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  1. Turnagain arm has some interesting weather to say the least. Glad that I don't live around it anywhere.
  2. I really need to empty the shop and get it all cleaned. But, it's a bit hard to do with Alaskan winters. lol
  3. Thanks Stratman. It helps that I retired in July. Lots more time. If someone wants to invest a bit of time here's the blog of the coupe rebuild. http://p15-d24.com/topic/35504-started-the-teardown-and-now-the-build-up/?tab=comments#comment-361566 Not many videos but I did photo record of most things.
  4. Thanks guys. I finished my 47 Dodge 3 window last March. I'm pretty sure that the wife decided that she likes it when I'm in the garage and not the house so she went out and bought this. lol
  5. Have you seen their prices? If I remember correctly each square one is at or over $22 and the round one is $7 Those are the ones that I need but I need 14 of each. There has to be a cheaper way. California Pontiac Restoration has something that they say fits. But there's no photo or drawing. I dislike buying something that I have no idea is what I need. CPR's numbers are I think C504373R, C560957R and maybe C519589R. I am going to phone them to see if I can get some kind of photo or something. Well CPR has them at $11 per mount. Times 14. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet on this one.
  6. All of the photos of chevy mounts that I have seen, both the rubber pieces are round. The ones off of my wagon have 1 round and 1 square with a metal insert in the square one that protrudes through the hole in the round one. I think that the Chevy ones would work but I'm not positive.
  7. will put them up as I progress. Waiting on the transmission guy to rebuild mine so that I can mount the body, hood, fenders and doors to finish painting it.
  8. Some videos of my progress. Started teardown April 2018.
  9. Looking for a set of body mounts for my 1955 Chieftain wagon. I've found a couple of sets but none seem to match the ones that I've pulled off. Thanks. Photo is when we brought it home. I've added links to videos of my progress in the progress section.
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