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  1. Can't tell from your image but it appears your looking for the tab that controls the movement? I think you'll need to find a good used if that's what your after.
  2. I'm sure if you look through some of this posted info; you find what you need... http://www.pontiacsafari.com/
  3. SPRINT 6

    TESTING 1 2 3

    SUCCESS ! Thanks for figuring it out.
  4. SPRINT 6

    TESTING 1 2 3

    Cleared browser cache several times and rebooted to see if anything changed. No Dice : ( This is only happening here??
  5. SPRINT 6

    TESTING 1 2 3

    I can not respond to any/all post. Also when I log in there is a spinning "Buffering" symbol To log out I have to the garage or this and that page to be able to log out??
  6. TEST TEST TEST. For some unknown reason I have not been able to post a response to other members post?? I have to back out to the Garage section to log out as well?? I am doing this test to see if I can at least post new topics. This is ONLY happening on this site??
  7. I'm no expert but current market shows anything in FAIR condition around 10K max, IMO this one well under half that. If it's something you've always wanted that changes how you may price it. Me, I would cap it at 2000$/2500$
  8. SPRINT 6

    POTM Vote, August 2018

    Reef Turquoise or the Palmetto Green ? either works for me
  9. Made it out to the Khedive show again this year and man was it steaming hot. This is a show I've tried to attend since my daughter was born and then it became our last show of the season before she returns to College. Love the time with her. We were #149 and it was little light this year but think they made near 300 cars. Thought I would share some of my favorites from this year; ENJOY! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmoAmaVx
  10. Found in a box of this and that at a yard sale, You came to mind and thought you would get a chuckle out of it 😉
  11. Any good auto parts store should be able to get a trans kit for your (I'll assume) O.E. ST-300 automatic. This will have the correct gasket & filter (Recommend changing since the pan will be off) They should also have suitable ATF fluid. Cheers
  12. The standard (TOP) one in attached to the cone of the started while the 2nd one gets bolted to the body of the starter. What is in the car now? you just need to match that. If it is the standard unit look into HD options to help with any hot start issues.
  13. No time soon, but is on my Bucket List
  14. A DAY AT THE HENRY FORD; Spent the day in Detroit while heading home from TC. Thought I would share some transportation highlights from the museum. Enjoy! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmpCewE5
  15. Ordered the replacement harness from M&H on Monday, It was in my PO box on Friday! (was expecting the basic 3-4 week) That's good service. Was a little nervous Saturday morning when I started to remove the temp harness I had installed (Saved from a none AC parts car) the tabs on the bulkhead are clearly getting older and it's always possible to break one. So after inspection and comparison of old to new. Then slowly out with old and in with the new. M&H harness' are Plug & Play and 99% Factory Correct. Took her out and fully tested the systems It's been a painfully slow recovery but everything is coming back together, Besides if it were easy everyone would own a Classic!
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