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  1. Well guys hope to see some from here out there at Hooters!! This will be the last bump for the show if ya need to know anything..hit our facebook page thats in a tab on our site www.nexusnewengland.com hope to see you out there!
  2. The flier should speak for iteself... This is the first show there for anyone! A few car club events and a bike night but no "show" from what the manager said when we talked to them! We have the whole back corner lot. Very cool area to park if you have not seen it its all this cool rock ledge with vines and foliage growing on it, not to mention the place itself HOOTERS?!?!! It is a little over 60+ spaces we will have reserved in that lot but they will let us have more space if needed! But yea Sept 4th. New day: Sunday! and new place: HOOTERS! Any questions just ask! Maybe a few more cool things to add were working on! Hit us up on here, facebook or our website and let us know your going to be there!
  3. This is our 3rd show of our monthly shows for the season! July 9th UNO's 155 Bear Hill Road Waltham MA. So far: the American Cancer Society told us that NeXuS:New England had the largest single fund raiser donation from UNO's Dough Raising Program ever! That is not us that is YOU! You comming out! Thank you! At our last events we have had: - WZLX 100.7 Bostons Classic Rock at our show playing some great music and giving away prizes! - Monster Energy stop by passing out Monster drinks from the HUGE Monster Energy 4x4! - NTB with a great display of tires and rims and a huge 20ft Monster Truck (inflatible but still a sight to see) - Olsen Cadillac showing off some amazing Caddies and the 550+HP V Series that sets the "Standard of the world" in luxury performance! - Mass Performance, bringing a variety of cars from old school customs to the best in todays performance and not to be outdone the always beautiful Mass Performance models that make any event just that much hotter! - The top tuners and Hot Rodders in the area come and diplay cars and talk to people about what they do! - Local clubs, We have had New England Camaro 5 come out with a huge group, not to be outdone the local Avalanche guys (with some insane trucks!) the local KRONUS guys ( some as far away as NY), Local memebers of the Silverado SS site AND YOU! Without you being there this is not possible! Without you telling people what were doing it would not be growing! Each one of you is what makes this happen! The hundreds of you ranging from the classics like our recent Car of the Month winning Caddy to the just released Camaro SS convertible! In the last 2 shows we have given away almost $800 in prizes! Why am I telling you this? To let you know what your missing and why you should be at the next show! Come on down and help out and enjoy the day! What might be at this one? This one we are changing up! We are supporting the troops! July 9th UNO's Waltham 11-3 the flier speaks for itself but any questions hit us up on our facebook page. Link is on our website: www.Nexusnewengland.com
  4. YES come out now since you are COTM!! Well the event is just a day away and the weather is looking PERFECT! Total 180 from our May 7th opener with all the wet weather we had that ended with that brutal barrage of tornado's. Hope everyone is ok and let me just remind you of the show and some cool surprises. First off this event is a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society! We will have vouchers that you give your server and up to 20% of your bill goes directly to the ACS. What's so special about that? Well how bout car side service. Servers will be out there to take your order and bring it out to you to enjoy right by your car! (sorry no alcohol can be ordered for outside). Olsen Cadillac will be down there with one of Caddy's performance cars! YES Cadillac makes some seriously fast luxury sedans Check it out! WZLX 100.7 Boston's Classic Rock is scheduled to be at the show from 12-3 to play some classic rock and pass out some stuff! NTB will be there with their 20ft Monster Truck (inflatable but still cool) And hopefully "YOU"! We had a GREAT showing on May7th despite the threat of rain. I hope that a good day brings out more!! Check in with us on our Facebook page for any up to the min. info. The link is right on our main page at www.Nexusnewengland.com See ya there!
  5. The threat of rain put a dent in the turnout of our kickoff show.. lets make up for it in June! Come out for a good cause! And please check out our website and like us on facebook for more info. www.Nexusnewengland.com
  6. latest weather says the showers will pass to the southern part of MA. Waltham is North! This is still on guys... I have been at a "weather command" center to keep on top of it. They have been saying if you have plans outside not to cancel them but be prepared for a passing shower. OK so if thats the case..go in and use that time to support the Cancer Society.. If your comming from the south it might be raining where you are but come on up. There is still a good group of people willing to venture out for a good cause! THIS IS ON GUYS!! .
  7. One more last bump..lets get the ball rollin. Let everyone know!! And remind all of you! Hope to see you there! This show has become a lot bigger than we imagined! Do not miss out! And if your doing the cruise to the show..let us know!! Post it on our forum and facebook! all info, links to our forum and facebook on our site: www.Nexusnewengland.com
  8. Well sort of. I know its the day after April Fools but take a look! These were just unveiled at the World of Wheels in Boston along with the American Chopper guys doing tribute bikes! Love em or hate em..they did a great job on them!
  9. There are no classes or 100point judge walking around. This is an over the top cruise in kickoff for the summer. Were here t ohave fun! People wanted awards so were doing some awards. Not sure what they will be but its not going to be nit pick and judge deal. For more info and updates or any questions just go here: http://nexusnewengland.freeforums.org Either way hope you make it. I hope a lot of Pontiac guys make it!
  10. fine be that way...hahaha for a "show" The Summer Nats and the Syracus Nats have 4K and 7K cars respectfully..
  11. Well I just posted up a show and thought I would say hi! Waltham here!
  12. Less than a month away! This is getting big! This is it guys and gals!! THE Big kickoff show! To benefit the American Cancer Society! We got a few things that might be last min. additions but the show is ready to rock n roll! We got a MAJOR cruise that is starting at Shoppers World in Framingham! If you want to do that the crew will be gathering at 10AM in the Shoppers World parking lot near the Barns and Noble bookstore. Leaving at 10:30 to hit RT9 East and on to 128 North to roll in and kick it all off at UNO's at 11AM. Show kicks off at 11AM at UNO'S and goes to 5PM All cars bikes trucks ect..! Lets see what New England has! Only $5! Cheaper than 2 gallons of gas!!! Once you park go to our tent. The $5 gets you a dash plaque and goody bag, we have a limited number of both so it is till we run out,it also enters you into the judging for the trophies!! But again the big thing is this is a benefit for a great cause that pretty much has hit close to home for far too many people! We will pass out a voucher from UNO'S. That voucher is for the American Cancer Society! You present that to your server and up to 20% of your total bill be donated to the fight to end Cancer! This is one of our 3 BIG events for our monthly shows at UNO's this season and a reminder this is going to be filmed for Local Access TV and our YouTube channel! So don't miss out! For more info, updates or where we will be and upcoming shows join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NeXus-New-En...145016932191875 Website: (though right now its having issues being nice and working! It might be up when you click it!) http://www.Nexusnewengland.com And any questions hit us up directly: Dave@Nexuscarshows.com or Scott@Nexuscarshows.com And just a reminder! NeXuS:New England is not just about motorsports! Were also about bands and tattoo artists! You in a local band that wants to promote your upcoming show come on down! Local tattoo artist or a shop that does some killer ink! We want to know about you! Or one of the many customizing and specialty shops that work their magic on the rides here in New England. Let us know! We want to help spread the word! If interested hit us up on one of the emails above and we will give you more info! Any questions about this please let us know by the last week of April as we will need to know what room we have to save for you if you need it!
  13. Just wanted to throw the last online only flier up..and the dash plaques! The Day looks like its going to be great. A little windy but sun and clouds! high 50-mid 60's Hope you guys can make it out!
  14. THIS IS IT GUYS!!! Last one of the year!! Lets try and make this a great turnout for a great cause and a lot of Pontiacs show!! Well this is the last one of the season! LETS DO THIS! NeXuS Car Shows would like to announce our 1st Annual Halloween Bash Car Show!! Sponsored by Tuck's Trucks GMC in Hudson, MA on Rt 85. Being held on Oct. 16th from 11am-6pm to Benefit Stacy Lyon's Fight with Cancer!! Featuring GAIN 211 Boston's Premiere Cover Band, Terri Jamros will be doing Tarot Card Readings, K.I.T.T. Replica car from 80's TV Show Knight Rider. We will be moving around the show taking photos and filming interviews for the upcoming Youtube show. So come on out and bring your cool rides and make a generous donation to a very brave girls fight with something we've all been affected by in one form or another!! We expect to see everybody there for this end of season blow out!! BE THERE!!! There will be an inside area with bathrooms, and much much more! There is a Dunkins right next door for coffee! Everybody PLEASE...feel free to copy the photo of this flier and print out as many as you can and distribute them to everybody that has hot rods, muscle cars, bikes, choppers, trucks, and also people that would like to come to see the bands and the psychic for readings. We need to get the word out about this show and about more importantly the Benefit for The Rally for Stacy!!! So again copy and print out and pass out as many as you can or any messageboards your on, for this Cause and this Show!! Thank you.
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