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    Our Saturday weather was fantastic for the 2017 VIRGINIA FALL CLASSIC. Upper 70's with the leaves just starting to change, Good live music and lots of eye candy. For those interested here are some of my favorites for the 270+ cars in the park. Cheers https://flic.kr/s/aHsm9HSSm7
  2. New guy from South Carolina

    The value is in the information contained on the build sheet. This is what PHS uses. If you decipher it, it will show what features/options the Bird left the line with. Preserve that document and keep it out of sunlight as the ink/printing will continue to fade away. But I would not laminate it.
  3. New guy from South Carolina

    First, welcome to the forum. That is an interesting back story on the Firebird amazing to see it in that condition after being in lock up for so long. These OHC powered Pontiac's are very unique and seldom seen out and about. I will not agree with so many who buy and sell OHC cars and parts and use the term RARE so freely. IMHO Rare they are not, but are VERY UNIQUE. What make these so unique is under the hood and If you take away the drive-line then you have just another 1st gen. So if you already feel you will not be happy with the 6 then it would be an unjust to the Firebird and yourself. The OHC was/is a misunderstood power plant and has a great following. I have NEVER gotten the type of response to any of my other Pontiac's like I do with my OHC powered Lemans. Now if you think you may want to venture into the realm of the OHC you will find we are a gentle breed and welcome all new comers Here are links to the ONLY OHC Club/Chapter in the world! Check it out and consider keeping it OHC powered. http://www.ohc6.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/1013971318683583/ Cheers and best of LUCK with it!
  4. Regrettably that is just about our only option. There are one or maybe two more dealers out there and the price is the same. I will stick with Kanter as they have been in the game a long time. I look at this way, they were the only ones to get them re-made and that is one thing all previous OHC parts suppliers should have been thinking about, so at the least we have a source. It's a high price but these belts will go 100K+ if kept tear/oil free so money well spent. Other parts are once again becoming endangered as well. Starters, Water pumps being at the top of the list again. The price we pay to own such a unique engine I guess.
  6. Hershey 2017

    A great '67 color for sure! Thanks for sharing, I'll pass it on to the Cammer Club.
  7. Hershey 2017

    MAN-O-MAN that '67 Tempest SPRINT is SWEET! That Production number is very real (Close to actual) Neat piece. Priced at the top of list but neat piece none the less.
  8. HIDDEN CAMMER I can't believe I almost missed this... Very Cool !
  9. WINGS & WHEELS 2017

    Yesterday was the AACA annual WINGS & WHEEL'S and the weather was fantastic. I persuaded my friend to dust off. Top off and fire up 3 of his 8 and get them out to the show. Here's a link to some of the other machines in attendance; https://flic.kr/s/aHsm4v2ZbK Cheers
  10. Gary's Goats

    Gary has the Biggest Toy Box anyone could ever need Outstanding Guy and Family as well, with one hell of a Goat Farm My Ham of Daughter and I drove out several years ago just to hang out and take it all in. Thanks for the memories
  11. That Marina Turquoise '66 looks outstanding! Love me some Green Cars

    Your a regular Riot Alice

    I was out wearing some rubber off the tires and came upon this old work horse barreling down the road ahead of me. Brought a smile to my face and a few old memories to mind, Enjoy! :-)
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