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  1. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    That's awesome!!!
  2. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    WOW Joe....that new one looks sick!!!! (not the others don't) The reflection on the floor is what really sets it off nicely. I noticed it before I even read your post!
  3. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    Perfect....thanks Jedi!
  4. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    Anyway someone could resize this to fit these requirements: 500 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller). Every time I try to resize it it gets really pixelated (sp).
  5. LightningGA

    I've fallen in love with an Austrailian

    MMmmmm.....G8!! I hope to some day get a G8, I think they are sexy as hell bone stock!!!
  6. LightningGA

    Ashton Kutcher replaces Sheen

    Tell us how you really feel. I'll watch the first few episodes but I don't see this working in a good way. At-least there will always be reruns of the pre-Ashton episodes.
  7. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    Yeah the old one was definitely pimp but it was an older pic of the car. Since that sig I bought new rims and have air ride so I wanted to update it. New one is still sick looking and works for me!
  8. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    WOW!!! Thanks Jedi!
  9. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    I'm good....kind of put the car on hold as far as new mods go, doing a lot of home improvement projects lately which is taking up most of my free time and $$money$$. You? I can't wait to see what you come up with this time Jedi!!
  10. LightningGA

    Official Sig Request Thread

    You guys amaze me with your creativity and photoshop skills!! I could always use a new one...pics: http://foreverpontiac.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=42694 http://image83.webshots.com/183/0/38/13/27...54NQikGS_fs.jpg http://rides.webshots.com/album/577237584Pjnboz?start=24
  11. LightningGA

    LightningGA's Show AND Go!!!!

    Thanks guys!! The girl is just a model I know. Yeah I agree about the 077.....that's why I decided to switch it up. I have actually considered buying the GT black window trim, swap it out and then maybe even slightly tint the windows. And yes that is Tom's white SC/T in the background....that pic was taken before he sold it. We're in the same car club and cruise together alot. Looks like I need a new sig pic and avatar...hint hint....lol.
  12. LightningGA

    LightningGA's Show AND Go!!!!

    Actually I'm working on new tails for this season....or should I say redoing my AED tailz I had on the car a few years ago. Here's an older pic of them:
  13. LightningGA

    LightningGA's Show AND Go!!!!

    OK....finally got a chance to add an update with new pics. Here ya go guys (and girls): So for the 2010 season I added: New rims: - 18” Hyperblack Ace Mantas wrapped in Nitto NeoGen rubber Air ride suspension all hidden in the spare tire well: - AutoPilot Digital Air Ride System with 3/8" lines - Easy Street Air Struts - Auto Pilot Black Anodized Manifold Valves - 2 - Viair 380cc Compressors w/ 4gal. Pancake Tank Added The Next Level Front and Rear Sway Bars with poly bushings Performance mods added: - WOT-Tech Competition Series Ported Upper and Lower Manifold Set - Yellow LS6 Valve Springs and Retainers Also added the Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD Multimedia Receiver which was a double din radio so I had to customize the center of the dash to fit it in there. I also custom mounted the digital air ride controller into the same piece. Bags and Airride kit:
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