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  1. We had a fair numbers of Pontiac's on hand at the cruise and one across the way caught my eye, Thought you guys would get a kick out of this El' Pontolet or El Ponino 😉 It was a very well put together car with Front Clip. Drive-line & Interior. He was still working on some details but IMO it was well done. Cheers
  2. That was a standard issue 1965 Michigan Licence Plate. IIRC the "GM" had no tie to General Motors.
  3. Not sure I would refer to it as Famous, but a somewhat well known car for sure! It was thought to be some sort of Pontiac Promotional build/scheme but very little is known about it and/or it's whereabouts. Like most Pontiac "Special Build" Promotional cars it likely was returned to PMD and fell through the cracks if not stripped/scrapped and/or re-purposed. Items of note are the "Tempest" Flat hood and the Light Up eyes within the Tiger Face hood mural. Also seen in 1st images is the noted Tiger Tail. As seen on TV, beyond that unaware of any further details. Cheers
  4. Glad all ended well. Would love to know the brand and how the suppler handles this. Cheers.
  5. The switch assembly sounds to be out of adjustment, this switch is mounted on the shifter assembly and is adjustable. It's been years since I've had an AT '66 so I don't recall if you can access/adjust the switch by just removing the indicator plate (Pry up gently) or if the console needs to come out. Check you service manual it will have the details for this. If you don't have a service manual, You should.
  6. Well spring has sprung and we couldn't have asked for better weather for our annual season opener. Like many our recent weather has been all over the map with severe Rain, Wind, Hail add in a few Tornado warnings and this was just on Friday Well yesterday MOM nature gave us a gift. It was nice to get the '66 out and meet up with fellow car buddies and soak up some sun 😎 In the past it has rained and/or snowed at this event so with that said please enjoy a few of my show favorites. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmCQzCZK Cheers.
  7. If you look hard you can see my '66 😉
  8. Frosty, It was indeed a fantasy build. The Aussie driving it was a funny old Bloke and did a real nice job on it. Cheers.
  9. Welcome aboard! Nice Project Base. You might consider joining POCI, http://www.poci.org/ that will put you in contact with all the right leads for vintage iron parts. Cheers.
  10. HOWDY GANG, Just back from a 4 day weekend over in Austin TX. I needed some car time and since VA weather is taking her sweet ass time making up her mind I decided warmer weather was needed, also just another excuse to go over and play with the Ol Tempest Torque Tuber We had a blast, this was a pleasant surprise of a gathering as I wasn't sure what we were in for. Below are some of the Pontiacer's we encountered and the link it to a load of some of my favorites at the gathering. Cheers & Enjoy! https://flic.kr/s/aHskQvmtV2
  11. Hey Alex, Welcome to the board. Haven't seen any updates over on the FB page. Looks like you advanced somewhat. Cheers.
  12. Welcome aboard. Can't beat a '66 Turquoise Pontiac Looks like 8-Lug Rims in the 1st pic but seem to have a unique paint scheme in the 2nd making it look more like a hub cap? Anyhow looks good and love the skirts! Cheers
  13. WELCOME ABOARD, Like the '59 and the nod to NASCAR Vibe ! 😎 Cheers
  14. SPRINT 6


    Our 1966 Pontiac LeMANS with SPRINT OPTIONED OHC 6
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