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Ford 9 inch in my Lemans

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I am close to ordering the rear end complete from QP.

One of my questions is about the disk brake upgrade.
Specifically this option, Wilwood Dynalite 12.19" Disc With Shoe Style Park Brake [+$450.00]

Has any one here went this route?
I haven't contacted them yet. I want to know how well it works and if it is worth it.
Did you have to change the prop valve?
I have factory disc's in front now with factory rear drums. They work fine for me but if it stops better then why not I guess.

Second question is the posi options.
We drive our car a lot. 10k plus a summer.(before we got our Labrador,she's calming down so hopefully we can take her with us) With some weekends at a 1/8th mile track with a lot of hot lapping. I also plan on running a couple 1/4 mile tracks this summer.
With that in mind I am thinking this is the way to go 31 Spline Eaton Truetrac Posi [+$125.00]

JD race built the current 8.2 out of a 68 GTO that I will be replacing. Nothing wrong with it but I plan on a cross country trip this summer and if I have any issues I think I can find parts for the 9inch easier if I had a problem on the road. I am also looking to put some sticky slicks on the rear for the track days.

Opinions welcomed
Thanks Joe

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Yes the proportioning valve will have to be changed.  Let me know about Quick rear axle as I have been looking at them or DTS.  The advantage of DTS is I can pick them up in Detroit.

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Notallthere - out of curiosity is there much of a price difference between Quick and DTS?  A 9-inch under the FrankenChevelle would be ideal. 

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Hmmmm not sure what i did..

Anyways i ordered it yesterday 35spline  eaton trutrac posi,  ford explorer brakes, new N case, back brace all the overkill extras 3k to my door. About 2 weeks it will be here. Real nice people to talk to.

Only found a couple people who had issues doing some searches. And between the feedback on the PY site and lots of PM's i think i'll be happy.

Time will tell though. Need about 500 miles to break it in.

Keep ya posted though.

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1 hour ago, indymanjoe said:

Need about 500 miles to break it in.

Congrats on ordering it Joe. I can't wait to see it.

500 easy miles, or 500 miles the Joe (my-middle-name-is-Disturbing-the-Peace) way? What do they recommend vs. what will it truly get? I think we both know the answer to this one. 😎

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3 hours ago, indymanjoe said:

I CAN DRIVE SLOW! I just have to put a piece of wood under the accelerator pedal LOL

Would that be driftwood? Car kind of drifts left as the tire scream HELP!!! 😂

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  • 3 weeks later...
1 hour ago, indymanjoe said:

Well the old rear end is out. All the Parts from QP arrived in the last week. Total bill was 3300.00 . 

I will not be using their upgraded brake line kit. ( not worth the $75.00 and would look like crap in my opinion )

Instead i went to my parts store ( autovalue ) and bought weld on brake line retainers PN 60029 allstar performance, and ford replacement rubber hoses PN BH25665 parts master and PN 50150 allstar performance brake line clips.

I made a bracket to bolt to the 3rd member to mount the original brake tee. 

I am using NiCopp hard brake lines from the rubber lines to the tee.

This will look Factory i hope. Pics coming later today. I hope...

We look forward to the pics!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm going to send you all the pics frosty. I just finished the brake line mess tonight. Original mock up on bench didn't include the damn shocks in the way. An order to summit and all is good now. Sway bar is the next hurdle and i'm working on that tonight. They closed the track do to another lawsuit so..i have time now. The e-brake is the next chapter then the prop valve (adjustable likely) Taking longer than i wanted but i want it to look and function as if it was stock. If anyone has some old E-brake cables i will pay shipping. The ones from the drum thru the frame with the micky mouse clips.( i have the clips fwiw) 

On 3/17/2019 at 12:23 PM, Last Indian said:

We look forward to the pics!

So do i..


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Joe when I switched from the TH350 to the TH400 on Lucy, I had to get new rear e-brake cables made. I went to Inline Tube and had them made to length. They did it while I waited. Call them. It’s worth a trip to Shelby Township.

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I just dont know what i need lol. I am getting closer though. i want to be able to use the original E-brake cable. Sway bar is in!! had to cut a small piece off the jack pad but it fits now and doesnt hit anything! 

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I'm Joe's local tech support. He sent me those photos so I could upload them for him into this thread.


This is what they sent Joe for e-brake clamps and hardware. Sufficient it to say he ain't going to use it.



This looks a lot better and function a lot better







Its installed right now for mock up purposes, Joe has to pull it all back out to paint it.


Here is the sway bar problem, it's hitting the jack pad at the front. The sway bar bolts in the front of the trailing arm were very close to lining up but he had to cut the jack pad to get them to line up.





After raising the right and left side axles all the way up and all the way down independently, the sway bar does not hit anything now! Yes!





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