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    I need an ignition switch for a 55 Pontiac. Mine won't make contact at the solenoid pole. Don't need the key and tumbler but will take one with. Can't find one online anywhere. Chevy won't work.


    Sterling, Alaska - US

  2. At the most radical it will be a resto rod. I've found the rims. Lost a bid on the radiator cap last night on ebay. another will show. Bumpers no leads as of yet but I have time. I won't be able to begin on it until spring at least. Have to finish the 53 GMC first. I only do one at a time. That way the current project always gets finished and not pushed to a back burner.
  3. It came from Michigan when I bought it to restore. Hauled it all the way up here. 6 or 7 years ago.
  4. That's the easy part of my driveway. lol
  5. will be a bit. We still have 2 feet of snow in places.
  6. Only a few minor things left to do. Not charging enough so need to check the regulator as I have already checked the generator, have a new radio to install and that's it. It's insured and tagged.
  7. quick update. Took some photos sitting in the carport waiting for the snow to thaw for first test drive.
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