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  1. SPRINT 6

    POTM Nominations, August 2018

    CRUISIN the Hague in Norfolk. Since the top-end overhaul has been behaving I figured I would show her off ;)
  2. Good Call '31. 1936 looks to be spot on. Interesting piece and would agree it looks like an owner conversion. Below is a DELETE plate for '36 which is clearly the same as the "clock" shown.
  3. SPRINT 6

    Happy early 4th of July

    HAPPY 4TH of JULY ! We just returned from Parade Duty 😎
  4. SPRINT 6

    A whole lot of Pontiac pics!

    GREAT SHOTS! Well all but the one of that topless old broad with the tramp stamp 😮🤢 😀
  5. SPRINT 6

    Can you help identify this Pontiac

    1955 Pontiacs version of the Nomad Lot's of good info;... http://www.pontiacsafari.com/index.html
  6. SPRINT 6

    Bottoms up

  7. SPRINT 6

    Bottoms up

    Come On Guys, don't you know a Pontiac WIDE Track when you see it ? 😲
  8. WOW what a wagon! Welcome aboard, That's quite the project. Wagons of all years have really come full circle in the collectors world and are widely excepted now. I think you'll be surprised on how somewhat easy it might be to locate a correct V8 power-train, but at the end of the day it's your to with as you wish. I myself would be more inclined to go the stock route something along the line like this FIuelie, https://www.ebay.com/itm/PONTIAC-1958-FUEL-INJECTED-ENGINE-COMPLETE-1958-PONTIAC-370-V8-FUEL-INJECTED-/201424025260 How cool would that be under the hood Anyhow best of luck with her. Cheers
  9. SPRINT 6

    POTM Vote, June 2018

    Not sure I like that color 😉
  10. It looks like the piston/plunger from the old MC is still on the rod. The snap ring may have broken/fallen off and possible why it wasn't functioning properly? Check to be sure, also check to be sure the Booster isn't loaded/filled with fluid inside.
  11. SPRINT 6

    POTM Nominations, June 2018

  12. Quite Nicely Here's a cheesy and quick phone vid...
  13. Went for a Drive! Still a few bits to finish up, but all the big ticket items are behind me...
  14. SPRINT 6

    Did Pontiac Ever Build a Truck?

    Not that I'm aware of.
  15. SPRINT 6

    Did Pontiac Ever Build a Truck?

    For anyone interested in the Pontiac's History The excerpt 31 posted is from (IMHO) the BEST book written on the subject. Pontiac The Complete History by Thomas E. Bonsall. The first edition published in 1979 then a second in 1985/86 This is an Excellent book and is very complete. Another worthwhile book is 75 Years of Pontiac by John Gunnell while not as detailed with the early stuff it too is a great read. Cheers!
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