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  1. Going VB? 20% increase in staff wages? Adult section?
  2. lol, kind like my '71 with 83K on the clock.....
  3. Same here. The forged motor for 1K off was tempting. I scored the 1 25% off Le5 cam.
  4. Minor update So today I bought a downpipe, cams, valve springs and retainers, and winter tires for the G6. I am planning to get a third set of wheels here soonish. Also I may be ordering a spare tranny here in the coming months. Next year I am hoping to get a full exhaust done, as well as work on many half finished mods. I may or may not pony up the cash to get a tranny built late this next year, if not, the following year it should be done. Long term I am also looking at rods and pistons to complete my "built" motor. Final goal is 200+ WHP all motor. Than it will get interesting.
  5. New boots got here today. Brembos tomorrow?
  6. The plan was to install last night, then un-install, because the new lug studs get in today. All I know is after bleeding it started leaking, and under inspection it was torn bad. I'm not to sure how it happened, but its a $4 part, and it didn't come that way.
  7. I installed the Brembos tonight, and now I am about to finish un-installing them. Due to a mishap, a dust boot got torn pretty bad. Beyond the point of using that caliper until it is replaced. So I now have a boot kit on its way. Also, I really need to get that A pillar finished, its sitting here mocking me.
  8. Very nice. I need to get off my fat butt and wash mine.
  9. I found time to work on the a pillar today. It is setting up with a 15 minute plastics epoxy on it. I also grabbed a mid sized jar of Bondo to use on it.
  10. That looks like a bracket for adding after market seat. You need them for some racing seats.
  11. http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/tire...-questions-ask/ May be worth a read.
  12. Lol, one of my employees asked about a raise a while back. I told her I was going to give it to her on a pink piece of paper. Everybody but her got the joke.
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