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  1. Hey nice torrent (: Were in Ohio are you from? I am in Ohio around the Mansfield area.
  2. well my moms car windows got keyed last night... freaking awesome!
  3. hey stop making fun of him we just had sex last night haha!
  4. hahah thanks guys we are getting quotes on mnday and going to junk yards hopefully we will have some luck
  5. Thanks again guys! as for the owners f the dog they are just dumb..first off they have a fenced in backyard and second she told us straight to our faces that she knew they ran out in front of pepople!!
  6. thanks guys i have tried to let it go its just so weird that its all happened at once..oh and to start my new week off i have been sick with the flu :/ any ways my mom is calling the people tomorrow after i get the quote at the shop and as for the fender its a medal peice so if its flimsy they are legit fixing it
  7. So last week was the worst week ever! All started with my grandma passing away saturday and then a close friend commiting suicide on sunday night so that was tough and just when i tought it couldnt get any worse friday gets there and i didnt go to school because i had a funneral and then calling hours so anyways i am driving down my road only doing about 25 and then boom all i see is brown and here some thing hit my car and then glass shatter..yep i look in my rearveiw mirror and theres a doggy in the middle of the road so i drive up to the stop sign to look for my phone to call my mom and ask what to do and then i realize that i left my phone at my house so i decide to go around the block. just as i am almost there i am stopped at a stop sign crying my eyes out shaking because i felt bad and here comes this blue truck speeding up on my butt and they are laying on the horn and they pull up beside me. I rolled down my window and this guy starts full on yelling at me. and was saying i needed to go back which i was planning on it but i had to get my mom first so i go up the road to my house and this guy follows me and waits for me at my house so me and my mom go back to the house of the dog in the meantime they rushed the dog to the vet and called the cops..so we get out of the car and these 2 guys start full on yelling at me for hitting this dog and saying i was flying down the road and that i hit and ran and what if it were a kid..blah blah blah and so finally i just said look its not like i swerved to hit the damn dog and they both shut up. so the cop gets there and tells me that it wasnt my fault because they didnt have the dog on a chain and they were at fault so any damage to my car they would have to take care of. at the time i only thought that the dog took out a headlight and a fog light so no big deal. everything was solved i said sorry and everything i get home only to find my car had the front fender crinkled..soo heres the pictures. still working on getting quotes and stuff for the people to pay for it and if they dont agree to court we go..
  8. do not think about it! i dont like this haha i like it the way it iss and i get the last say! haha this made me die laughing
  9. Yeah I am hoping I can say the same. theres deffinitally going to be a ton of road trips to see this one person i call my bff and I turn 18 so it shall be great!! I hope haha
  10. yeah this was the worst i have seen since 2007 there are people missing but i dont really know how high the water ended up to be but it has receded a lot in the past 24 hours but there is still alot of excess water and yeah the 16th picture shows a car lot on the corner. i for sure wont be buying any cars there haha
  11. i took some but i took some from some of my friends that had them. and yeah its bad. we fourtunatly were very lucky we got a little bit of water in out basement but right as soon as it came in it went out.
  12. So needless to say the last 12 hours have been pretty devastating around me. The rain all started about 11 and and didnt stop until about 5:30 this morning. I was up most of the night watching the basement because not only were we getting rain we were recovering from a a very large snowstorm over a foot of snow already on the ground. Once it started raining there was no let up at all there was points were I couldnt see across the road to my neighbors house. needless to say we had about 7 feet of water in various places.There were firfighters knocking at peoples doors making them leave before the water took over the house. Mansfield Firefighters also rescued two women whose cars were stuck in five-foot-deep flood waters at Fifth and Adams Streets.They arrived to find the women standing on top of their cars. A rope was tied to a floating picnic table and each woman sat on it and was pulled one-hundred-twenty-five feet to dry land. Firefighter Duane Debo had to carry one of the women twenty feet on his shoulders. Here are pictures from the flood. http://i475.photobucket.com/albums/rr115/s...1_4452675_o.jpg
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