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  1. IMO, this engine was an exercise in design. It was conceived at a time with no real market, it just seems someone said what if or wounder if and they decided to give it a go. More of a lets see if we can exercise. I like them due to this odd ball factor but I also have collected and built several OHC's ... enough said
  2. Love the Trophy 4 I reassembled this '63 Tempest years ago for my good friend after it came out of paint and sat in pieces for almost eight years before I just had to step in. We put 300+ miles on this one at the past POCI convention in Texas. Original low mileage engine taken apart no excessive wear found, everything checked out cleaned and re-assembled. Car never missed a step in that Texas Heat.
  3. No need to worry this is normal on any Pontiac that is driven. The cross over on the intake suffers the same effect over time It's like a badge of honer so wear it well! There are a few tricks but no magic bullet that will last on any car that is truly driven, on and off a trailer doesn't count The sliver heat paint mentioned is a very good method of slowing the process.
  4. Easily identified but seldom seen anymore by the unique hood ornament. I drooled over the '32 in the link below when I first came across the ad. https://www.cars-on-line.com/57014.html
  5. Bright Lights

    FWIW If you don't want to do any modifications and looking to maintain a stock appearance, I recommend the Reproduction T3 Headlamps from Lectric Limited. I've been running them for years and the output is like night and Day (Pun intended) https://www.lectriclimited.com/lighting-fuse-flashers
  6. Jack; The OVERHEAD CAMMER CHAPTER of POCI. http://www.ohc6.com We are the only group dedicated to the Pontiac OHC 6 engine. We also have a very active FACEBOOK page. Cheers
  7. Random interesting Pontiac pics

    Seeing that Funky paint scheme on the '67 in the first image made think of the '65 used in an episode of My Three Sons...
  8. Show us your Pontiac Emblem!

    LIKE THE OWNER A LITTLE WORN 1 by J. Hamlin, on Flickr
  9. Vinyl Top colors

    In the Chevy specs COVERT is a Tan color, FWIW? Might try contacting/joining the Grand Prix Chapter of POCI
  10. Vinyl Top colors

  11. Sunday post auction cruise

    Ya sure, Go ahead, rub it in... Its OK I'll wait my turn
  12. I too use AC but for me, I considered an NOS filter to be too much of a crap shoot. I drive my cars way to much to rely on a 40+ YO paper, But that's just me. I was once one of those that fell into the overpriced NOS and Re-Pop "Show" filters but again with changing oil as frequently as I do this get's unnecessarily expensive. For anything that I show I now make my own with standard Dark Blue AC-PF24s. These are good filters that have never let me down. I just prep and paint them white add on one of those 4$ "Decals" that mimic the OE style filter and call it done. I been using these decals for a few years now and I am amazed how well they hold up. I'm considering this year to go with a K&N with the nut on the end to closer match the correct filter for my OHC 6 but on the fence with that. Ames also offers a copy of the OE PF7 that I may consider but for now AC will do. JM2C CHEERS!
  13. 66 Pontiac tail light housing shape?

    BUD, I can't say for sure as I have never been up close and personal with a 1966 B-Body of any style/model. So my input is solely guesses and/or assumptions. I would venture a guess as what you are repeatedly seeing/finding with these old tail-light assemblies is age and fatigue. Since the bezels are pot metal and so large I would think some warpage overtime is very possible but again this is just a guess. I would look at the tail panel itself for possible direction in course of action. Looking at the stamped/punched opening of the tail-light section is it equal across the opening? If so then it's very likely and the bezel/housing are what need attention. If it were mine and the reveal around the housing when installed into the panel opening is not equal around the bezel "I" would carefully look into spreading/straightening them. If this is the course you choose, Try it with one not worthy of salvage so as not to ruin any you may want to use. Best of luck.
  14. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    What a great project, And the detail is outstanding, I've always wanted to attempt such a project and had a plan but it just never came to be. My ideas will live through a fellow Cammers '31 project. Chris accomplished what I've always dreamed about. Glad to see you living your dream. Best of luck and look forward to further progress. P.S. Glade to see some Poncho Power between those rails Here's Chris' OHC 6 Powered '31 Sorry for the high-jack, just thought it might inspire you further! Cheers.
  15. 389 in a LeMans?

    Nothing wrong with a larger displacement between the tubs I ran a '66 326 model with a 400 for years. I topped it with as much of the basic 326 parts to make it appear stock and had a lot of fun running the wheels off it. That's one of the best things about Pontiac engines no big block small block so swapping engines/parts isn't that bad.
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