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  1. I just saw "Take Me Home Tonight" and watching old episodes of Chuck on Tivo.
  2. Done! I demand that if he wins, he should come here and post a bunch of cool pictures from his experience.
  3. If his eBay listings lead to a website he owns, contact his hosting company and domain name registrar. You could file a DMCA and have his site shut down if he doesn't comply.
  4. Can you imagine if someone bought that car and then tinted the windows super dark.
  5. I ordered an A/C vent for my friend's 2006 G6 GT from that site a few months ago. They were slightly cheaper than GM Parts Direct including with the cost of shipping.
  6. I wish that show would come back already. By the time the next season comes out, I'll "have" to watch all of the old eps again. That and The Walking Dead too.
  7. I scanned the rules for our Canadian friends. Apparently you can enter the sweeps. But Canadian law requires the winner to answer a timed mathematical skill question. I'm sure it would be easy like 6+4 = ?. __ The OnStar button in my old 2001 GTP didn't work to enter. So I wrote up a third 3x5 card to mail tomorrow.
  8. You can still enter by mail the full three times per person. http://www.onstar.com/web/portal/pushon But yer not missing much by not having Onstar in your car. I only used it once in my 2001 Grand Prix GTP. I had the person open my doors, just to see if it worked.
  9. I just saw the commercial for the GM Onstar sweepstakes last night. From what I've read online, the winner (or winners?) get a free GM vehicle of their choice except for the Volt. I'm going to pick a CTS-V sedan if I win. I've got my two mail in entries ready and I'll get my third and final entry in my car by pushing the blue Onstar button today. Anyone else already entered through their car?
  10. I've lost my mind in the past arguing with people like that online. Avoid it all together. You'll be a happier person.
  11. LOL....that's what I was thinking. "You have 67 critical updates! Download now?"
  12. I've been reading about this new engine from Hyundai that's going in the new Sonata and now also the new Kia Optima. It's a turbo charged 2.0 liter inline four cylinder with 274 hp, 269 torque and 34 mpg highway. I like those numbers. Makes me want to consider a 2-3 year old used Sonata or Optima 2.0T in a few years. I think the '11 Optima looks better though. What do you guys think? Here's some pics of the '11 Optima. Unlike the Sonata, the new Optima is going to have optional heated AND cooled seats. I've been dreaming about having a car with air cooled seats for y
  13. Paul79UF


    So is the booze included in the price on most cruises? I know the food is usually all you can eat. But I've heard stories of them locking up any liquor bottles you bring or buy on the boat until you leave.
  14. I just got the new Linkin Park album. It's very mellow....I was expecting something like their older stuff.
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