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  1. I just have the 350 for parts. I will be using a 535 cubic inch engine from allpontiac in the lemans. I also have a 1984 Firebird that I will drive a lot more often, I just want to be able to drive the lemans on the street. I appreciate all the advice! I will make sure to update this thread when I make progress!
  2. When I got the car from my aunt, it also came with a lot of parts. Some are junk, I’ve sold the ones I won’t need (some sweet 78 Firebird wheels!) but it did come with the intake manifold I want to use, some harnesses, a 350 engine (gonna use the valley pan, timing cover, and thermostat housing.) I don’t have a certain class in mind, but I do want it to be street/strip. Im hoping to be in the 8-10 second quarter mile range. I’m in a GTO club and they have a Drag race/car show event called pontiac heaven every year, plus it’d be cool to have the fastest car at my school lol.
  3. This is my first post and a lot has already happened. im rebuilding my uncles 1970 Pontiac lemans. He wanted to make it a drag car, but passed before he finished the project. He already put a ford 9 inch rear axle and some pretty fancy suspension in the car, but from there it’s a blank canvas for me. I met the co-owner of a company called allpontiac. They build aftermarket aluminum Pontiac blocks. If you don’t already know them, look up allpontiac.com. They’re incredible. Anyways, with his help, I’m putting a 535 engine with aluminum edelbrock heads, a Holley street dominator intake, and I’m working on getting more parts! Im hoping to have a little more than 700 hp by the end of this project. My friend’s dad owns a dodge demon, and I want to prove that Pontiac is still the best brand even though they went out of business. if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I’m only 17 and not very experienced, so I’d love it if I could get some advice on anything you could think of.
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