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Side Swiped, Ticket AND Broken Sub Box all in one day.

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OK, so I was at Best Buy shopping... ok, window shopping. ANYWAY, I came outside and I see this:


The worst part is there was no one around me AND no note left. UGH!

VERY Upset, I tried to clean it off...

NEXT, I get pulled over later in the afternoon by CHP (California Highway Patrol). He said I made a left turn in a NO LEFT TURN area. I never saw a sign but whatever, along with the Ticket for disobeying a sign I got an AWESOME fix-it ticket for my front window tint, tail light tint AND Front license plate not on.


Great. So I leave and go home and try to slowly pull off the tail light tint and I ripped it down the middle. TRASH. UGH!

NEXT, I am going to a audio place to get my sub and amp installed. I'm there and everything is great UNTIL the guy getting everything ready notices that the sub was moving WAY too much (it shouldn't).



So he calls me in the back and is showing me the middle pushes in and the sub pushes in. So, he takes it out and asks me if he can take the carpet to see the extent of the damage. I said "sure." So he takes it off and The fiberglass is cracked almost all the way around the left sub and down the middle, he then tells me that it would be $300 to fix! I then contact Keith (maker of said sub box) and he is just as shocked as me and without me saying anything he refunded my money to PayPal. Now, THAT is customer service! So, all in all It's still an awesome box, we deduced that UPS broke it in shipping and that I will be using the refund to fix the box.

All in all, the worst day EVER!

I tried to clear my mind by polishing my G6 and taking pics of it by the beach. SO, I'll be posting those in a bit.

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DDDAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see the first pic and im like :blink::blink::o:blink::o:o:blink: then the tails tint? really? seriously? and the box? that sucks. why not through FedEx? supposably they handle with care.

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So what was his reasoning for the tail-lights? They don't look that dark, and you should have taken it off right there... I'm sorry about your luck bro, I really hope everything gets better :blink:

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WoW man the curse of the AIT kit continues and the tinted tails dident last long. There pretty tuff out there about that stuff hu? That suck and great about the box too WoW what a day for sure.

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Hey, at least an Audi didn't clip you while trying to pass at high speed. :blink:

But that sucks bigtime. Stupid hit and run crap happens all the time at the Autozone parking lot.

As for teh cop? :blink: I've gotten ticketed before, last summer. Cracked windshield, expired registration, and no front plate. Fixed the windshield, redid the reg, but I'm still rocking the front plate in the windshield. :blink:

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Sorry to hear you day was SUPER SHITTY Mark... :)

Out here in Cali MOST popos are anal about EVERYTHING... there are only a handfull of officers who are down to earth and don't take the badge to their heads.

CHP ARE THE WORST!!! If you ever get pulled over... you're done, no and if or buts about it.... they WILL slap the book on you... they WILL find everything they can to tack on the ticket... ugh....

Here in Fresno the local cops are devided 50/50... anal Vs. cool.... in my part of town it's more like 80/20.

In reality cops only need 1 thing/reason to pull you over and the good thing about that atleast with Fresno cops is the reason that they pull you over, is what they site you for and nothing else... unlike the CHP.

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  • Founders

wow that sucks Mark!! I still don't understand how people can just hit you and then run, seriously its the principal of the thing, you were dumb enough to hit us now pay up!!

Seriously right there is my prime example of cops in action, always when you don't need them to be! I'm thankful that we have cops and most of them are pretty decent people (compared to other countries) but they seem to always be in the wrong spot at the right time for people like us. Never there when we need them and there when we do something "wrong" or want to have a cool car.

Least Keith is a stand up guy and refunded all your money, look at the positive in this, I guess!

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Yeah, thanks guys/girl... Lol.

It's not too bad, I'm not that upset. The thing that makes me a little grumpy is the hit and run. But it could have been worse I guess.

The sub box will be fixed and placed in my trunk in the next week. :PICS:

thanks again for the support. :welcomeFP:

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DAMN...Talk about a SH!TTY DAY!!!!

Out of all of that the hit and run would be the thing that would have really pissed me off the most!

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Shit man... Getting hit sucks hard, i would absolutely rage.

But the tickets for the tint is the worst... I'm so glad that dont happen around here.

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Yeah, CHP are always out to get you! I haven't met one that wasn't.

If there is one thing you haven't learned Mark from the military yet, you NEED to register your car in another state from the one you are stationed in, it gets you out of a lot of things and prevents them from hitting you with as much as they have been :D How do you think my G6 never got pulled over in Cali? She has so many illegal mods on her, it's not even funny, and the same for the truck. My wife, when she was living and working in Modesto, took the truck to work one day and a police officer that visits the office she worked for came in and asked her if that was her truck. She replied with a yes, and the officer is like, wow, that's a beautiful truck, good thing you have Texas plates, because that tint and exhaust is not Cali-legal... always pay to have different plates :(

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