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  1. SPRINT 6

    1967 Ventura fuel sending unit

    I'd Venture a guess these haven't been avail from the auto parts store for over a decade now. 😉 Ames Performance has several listed in their FULL-SIZE catalog, possibly one that will fit your needs. Cheers
  2. SPRINT 6

    Hello to the community

    Welcome Aboard! Drive it like intended. It will not Melt. I promise
  3. COLD CASE comes highly recommended by almost anyone who has used one of their products. CC is a division of Max-performance aka AMES. Ames has been in the business longer then most of out parts suppliers so I don't think you can go wrong. We have used several on past project and the fit and function was near perfect. Any defects/issues were handled swiftly. They are made very close to factory spec as far as filler and hose locations so if you prep and paint it most will never notice.
  4. SPRINT 6


    IMHO You would be far better off with a Trailer over a Dolly for such a size car. I think the '64 is at the MAX if not over the limits. so you may want to look into this further with the Dolly source. Last time I used a Dolly it was for a '67 A-Body parts car and it was just a bit to wide and on wide turns rubbed the fenders. If a trailer in not an option you may even be better off with bumper to bumper flat towing, but check state guidelines on this as well as Dolly use. Cheers.
  5. SPRINT 6

    retractable searbelt front seats

    Rick, Glad to help. Yes it's been years. Glad to hear you still have your '67. I still run into a few folks from the club but not many. The Drop Top Is Lois Janule's She is one of the few from the club that still comes out and plays with Pontiac's I help her as much as possible to keep it rollin. Cheers.
  6. SPRINT 6

    retractable searbelt front seats

    Here is a page from the 1967 Option brochure showing the Factory &/or Dealer options on seat belts. Retractors on front bench and a third belt on rear were options. The Drop-Top shown below has the 3rd belt option on the rear seat. Cheers.
  7. SPRINT 6

    What is Going On Here?

    I can see it now, Centered in the Research section on a slowly revolving base.
  8. SPRINT 6

    What is Going On Here?

    So why can't a 23' Indian stand proud in the Gym or Research Area? These areas are clearly taller then that.
  9. The WELL material should be set in with the window portion and retained by a trim stick /channel piece, then it is just rolled/laid over it. (Up and Over) then draped over to the rear seat retaining strip. There isn't a good view depicted in the Fisher Body Manual but I did find this drawing on the web that gives you an idea of how it should lay out.
  10. SPRINT 6

    The Photogeekery Thread

    Nice pics everyone! Can't beat a good sunrise on the Beach 😎 Heading to the Oceanfront for some early morning Cars & Coffee.
  11. Decided to go check out the Regatta. What a day, weather was fantastic and the car display was about 50+. Best part was front row seating on turn two Thought I would share a few pics from the day. Enjoy! https://flic.kr/s/aHskJLroky
  12. Good Luck with your task. Is this something your after for a Vintage Pontiac or your '69? It's a great looking wheel either way and sure beat's those FUGLY Grant wheels that everyone uses ;) I was poking around the web and came across this cool looking Banjo Style wheel finished with a '65-'66 horn button and thought it would look great in an old Pontiac. Cheers.
  13. That as you have found is not a '41 wheel. The center cap / horn button is off a '53. Just an aftermarket/custom wheel.
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