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Well with the amount of repairs the 94 needed were starting to pile up I decide to get another. Thanks to Randizzle who I bought the car from and drove 1500 miles back with I know have a 93 GAGT HO.

Car already has a few mods

- Header back exhaust

- Custom CAI

Mods coming up

- Dick Read PnP head (3k on it)

- HG2 Cams

- Dual Borla ProXS mufflers with GP GTX tips

A few pics of how it stands some with the 94 and the sebring in them












Well apparently exhaust shops around here don't like to bend stainless steel because "it crimps too easily" :wtf: I never had this problem with my 2000. I found a place on the other side of the state (45 min away :) ) That will do it for me and even better they do mandrel bends. So the car is back in the driveway and exhaust parts are home again I decided to take some pics of the shiny exhaust parts before they get put under the dirty car never to be seen again.






Ok well a long overdue update. Pretty much the quad has been draining my wallet pretty well over the past few months. I have been building a spare motor with all new parts from the ground up.

-My old block that originally came with my 94 has been cleaned up and is going to be the heart of the new engine

- Bought 6" Carrillo rods made for a SBC 350

- Milled down a 2.4 crank to 2.3 mains

- Ordering Ross 12:1 pistons once the mock up is finished to make sure I can use the rods (thermal coated)

- Total Seal Bearings coated for less friction

- New oil pump

- New oil pump drive gear

Dick Reed head with mantapart Dual valve springs and Stainless Steel valves

HG2 Cams

Low mileage Cam towers (less then 40k)

MSD ignition system

All new timing components

new thermostat

Port Matched intake

90-92 Crank Pulley


Team Green LSD insert

Spec Stage 3+ Clutch

Fidanza Flywheel

All of this will be tuned using the Moates Ostritch II emulator then when the .bin file is finish will be transferred to a stock memcal

Now on to the engine pr0n


















Little Mini update today

Engine Mock up is together and it turns over (means this build will work!) just need to make sure we have a little bit more clearance and will be finally ordering the pistons.





And here is one of the 94s Goodbye


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Awesome progress!!! I bet it was a sad sad good bye for you when the blue 94 departed...

Actually Not really the problems kept adding up with that car and finally was easy to just start over. I did learn a lot on it though and it was worth the $400 I paid for it initially.

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John, can't wait to see this thing complete. Think it'll be ready for Albany?

I'm hoping for it to be ready for the first show of the year which is carlisle engine should be built in about another month (going to take at least that long for the pistons to come in and to send the pistons, valves, and bearings out to get coated) then it needs to be dropped in so about a week and then months and months of tuning.

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Quick update for people (no pictures this time)

Flat top Ross Pistons have been ordered last monday should be in within a month including shipping time. Flat top = 12:1 comp with this setup

Had to return the carrillo rods due to just not enough room for the piston rings moving them up that much. Instead we are ordering some 5.85" Crowler Sportsman rods which should help a lot with tolerances and allow for a more reliable motor that won't eat oil.

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quick update today with some supporting mods for the engine. All aluminum radiator (plastic sides suck) and a solid dogbone mount. I have a top mount coming in that is not solid but very stiff and some transmission mount inserts hopefully that will help cut down on wheel hop.


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Will do right now I'm in the Lull period of waiting for the pistons and the new rods to come in which should be this week or next then sending everything out to get coated. I can't think of a lot more engine bay mods right now to add I think I've got almost everything covered now. Once the motor is in the care and properly tuned suspension will be next up I'm hoping to have that done by august.

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