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  1. LSSPORTo4

    "Mid Ohio Meet part 2"

    put me down for now itf a Torrent is welcome
  2. Thanks all I got mine from GM save a little being as how I work here. I emailed a guy that does custom billet work to see if he would like me to share his name
  3. LSSPORTo4

    Lowering the Torrent?!

    Ok I have never ordered from here never even attempted ordering "universal" springs...I have had good experience with Skunk2 products in my SI. Any one comments on if I should...It looks like you order based off heigth and width of the spring. Universall Torrent Lowering Springs
  4. LSSPORTo4

    Small, skinny update

    another vote for red stripe and clean and simple I like it
  5. LSSPORTo4

    Ya never know when it's your time

    Yeah we are all heading to his funeral tomorrow...nice size caravan from all over the US. Nah his favorite color was synergy green off of the New Camaro...he was going for a complete black and green theme on his truck and it was beautiful I'll tell ya. And good people shouldn't go home early it's pure crap but his passing has brought about great things alreadyso he is still doing his thing for us...
  6. LSSPORTo4

    some new pics. :)

    Great pics
  7. LSSPORTo4

    new pics of El Torrent

    Very nice
  8. LSSPORTo4

    Quick Wash and Showin Stripes

    Thanks all and believe me I cringed as it was being done. But I figured WTH it looks good lol And Samuel Smiths made a great Oatmeal stout that I can't find anymore.
  9. LSSPORTo4

    My other love. My bike ( no motor ) lol

    thanks all yeah glad I quit it
  10. LSSPORTo4

    My other love. My bike ( no motor ) lol

    My bike allows me to keep my sanity and allows others lives to be spared lol....I quit smoking 4 years ago and have to have something to be addicted now its this lol
  11. LSSPORTo4

    Ya never know when it's your time

    Thanks all. I appreciate...you all seem like a great group. Glad I joined up...
  12. LSSPORTo4

    Ya never know when it's your time

    Thanks all. Yeah Jedi ya made me chuckle thanks
  13. LSSPORTo4

    Ya never know when it's your time

    Lost a really good friend today he was 27 they think it was a heart attack. I really am not trying for sympathy just want to take a moment to say be thankful for eveything you have and be thankful for the moments that take your breath away. I know I am a noob here but just want to say that life is way to valuable and short.
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