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  2. Sorry Spock wasn't that cool. That Photo-shopped image has been around for over a decade. Heres the actual back lot picture of him leaning on his Riv
  3. Very impressive progress. Looks real good. 👍 Did you get the hood latch figured out?
  4. Thanks guys. Frosty, The weather here in VA BCH is somewhat unpredictable, We sometimes will have charity shows up until mid December. I'll be attending a Toys for Tots next week. If anyone is interested I just added more show pictures to my album. I borrowed them from someone else who took a few I didn't catch. https://www.flickr.com/gp/149936083@N07/vd974D Cheers.
  5. As I said, I didn't know what to expect. This event popped up on the local car show calendar and peeked my curiosity. I must first correct myself it is SAJO Farm. This is a little known (At least to me) piece of local history and an amazing location for an event. This was organized by Saint Patrick Catholic School and was an inaugural event. Once on site I was amazed how well it was put together. I think they topped off with just under 80 cars not bad for an unknown first time event. All donations went to the school and with a VIP pass you were given access to the inner house for some special tasting Regardless if you chose a VIP ticket all entrants were given access to free BBQ from a local establishment as well as entertained by not only a great eclectic mix of fine automobiles but great music from an acoustic duo that but an awesome Irish twist to contemporary music. I have to say all these elements have never come to mind when you hear CAR SHOW. What a great mix and I hope they can continue this event. We have several more events possible before we have to tuck tail and deal with Old Man Winter I hope these pics attached will help those already dealing with the cold feel a little warmer. To see more of my favorites from the show... https://flic.kr/s/aHsmJ8oDpE Cheers.
  6. I'm busy cleaning the LeMANS tonight for a VIP show tomorrow at SO JO Farms. Weather is looking great. Not sure what to expect but should be good with mixed horderves and Bourbon tasting. I'll be sure to take some pics if possible 😜 😉
  7. Once attached it essentially becomes a scoop. There's a reason they are called a SHAKER.
  8. Weather was near perfect yesterday so I hid the Honey-Do list and headed over to Old Town section of Portsmouth. Knew that some of the locals may be hanging out. Sitting dock side enjoying a few cool beverages on the Legend Brewing Depot patio with the Naval Shipyard as a backdrop. This is our best time of year for cruising 👍 CHEERS 🍻
  9. 😎👍 Welcome, She looks good!
  10. Yes read what little was known about it 2014. Different for sure
  11. Good article, Hemmings ran it in 2017. Best OHC BUILD write up IMO was the one put out by Webrodder. They got their panties wadded when people who paid for copies shared it and sadly pulled the article.
  12. WOW WEE! Now that is COOL 😎 Welcome aboard and thanks for saving that Ol Pontiac 👍 A quick look in Kanter Autos E-Catalog under '53 Pontiac show only Front side and rear mounts with no individual engine listings, So you may be in luck with a 8 to 6 swap. Keep us posted Cheers.
  13. GREAT PICS GUY'S THANKS. Haven't been back to Charleston since '02 Great location. When that Green '71 popped up in the slide show I immediately saw the Kenner GTO toy from M.A.S.K in my head 😮😉
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