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  1. WOW Joe....that new one looks sick!!!! (not the others don't) The reflection on the floor is what really sets it off nicely. I noticed it before I even read your post!
  2. Anyway someone could resize this to fit these requirements: 500 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller). Every time I try to resize it it gets really pixelated (sp).
  3. MMmmmm.....G8!! I hope to some day get a G8, I think they are sexy as hell bone stock!!!
  4. Tell us how you really feel. I'll watch the first few episodes but I don't see this working in a good way. At-least there will always be reruns of the pre-Ashton episodes.
  5. Yeah the old one was definitely pimp but it was an older pic of the car. Since that sig I bought new rims and have air ride so I wanted to update it. New one is still sick looking and works for me!
  6. I'm good....kind of put the car on hold as far as new mods go, doing a lot of home improvement projects lately which is taking up most of my free time and $$money$$. You? I can't wait to see what you come up with this time Jedi!!
  7. You guys amaze me with your creativity and photoshop skills!! I could always use a new one...pics: http://foreverpontiac.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=42694 http://image83.webshots.com/183/0/38/13/27...54NQikGS_fs.jpg http://rides.webshots.com/album/577237584Pjnboz?start=24
  8. Thanks guys!! The girl is just a model I know. Yeah I agree about the 077.....that's why I decided to switch it up. I have actually considered buying the GT black window trim, swap it out and then maybe even slightly tint the windows. And yes that is Tom's white SC/T in the background....that pic was taken before he sold it. We're in the same car club and cruise together alot. Looks like I need a new sig pic and avatar...hint hint....lol.
  9. Actually I'm working on new tails for this season....or should I say redoing my AED tailz I had on the car a few years ago. Here's an older pic of them:
  10. OK....finally got a chance to add an update with new pics. Here ya go guys (and girls): So for the 2010 season I added: New rims: - 18” Hyperblack Ace Mantas wrapped in Nitto NeoGen rubber Air ride suspension all hidden in the spare tire well: - AutoPilot Digital Air Ride System with 3/8" lines - Easy Street Air Struts - Auto Pilot Black Anodized Manifold Valves - 2 - Viair 380cc Compressors w/ 4gal. Pancake Tank Added The Next Level Front and Rear Sway Bars with poly bushings Performance mods added: - WOT-Tech Competition Series Ported Upper and Lower Manifold Set - Yellow LS6 Valve Springs and Retainers Also added the Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD Multimedia Receiver which was a double din radio so I had to customize the center of the dash to fit it in there. I also custom mounted the digital air ride controller into the same piece. Bags and Airride kit:
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