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  1. 389 in a LeMans?

    Nothing wrong with a larger displacement between the tubs I ran a '66 326 model with a 400 for years. I topped it with as much of the basic 326 parts to make it appear stock and had a lot of fun running the wheels off it. That's one of the best things about Pontiac engines no big block small block so swapping engines/parts isn't that bad.
  2. 68 Firebird OHC project

    SERVICE REPLACEMENT, which means either there was a warranty claim and/or over the parts counter purchase for a replacement. They use different numbers but castings and code remain/match said car. This one was heading to the scrapper so I took a road trip and picked it up before it was gone. As far as your build who did you choose on the Machine work?
  3. 68 Firebird OHC project

    You sure got lucky with that one. It happens once in awhile I just picked up a '67 230 earlier this year with unknown internal condition. Turned out to be a Low mile SR short block.
  4. 68 Firebird OHC project

    IMO; I don't think a rebuild of the original engine hurts/lowers value as long as all the major components are there with the correct #'s & Dates. It's just not untouched but still the original engine. I'm on round two on my '66 @ .030. I've also had another one .060 which is about max on these little engines.
  5. 68 Firebird OHC project

    Let the Games Begin! You have now entered into a little known and/or appreciated part of Pontiac's history. Caution must be used as it can become an addition Best of luck and keep us updated with looking forward to hear/see your progress.
  6. Pontiac steering wheel colors

    Bud, I'm not sure if your asking about matching the wheel to the exterior or just another interior color? If your question is the later then I would say not likely. Not impossible but as Frosty indicated this would be a special dealer request. I assume your asking about your '66? If so, is your Bonnie Turquoise or Blue as there is no Mariner Blue?? There was a wide range of interior color choices and all the Catalogs always had "Suggested" colors to accent your interior with the exterior color and the wheel was closely color matched to the interior but not always perfect due to the plastics and outside vendors limitations. So if one was wanting to change the color of the wheel I would think it would be based off one of the many interior choices in '66, So not far fetched but again not very likely. FWIW there were several paint suppliers for Pontiac. All working off the same palette. Here are the PPG/Ditzler charts to give an idea of colors. CHEERS
  7. 389 in a LeMans?

    Yes you could but it was called the GTO option and would have been trimmed as such not as a Lemans.
  8. New to the site

    WELCOME TO THE SITE. Looks like a solid base/good project. Head rest were a popular addition. Is it just the head rest (Code 571) or the Reclining passenger seat (Code 578) which included head rest? either way a nice addition. Was red the factory color? Best of luck with her.
  9. You may be able to access the Grill/Bracket from the trunk but likely will need to remove the rear seat. The Grill has 4 speed nuts. One at each corner.
  10. The weather was perfect for a good run down the interstate this afternoon, decided to stop in at the CVAS held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Ran into a few cars I've not seen before, this 1961 Ventura being one. Outstanding 4 speed car! Here's a link to a few of my other top picks; ENJOY! https://flic.kr/s/aHskxthRsi
  11. This has been a wet dream of the "Forward Thinkers" almost from the dawn of the automobile. Luckily I'll be long gone before the DRIVING EXPERIENCE is part of our history
  12. 1967 spec info

    Those insert sheets are from a collection called Hot Cars or Muscle Cars released in the 90's. They also did a 1966 GTO and IIRC a 69 or 70 but I think that was it on the GTOs.

    The use went through several use/changes over the years... http://www.motortrend.com/news/buick-ventriports-the-early-years/

    It is one of the coolest professional cars I've seen in some time, Also the only brand to use the "Ventiports" on the fenders... Give up? ROADMASTER by BUICK, this one being a '49 vintage. This car was amazing with loads of OE patina and accouterments.
  15. 68 firebird Bulb numbers

    Here is a Bulb Chart that may help... I recently gave the 2357R (RED) LED a try on the '66. These replace the 1157 Tail/Brake lights. Overall they did increase the output and since the Tempest/Lemans taillight size leave a lot to be desired I figured they didn't hurt.
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