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  1. I just have the 350 for parts. I will be using a 535 cubic inch engine from allpontiac in the lemans. I also have a 1984 Firebird that I will drive a lot more often, I just want to be able to drive the lemans on the street. I appreciate all the advice! I will make sure to update this thread when I make progress!
  2. When I got the car from my aunt, it also came with a lot of parts. Some are junk, I’ve sold the ones I won’t need (some sweet 78 Firebird wheels!) but it did come with the intake manifold I want to use, some harnesses, a 350 engine (gonna use the valley pan, timing cover, and thermostat housing.) I don’t have a certain class in mind, but I do want it to be street/strip. Im hoping to be in the 8-10 second quarter mile range. I’m in a GTO club and they have a Drag race/car show event called pontiac heaven every year, plus it’d be cool to have the fastest car at my school lol.
  3. This is my first post and a lot has already happened. im rebuilding my uncles 1970 Pontiac lemans. He wanted to make it a drag car, but passed before he finished the project. He already put a ford 9 inch rear axle and some pretty fancy suspension in the car, but from there it’s a blank canvas for me. I met the co-owner of a company called allpontiac. They build aftermarket aluminum Pontiac blocks. If you don’t already know them, look up allpontiac.com. They’re incredible. Anyways, with his help, I’m putting a 535 engine with aluminum edelbrock heads, a Holley street dominator intake,
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