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1963 awake after 5+ years.

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Hey gang its been awhile.

Just thought I would share some pics of a project that lost steam over 5 years ago.

I'm currently helping my good friend get his Little Indian project rolling again.

He is back on his feet and I jumped in to help out a fellow Pontiacer.

We are making progress and we'll share as we move forward.

This poor Pontiac went to the body shop 5+ years ago and sadly went into limbo.

Well thats all changed now!








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Jeff, I asked my Buddy Bill who has the 37 I have posted pic's of if he has any of the parts you are looking for your 63, he still has a 63 326 car, and has owed several 4 cylinder cars over the years, all Tempests, no Lemans.

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Thanks Jeff, We have been lucky with parts so far.

Moving forward slow but sure...




Trying our best to get her back on the road this summer.

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Looks clean as hell. Nice work.


A little plane looking but its a base model I assume and thats how they were back then. Still real nice but it just needs something to jaz it up a bit. IMO

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Thanks guy's we're trying to keep her stock or at least as close as possible.

There's a few stock elements that were done away with that no one has caught yet so we'll be ok :D

If the weather gets back to normal we hope to have her move under her own power this weekend.

Even so we still have a lot to do.










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She looks Mint, I love the seats they came out great!!!

great job!!!

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Glad you all dig this Little Indian.

We are doing our best to keep her very close to stock.

The interior of this car is 95% original, I shit you not.

This car was stashed in a basement (Yes i said basement) out of harms way for many many years.

Seats are all near mint with only the PS bottom fabric panel needing re-placement, I think I have located a source for that.

The other item we need to find is an oem type floor mat as Tempest did not come with carpet but that was our only option at this time.

The original mat isn't in great condition.


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There is not a thing about this beautiful car I would change. Wow. I am serious when I say, if for any reason this car goes up for sale, I hope I know about it. I've never fallen for a classic quite like I have for this one!

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Thanks all!

As I've said we're trying to stay as close to stock as possible.

It's hard with old cars, but we're doing our best.

I think what I've come to like most about the '63 Tempest/Lemans' is how much of the styling cues carried over to the '64 GTO.

So to me it's a sort of another Jr. GTO or at least can be very close with the V8 option :D

This is the 4th Little Indian I have wrenched on and they do grow on you.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well it took longer then it should (or at least I think so) but she now has fire!

Fired her up for the 1st time in way to long but it was great to wake the heart & sole again.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Well we had set a "Ready by summer" deadline for this Little Indian and I think we are going to make it.

Spent all day Sunday re-hanging and aligning the forward sheet goods :) what a PITA this old car has been massaged many times over the years, then add to the mix some NOS and some re-worked metal and you really have to bust some knuckles to get it set.

All and All I’m very pleased based on what we had to start with, but will say it is a driver for sure, not a show car.

A real good 10 footer IMHO. We’re down to a few more trim parts, glass seal, lights and bumper.

Been test driving her around and she seems to be doing well for something that has been silent for so long.



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