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  1. SPRINT 6

    The Photogeekery Thread

    Nice pics everyone! Can't beat a good sunrise on the Beach 😎 Heading to the Oceanfront for some early morning Cars & Coffee.
  2. Decided to go check out the Regatta. What a day, weather was fantastic and the car display was about 50+. Best part was front row seating on turn two Thought I would share a few pics from the day. Enjoy! https://flic.kr/s/aHskJLroky
  3. Good Luck with your task. Is this something your after for a Vintage Pontiac or your '69? It's a great looking wheel either way and sure beat's those FUGLY Grant wheels that everyone uses ;) I was poking around the web and came across this cool looking Banjo Style wheel finished with a '65-'66 horn button and thought it would look great in an old Pontiac. Cheers.
  4. That as you have found is not a '41 wheel. The center cap / horn button is off a '53. Just an aftermarket/custom wheel.
  5. SPRINT 6

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    Looks like a good showing, Glad to see some fellow Cammers on hand. Thanks for sharing! Fred's '67 is a unique and real 4 door Sprint. Looks like he did well in his class, Greg Hobert's '66 is a nice ride as well.
  6. SPRINT 6

    Service manuals?

    Here is a good deal on epay...
  7. SPRINT 6

    Service manuals?

    I would suggest a Good/Decent used over a Re-Print. Lots of the Re- stuff is garbage. Here is a good link to a clear pdf on-line version of the '69 SM. https://www.f-body-power.de/new_media/firebird/technical/1969_-_pontiac_service_manual/1969_-_pontiac_service_manual.pdf Cheers
  8. SPRINT 6

    1st time Pontiac owner here

    Well that's one way to test a car Glad you had a good trip & Welcome to the site!
  9. Well our weather has finally come back to reality and there was a lot going on this weekend in Hampton Roads, we decided to head out to Smithfield. This town is a great place for a main street show with it's "Mayberry style" charm, or Main Street USA if you will. With great eateries and other things to take in. We had a great day and I thought I would share a link to a few of my favorite from the show. https://flic.kr/s/aHskF5jpX8 Enjoy!
  10. SPRINT 6

    Our Pontiac in a museum!

    That is so cool. 👍 I agree perfect home for the cold months!
  11. Can't tell from your image but it appears your looking for the tab that controls the movement? I think you'll need to find a good used if that's what your after.
  12. I'm sure if you look through some of this posted info; you find what you need... http://www.pontiacsafari.com/
  13. SPRINT 6

    TESTING 1 2 3

    SUCCESS ! Thanks for figuring it out.
  14. SPRINT 6

    TESTING 1 2 3

    Cleared browser cache several times and rebooted to see if anything changed. No Dice : ( This is only happening here??
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