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Newbie here- Wbody guy

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Hi everyone- I'm sure some of you know me from other forums, but I figured I'd join up here since I like looking at different Pontiacs as well.

Unfortunately, my Pontiac cars aren't that crazy.

First off, here's one of my DD's, its an 03 Impala LS w/ the 3800. Pretty much stock, nothing real crazy.


My other DD (and currently my only Pontiac), an 07 Grand Prix GXP- also pretty much stock, right now it just has the K&N intake setup, and a DMH exhaust cutout:



Since this is a Pontiac forum- here's my old DD (I sold it to buy the new GP because it was over 100k miles and starting to have a lot of problems that I didn't feel like dealing with); its a 99 Grand Prix GTP- had a few more mods on it- ebay projector lights with 6k HID lows and fogs, tint, nightshaded tails, resonator delete, 3" catless downpipe, PLOG, 3.4" pulley, CAI, 1.9 rockers, and a tune. I definitely miss her, and wish I wouldn't have got rid of her:


And then there is my fun car- I know its not a Pontiac- but it does have a Pontiac drivetrain if that counts (out of a 98 Grand Prix GTP); its a 96 Monte Carlo LS with just a few mods :lol2:

Still a work in progress- she's got a long way to go.




the Pontiac part of her :D


and the only semi-recent shot I've got (still about a year old)- she's one of only a handful of running whipple supercharged 3800's here in the States:


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Welcome to the site! Glad you came on over here too.

You've already heard me oogle and say my thoughts on the Monte. :cheers: That motor is just a work of art.

lol @ Jimmy. Us GM V6'ers will mod everything. :lol2:

For those wondering about the Whipple blower on the L67, the Holdens from Australia had them, mainly the Commodores.

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For those wondering about the Whipple blower on the L67, the Holdens from Australia had them, mainly the Commodores.

Yeah, actually my lower adapter/intercooler is from Australia- from the aftermarket company that sells the whipple kits over there, Yella Terra. Wish I would've went with their stuff from the beginning, its way better quality than the guy over here that made the parts for my kit (Animul Performance).

damn to that monte so how much more do u have left till shes done

Just starting phase 2 now- as soon as we get a house, I'll be able to start tearing her back apart again. Going for more power to the engine (would really like to do the ZZP aluminum heads, and do the DP nitrous setup under the LIM like I wanted to do before the swap, along with a couple other minor things), better braking (have some 14" rotors and 4 piston calipers for the front all ready to go on), get all the minor dents worked out and the car painted all 1 color, and and my other 'secret project' that I'll wait to post pictures of until it gets underway :blink:

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