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  1. Turbo has room. Slicks don't like to go around turns very well. Gotta build it to do one thing or another, and going straight for 13 seconds just ain't my thing.
  2. You ask for times? Bottom line, this thing can't go in a straight line at all. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prrz7Xk1gKY
  3. zoom zoom???? 12psi 3/4 throttle 100F+ ambient temperatures. All video was shot on a private track, i do not condone the act of street racing or exceding speed limits on public roads.
  4. They're boyds. As in Boyd Coddington. They're one off dirrectional (as in the swirls go the same way on both sides) and because he's dead they're kinda rare. I got them for free, from a passerby on the highway one day. I gotta keep my little import somewhat murikah!! It's kinda a little sleeper. I just bumped the boost up the other day to what i wanted it set at via MBC. Gonna see if it needs a slight retune, then maybe get some video.
  5. Yup, everything was done by me. I had a buddy help tune it though.
  6. The pile for those interisted. 12psi. FM kit, Garrett gt2560 (ported and polished header turbo (cold and hot side) and cast downpipe), FM 2.5" exhaust w/ test pipe, MegaSquirt, AEM wideband, 750cc 5o injectors, Mishimoto 3 core radiator w/ their slim fans, ebay front mount, FM stage 1 clutch, SS clutch line. RB sway bars & adjustable end links, FM frame rails / butterfly brace, Boss Frog door bars, R package Bilstein shocks, 195/50/15 S-drive ties. Soon to be Dunlop direzza s1 star specs. Powerslot slotted rotors, SS brake lines, hawk pads. Probably more... I dunno. It's kinda slow. The GA is just the same. Just more rust. BTW i like what you've done with the site it looks good.
  7. I also see you have not banned that chaoschris yet... Weird, he seemed to always get himself banned from every car forum he was on.
  8. What up suckers!!! OG member that got lost, and found his way back. Not really, i still get the monthly emails from you guys. Still own the GA. Drive it daily. Now own a turbo Miata as a toy. Dare i say i like it more than my pontiac??
  9. Just wait until i start putting some fun stuff on it.
  10. This was one of the things that NEEDED to be done. I had no sound in the right speaker, and the radio was complete trash. I know it needs to be vacuumed out. And i know some people might have opinions on the products used, but i wasn't spending a fortune on a stereo system for Miata.
  11. That's not a highway. It's a brisk moving road that goes along the coast.
  12. When did you start ricing ur car all green? Do i need to kick you in the head?
  13. To be honest, not really. We got a ton of snow, and i was doing a lot of back and forth... All that snow ended up in the wheels because the snow was AT LEAST 2 feet deep at the edge of the driveway for the parking lot at work. I had to gain quite a bit of speed to get up and into it, so i think that's where it came from. I was on the clock all day, no screwing around for me That's what the miata is for. And no GT for me, i like my SE. I think the GT looks "heavy" "big" "bulky". And the SE is "slim and "sleek" i like the 03+ SE's even more than mine. Either way, my money is going into the miata now.
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