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  1. There have been a few articles written and most seam to state mainly due to Canada's Trade laws at the time. It wasn't just the engine it was a full Chevrolet chassis with Pontiac Bodies on the early cars. But I'm sure if you check over on the Canadian Pontiac site someone more knowing has and/or can shed more light. http://www.canadianponcho.activeboard.com/
  2. Correct remove 4 screws under the forward upper edge of Pad above the gauges. Then glove box removal will allow access to the 2 studs at the left and right side of the passenger side pad.
  3. The only part you will need to remove to install the PAD is the Glove Box Liner. You do not need to remove the gauge bezel. Cheers
  4. The Old Dominion chapter of AACA was in town so I Knew there would likely be machines I had never see before. Weather was iffy and humility was high but the turnout was fair. I was not disappointed with the cars on site. I'm so over the garbage on Photobucket I decided to give flicker another shot hope the link works. ENJOY! https:[email protected]/v6hTCC
  5. Our season has officially begun with the SPRING DUST OFF, April 1st 2017. Even with Friday nights torrential rains,hail and tornadoes the show must go on as they say, Saturday we had great 60 degree weather and a turnout of over 100 cars ( I was 116) This weather has been a true test and I,m happy to share just a few of my personal favorites from the show. ENJOY!... http://s412.photobucket.com/user/SPRINT-6/slideshow/2017 SPRING DUST OFF SEASON OPENER
  6. Patiently waited and finally the weather gods allowed me to get the interior back together, and to think this all started with a simple VTR A littel more detailing and ready to hit the road. The Season Opener is Sat the 1st and was beginning to think I would need some yellow caution tape.
  7. 1933 for sure but may have been an accessory used other years. Not a lot of info out there on them that we could find. May reach out to Tim Dye with the Pontiac Museum he may have more info on this. This three window coupe belongs to a local friend who has done several pre 40 Pontiac's, these images are the as bought (Before Resto) Looks to be an real bad 1970's attempt at a refresh, but she ran good.
  8. Have you reached out to Larry? he should be able to direct you to a source/solution; http://www.pontiacsafari.com/index.html
  9. WELCOME PHIL, Love your Yank Tank! As we say in the states GO BIG or GO HOME I have a friend who has a stunning '59 Bonny and I'm always amazed when he brings her out. Cheers
  10. Well the weather had fallen back to normal and delayed my progress. However I was finally able to wrap up the VTR install today. The following is installation information for those who may want to install this in their 1966 Tempest/Lemans/GTO; This is a Factory and/or Dealer option referred to in the 1966 Accessory brochure as REAR DECK LID RELEASE option code 244 with a suggested retail price of $12.35 from the factory and $12.55 from the dealer. This is the second design over the first release option that was a manual pull cable, similar to the 1965 version. This Vacuum actuated unit was used in 1966 only. The 1967 release was a new power controlled unit. The system contains a glove box mounted vacuum canister "CONTROL" with a 3/32 ID vacuum hose/line approximately 6-8" long then to the reducer and increases to a 3/16 ID hose/line that runs along the passenger side of the floor and then under the rear seat within the factory wire protector/cover utilized for all rear accessories. There was no clear hose retaining guide, so I used HD cloth tape. The line then runs within the underside channel along the deck lid gutter over through the rear light harness clips and behind the latched support/bracket to the "POWER UNIT". This makes option #35 for my '66 and one that has been a long time coming. It is a very basic system that has amazing vacuum considering it uses approximately 23' of hose. Sorry for the long post but I just love the Factory gadgets
  11. NICE SCORE! I've always wondered what became of the parts they ripped out/off of all the cars they modified. Over the years they yanks several Pontiac Drivel-lines. Hey maybe you can track down the owner and offer an engine swap
  12. May want to reach out to GOODMARK and/or AMD both offer the 69-70 Rear Deck Filler but show no listing for 71-, so there may be a difference. This could just be the width/depth depending how you look at it and you may be able to use the Glass channel off one of them? When I did my '69 there was nothing avail; so at least there are some pcs now. Best of luck.
  13. EZ, If budget constraints limit your plan, I think you would be far better off with just replacing everything with STOCK components and put together an upgrade plan for a future time. All major Pontiac Parts suppliers should carry the reproduction upper and lower control arms, OPGI is just one for instance . Both in full assemblies with ball joints shaft, bushings etc. Or bare assemblies that you would have to assemble. This would save you time and money and more importantly get the Tempest back on the road PDQ. JM2C Cheers
  14. WHY? Looks like no attempt to make at the least a flat landing and NO crowd protection for the onlookers. Hate to see any classics trashed like this. Below is a news link... http://www.freep.com/news/ What a USELESS Display, Here is a vid Posted on PY.
  15. Knowing it was going to be near 70 yesterday I got a jump on the day hit the ground running by 7:30. I got further along then anticipated but like with any project, one thing always leads to another...After and hour removing the interior, I thought this would be a good time to apply the sound deadner I've been holding off on doing. So prep and clean the floor. But wait have to mask off/cover everything, this prompted a few wiring corrections I noticed were needed. That lead to swapping out the main AC duct that has been on the list for over a year. OK all wiring is good, floor prepped, cleaned and coasted (twice) Let dry, eat pizza, drink beer. So now I can get back to the Trunk Release which stated all this
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