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  1. SPRINT 6

    POTM Nominations, June 2018

  2. Quite Nicely Here's a cheesy and quick phone vid...
  3. Went for a Drive! Still a few bits to finish up, but all the big ticket items are behind me...
  4. SPRINT 6

    Did Pontiac Ever Build a Truck?

    Not that I'm aware of.
  5. SPRINT 6

    Did Pontiac Ever Build a Truck?

    For anyone interested in the Pontiac's History The excerpt 31 posted is from (IMHO) the BEST book written on the subject. Pontiac The Complete History by Thomas E. Bonsall. The first edition published in 1979 then a second in 1985/86 This is an Excellent book and is very complete. Another worthwhile book is 75 Years of Pontiac by John Gunnell while not as detailed with the early stuff it too is a great read. Cheers!
  6. Jack, You might post your request over on our FB page for possible leads for this. Cheers https://www.facebook.com/groups/101397131868358
  7. Sadly I wasn't able to wrap this up before the local SPRING DUST OFF Show 😞 First time in years I've missed it. However I am underway with the reversing process...
  8. FWIW and as pointed out Size, Shape and Feather Count differ between the two years. Sadly seeing early Pontiac's at shows anymore is almost as rare as the Caps themselves. My related pin board ; https://www.pinterest.com/mrbigbluesky/pontiac-sky/ Cheers
  9. SPRINT 6

    Newbie here

    Welcome aboard TEX, Your '66 is one of the first I was drawn to at the 2017 POCI convention. Great Looking car and it was great to see it being used as intended!
  10. No No, nothing major. I've been putting off a slight oil issue for sometime now and decided now or never. It was a correlation of gaskets and seals with a minor puff during long term idleness upon start up that was increasing. Once into it I then found the Cam Housing (No Valve Cover on the OHC 6)(Also a zero lash non interference valve train) gasket was beginning to fail which was making quite the mess. As an aside I felt the head should be gone through and we did find a few guides with minor issues so all new went in as well as new Viton seals. This all comes after 16 years of almost trouble free operation since my last go through, so just out of warranty by a few days Anyhow its something that wasn't going to correct itself. So my punch list is now getting shorter I got ahead of myself by not cleaning the pistons up first but what fun is it if you can't do it over, Funny how one thing leads to another, and another and...
  11. In preparation for the rapidly approaching drive/show season I thought I would give the Ol SPRINT 6 a tune up. I thought I was following all the factory shop manual guidelines correctly, but I must have misinterpreted something along the way [/url] Now I'm really going to have to step up my game to be ready in time
  12. SPRINT 6

    1960 Laurentian - Canadian Catalina?

    Never Hurts to look Here is a link to a site dedicated to the Canadian Pontiac's that may be of interest; http://canadianponcho.activeboard.com
  13. SPRINT 6

    1960 Laurentian - Canadian Catalina?

    Pontiac's of that era built in Canada are just basically Pontiac Bodies on Chevrolet Chassis. Thus why you couldn't get a WIDE-TRACK Pontiac North of the Border. Being on a Chevy chassis means it also would be Chevy powered and if the 6 under the hood is original it's going to be a Chevy inline 6. The Only Pontiac Engine in a Canadian Built Pontiac that I'm fully aware of is the OHC 6, but I'm sure there had to be a few other offerings.
  14. IMO, this engine was an exercise in design. It was conceived at a time with no real market, it just seems someone said what if or wounder if and they decided to give it a go. More of a lets see if we can exercise. I like them due to this odd ball factor but I also have collected and built several OHC's ... enough said
  15. Love the Trophy 4 I reassembled this '63 Tempest years ago for my good friend after it came out of paint and sat in pieces for almost eight years before I just had to step in. We put 300+ miles on this one at the past POCI convention in Texas. Original low mileage engine taken apart no excessive wear found, everything checked out cleaned and re-assembled. Car never missed a step in that Texas Heat.
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