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  1. next big task it to check the wiring and fire it up.
  2. I've been messing with getting the brake lines run, new MC and bleeding them. Front caliper banjo bolts would not seal. Went through 3 sets of copper crush washers before I bought new bolts which finally did the trick. Installed the two rear door panels.
  3. Yes we got lucky in our upholsterer choice. We got one that did what they said they would do, when they said and better than I expected.
  4. Yeah it's her car but first drive will be mine. lol
  5. Starting to look pretty good. The wife is getting a bit excited to drive it.
  6. I'll post when it happens for sure.
  7. A little more finished. 55_Pontic_wagon_part_47.mp4
  8. I'm making a trip to see another 55 and find out the routing of the tubes, snag a few small parts and answer a few other questions about how things go together that I have on Monday.
  9. Thanks but what I'm after is do the tubes go through the holes in the frame, go under the frame, inside or outside? Should have taken photos.
  10. Anyone know of a diagram or photos of how the heating tubes run from the fan mounted on the firewall to the heater core under the driver's seat? I can't remember how they went from when I removed them. Thanks for the help.
  11. Thanks. the 55 has new shoes and the hood ornament lights up.
  12. I've been waiting on parts for a long time. Can't finish the interior until I get the custom made linoleum for the cargo and seat back areas. Ordered on Feb 18. Suppose to be in the mail. I received a box from Echler's Chevy yesterday that I ordered on 28 March. Crazy. Anyway I did do some interior work. Posting some catch up video's. I reinstalled all the heater/defroster parts last night. Man there's a ton of parts to that heater.
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