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1983 Pontiac 6000STE

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I had one as my first car... The thing looked like a piece but ran like a champ and wouldn't quit. A few years later I was reading an article in Car and Driver where they were lauding as "the perfect American car", "the original import killer", "the best car GM ever made". In the article they even said they believed their love affair with the car was a little over the top lol. Apparently the design that was employed and the feedback received on this car was what led to the next generation of the Bonneville and the Grand Prix. The car would also be on the Car and Driver 10 best list from 1983-1985.

I thought this was an appropriate forum for feedback. The car still does nothing for me but seeing as how it was considered the stepping stone into the (then) next generation of cars, it seems worthy of recognition...l


(this one looks just like my first car... with less rust lol)

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Mmm that pure 80's Pontiac front

Ironically Ringo, I read in another article that the G6 GT was the spiritual successor to the 6000STE.

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Ah yes, the Pontiac 6000. A co-worker of mine drove the STE version. It was a tad sportier than the LE or SE versions of the day. I think I only saw STEs in white/black exteriors. I could be wrong on that, but those were the most popular versions.

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I read an article wayyy back talking about the development of the awd system for the 6000. What I can remember is the system was designed to take much more power than the 125 trans could, and was intended to be able to function with 4 wheel steering. In other words it had plenty of room to grow.

It's a shame the chitcanned it so early..

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' timestamp='1349951981' post='75724']GM was notorious for ending potentially good things like that.

Was? Hello, Pontiac. :lol:

Sent from my mind using telekinesis.

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  • 4 months later...

One Still Runs...Greetings everyone!!! Just taking a look at the forums today and i thought i'd let you know that one Pontiac 6000 SE still runs and operates. My 6000 SE is a 1989 painted in the color white. She is all original except for the paint job as her factory applied paint was starting to peel. I had her repainted white just like the original paint job. My car has 165,000 original miles and i guess i have preserved this car as i do not put many miles on her.She still has that "Get up and Go" and it is fun to drive as there are no other 6000's around here any longer.Do i have the last one???

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  • 5 years later...

There are a few out there. Not many, but I did happen to see a blue 6000 LE wagon the other day. The rockers were rusty though.

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  • 6 months later...

Great car for sure! I had an 1984 6000 STE Light briar Brown, Dark briar brown combo with suede leather seats. Loved it! No major issues with it either. I can remember waiting for the delivery from GM, and actually being at Kemper Pontiac, Bridgewater, NJ when it arrived at the dealership. Truck drove through an ice storm and my car was covered in ice, so much that they had to hose the car off with water to melt the ice so that the driver could get in the car to unload it.

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