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Nitrogen fill tires

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Just hit my brain to post this but since day one of seeing the ad for Nitrogen Filled Tires I've always thought it was sort of a scam because 78.09% of air pumped into tires is Nitrogen already so does really filling the remaining 21.91% really help that much?

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The cheezler dealer hear charges $22 per tire for a fill for the N2. If you get an oil change every three months the dealer (at least mine) checks the tires and tops them up with free air. Usually my car is only down about 1 lb. Even after the winter my lowest summer tire was at 30lbs. I do not see the benefit to anyone other than that of the dealer.

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From what I've heard is that it doesn't go low as fast as air and it's supposed to be better in the Winter because it won't deflate tires like air will when it gets cold.

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My parents car has this shit. when we went to pick up the car i asked if they could take that shit out. $200 for that crap from the dealer.

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Pure Nitrogen is more stable than regular air. The only real advantage is where you don't want the pressure to fluctuate much in track cars. Nitrogen's PSI won't change as much as straight air when it's temperature changes. So for a street car it's pointless.

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Actually if you live in an area where temperature does fluctuate nitrogen can be beneficial..

as well if you do a lot of highway or heavy braking traffic such as crowded city driving

when i did tires i found it to be more worth it value on transports then on passenger vehicles though

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I have had many chances to see comparisons of air to nitrogen

and when noticeable temperature changes are constant in a tire the the lifespan of a nitrogen filled tire dominates over regular air filled

in my personal experience running air at autocross i found my cornering would slowly diminish from my tires getting to hard to fast and the rubber staying at an inconsistent temperature.. i experimented with different pressures and finally switched over to nitrogen

nitrogen helped in many situations such as braking and cornering as well as even take off.. tire pressure remains within a very close pressure as well tire temperature is even and can be verified with a laser thermometer

so in my experience in a constant changing environment or in a very hot area, or for regular use in heavy traffic nitrogen is well worth it

i know anywhere i have gone for a nitrogen fill the most i ever payed was 2 bucks a tire.. well worth it to see for yourself!

save fuel and save your tires

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Exactly ^

They use it in nascar tires for a reason. They get so dang warm that they cant have the air expanding within the tire and changing pressure during a race...

So unless you are whipping your Pontiac around a track at 200+ mph its a waste.

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  • 6 months later...

I worked at the dealer, I put this crap in customers cars. It doesnt do anything to a degree that you will ever notice. Forget about it. Put it out of your mind.

Did a customer ever grill you about it?

I hate working at places that employ any scam tactics to make money. I almost worked for a time share place when I was in high school. Couldn't do it because it was just too shady.

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