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Auto Shift knob change

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Couple years back when I was still looking to replace my Trans Am with a new Daily driver, I spent some time driving my Father's car until I could make a choice. He has a 2005 Thunderbird (which kinda helped me really think about getting a Solstice since it was a 2 seat roadster) and I ended up really liking the shift knob in the car.

The Trans Am in Auto form comes with a rather plain T-handle shift knob with a large protruding button. Never really liked the way it looked and missed the way that the 6-speed type knob looked in the interior. So one day I took the shift knob out of my Dad's T-bird and put it in my T/A. It worked perfectly and matched some of the curved design elements on the rest of the car like the door panel inserts. So I went to the Ford dealership and ordered me up a new shift knob.

Here is the stock and "replacement"


and what it looks like on


It sits a little high, but I really didn't want to go cutting on the shifter lever, even though it is okay to do so.

I really like the way it turned out and don't mind having a tiny piece of a Ford on my GM. haha

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Those T shifters are a bit annoying have the same design in my Monte Carlo and I really would like something like my G6 shifter in it

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i like it. but id like it more if it was lower and forward facing haha

I originally thought that I could face it forward like it was in the Thunderbird, but the way that the shifter lever is notched only allows it to go to the side like that. A minor adjustment for me to get used to but I actually like the way it feels when I have to shift it.

another look:


looks good from the passenger side...hahahh.

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I like it because I had the T-shifter in my Monte and just hated it! Much better I bet than it and it does look better even though its tilted to the side. I love my G6 shifter so much compared to my Montes

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sorry i'm not feeling it. it looks weird off to the side like that. i actually dont mind the stock "T" shifter. you always fabricate a Hurst T-Handle ratchet shifter in there. That would look tits.

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wats the button under it for with the bied next to it?

Thats the "Fun" button aka The Traction Control OFF switch. haha

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I agree with you, I'm not a fan of the T shifter either, I changed mine out with a Camaro shifter (looks a lot like what you have there, but the button is on top), looks much better. :)

How much did it set you back?

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