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  1. Ok something finally got installed and it wasn't the engine or an option. I was drag racing up at NitroFest (Beretta Meet in Wisconsin) and cracked the plastic side on my radiator. What are the chances I'd have my new all aluminum radiator in my trunk? Also my new appearance mod since it must add about 5hp
  2. I'm moving 1100 miles in a week so its gonna be a few months
  3. I know its been 4 months but the engine is together ! I'm moving to the midwest next week so this may be the last update for a while
  4. ahh yes I can believe u see a lot of 4th gens. There are a few really nice Quad 4s near you in VA though. Just to think of 2 1. Nukkinfuttz 90 beretta GTZ with M90 from a L67 mated to his 2. TurboQuad4 95 Grand Am with over 500hp to the wheels
  5. Can only get the HO in a GT (4th gen that is) I get the feeling your either talking about 4th gen GAs or average quad 4s also known at Vin Ds or LOs. Easiest way to tell is the Quad 4 High Output badge on the fenders. If they are an automatic then they are not HOs since they came with the 5-speed only.
  6. Just need the crank balanced and some other machine work finished and put it all together. So just a few more weeks since my machinist has a lot of other work too. 5 at your school? Very few HOs were made in Grand Ams.
  7. Well its finally starting to get there. Crank is going out to be balanced this week and all parts are back from the coaters. Got a few more pics for you guys should only be a couple more weeks till this is done. O yea base tune is just about done as well.
  8. understandable I'm considering taking my Sebring (DD) to Chrysler nationals this year
  9. Thanks man ... do you go to GM Nats at carlisle? If so I go every year and this will be there as long as its properly tuned in time.
  10. Rods finally came in yesterday just waiting on the pistons and valves to come back from the coaters. Getting really close to being able to assemble and balance.
  11. Thats because its a manual trans and not an auto O yea and thats a comment no guy EVER likes to hear lol
  12. Ok well smaller update but something is finally done! Picked up my transmission today which is a 93 SCX transmission that I had the 5th gear replaced on because it was all chewed up and all new seals and bearings installed along with a Team Green LSD insert. Overall I'm very happy with the outcome.
  13. They are peppy little cars stock indeed 5.0s are overrated these engines were pulling more HP then almost all V6s of their day and some V8s that was why the car magazines were all over them but a few bad things gave them a very bad reputation that eventually killed them even after GM had remedied the problems
  14. ok got some new stuff in and a few things I havn't listed yet LX5 Throttle Body (not sure if it will work yet but pretty sure it will) New Motor and Transmission mounts. Inserts are made for the isuzu transmission but another member contacted the company and they claimed they only needed to be frozen then shaved down to fit in the getrag and looking at them they are really close. New ignition setup New Addco front and rear sway bars I'll be stopping by the machinist on monday to drop off the mounts to shaved down and fitted I'll try and get more engine porn pics
  15. Will do but im pretty sure prices will be different automotive stuff can have some big differences on the different coasts
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