY, i plan to participate and put my Pontiac in soon. At the last one i saw a GTO Judge a '69 Firebird and a couple of Starchiefs. They were all doing a fine job representing the greatest car manufacturer ever, and boy did they look nice. Oh and sorry but i for
  6. Thanks for the compliments i worked hard on it (perfectionist in me i guess) seriously i'm proud of how it turned out and your comments reassure me
  7. Ok here is the "350" grille emblem before and after, funny thing is i have two emblems so the before and after shot was easy, if a little fuzzy sorry bout the crappy photo.
  8. All i can utter from my dropped to the floor jaw is wow! Seriously those are pretty cool.
  9. thanks unless i get a better paying job after i finish my degree i figure it will take at least 7-10 years to finish the car completely. I love my pontiac but in all fairness the wife and kids were here first, lol, just kidding my wife has helped me here and there with it like cleaning rust off and even my little one ella (4) takes sand paper to stuff i hand her, shes cute when she works on stuff. She really gets into it.
  10. Well this a little late considering what i have already started on since i bought the car. The first thing i done was to take these ugly half moon headlight covers off the car that the previous owner for some reason thought was cool. Then i bought a "new" header panel that is in the pictures that i have already uploaded. I have bought weather stripping for the roof rail door and trunk but have not yet installed them, and i bought a new package tray insert "the mesh not crappy cardboard Frosty will know what i mean" with the jute backing, it to is waiting to be installed. Lastly the most re
  11. The funny thing is none of these guys have an old car or even a nice newer car. They just want me to demo derby mine. They are just jealous.
  12. You guys are all absolutely right i overlook them and my wife thinks they are just jealous. I agree but there are a few guys at work that do appreciate the older cars and they tend to be older then the ones urging me to put it into a demolition derby. There is also one guy that offloads the press with me that is constantly saying that i will sell or get rid of my car without fixing it up and suggesting i buy a rice burner. Then again he is an idiot and has trouble with the simplest tasks at work.
  13. That's what i have tried to explain to them. But i guess they don't see the value in restoration of a car like this.
  14. A lot of the guys at work are seriously telling me i should put my car in an demolition derby. Yeah i know with the weight of the car and its solid build it would do well but i hate the idea of destroying a perfectly good car for just the amusement of others. What do you guys think.
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