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I'm back with a WS6.


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Well guys, I can't seem to stay away from Pontiacs. I was screwed over for parts on my Honda and decided that I didn't want to modify the Civic. So went on the prowl for something new. Found thid beauty near me and went to take a look. This morning the owner and I came to terms. I will be taking delivery of the car Friday.

1998 WS6

102xxx miles

Black/black leather in great shape.




"High flow" cats


Car needs both window motors replaced, front tires replaced, and an alignment.

I'll have a ton of pictures of the car on Friday for you guys. So for now you will settle with this.


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Oh shit, look who's back in an F-body. I've been in the dark about your Civic since, well...you know. :lol:

Oh I have no idea what you might be talking about chris. lol I tried to shoot you a text last night, but you must have a different number.

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Oh I have no idea what you might be talking about chris. lol I tried to shoot you a text last night, but you must have a different number.

I still got the same number, I'll PM you.

But yeah, Molson gave me nine infractions. I almost thought it was GAOC when that happened. :lol:

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Nice TA WS6 ! Welcome back to the tribe side Sam !!!!

Thank you sir. The car was owned by a detailer for 2 1/2 years. There is a ton of wax on the car and she shines nicely. :)

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My GAGT was black, wouldn't its dirty by the time you get the car home from the car wash. lol

I was hoping to find one in white. But this car is in far too good of shape to pass up.

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You can say that I'm very excited. Really looking forward to sales taxes and insurance as well. Buy hell I turn 25 in a week and my insurance goes down anyways.

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:lol: I'm a 23 year old w/ a Camaro and a G6 Coupe, don't talk about insurance :rofl:

My insurance is cheap for my civic, and any tickets I have, are all non moving violations. So that will help on this T/A.

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I did that progressive thing, that you plug in, we just called it Flo lol but it took like 23% off the Sorento, and I have it in the GA now, and it's PARKED. I want that 30% off with it. the old truck doesn't qualify, but if the other vehicles can get lower insurance, it's not a bad deal.

If you're not going to drive the T/A for a bit, I'd do that, the first 30 days is the introduction, and you get an initial discount. We had it in the Sorento for 5 more months, it ran the whole cycle before it got done and sent back.. but that initial was only 12% on the Sorento, so I parked the GA to try to get a better discount upfront, plus I don't like driving it in bad weather anyways, would much rather wreck the truck lol

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I'd focus on suspension and brakes first, but that's just me.

IIRC, the 5th gen's Brembos work on your spindles. I know I've seen W-body guys do that swap and the F-body's standard dual piston calipers bolt right up. You'd need at least 18" wheels, though. Those Brembos are beefy as fuck.

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The time has come and the bird is home!

1998 T/A WS6

LS1 m6




Short tube headers

high flow cats

Nitto Street radials in the rear

That's right bitches. She is here and I'm back in a pontiac.

Started with this


Then got stuck behind this crap for a half hour.


Bastard left the car with absolutely zero gas. Was below the E. I stepped out of the car and a guy came up to me. "Dude, that is a beautiful WS6 man." These do get quite a bit of attention, especially in black.


And finally she is home. Ignore the terrible head unit. That will be out of there soon.






Will get better pictures this week, you know, when the sun is out.

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