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  1. Welcome aboard. Can't beat a '66 Turquoise Pontiac Looks like 8-Lug Rims in the 1st pic but seem to have a unique paint scheme in the 2nd making it look more like a hub cap? Anyhow looks good and love the skirts! Cheers
  2. WELCOME ABOARD, Like the '59 and the nod to NASCAR Vibe ! 😎 Cheers
  3. SPRINT 6


    Our 1966 Pontiac LeMANS with SPRINT OPTIONED OHC 6
  4. SPRINT 6


    From the album: CAMMING

  5. SPRINT 6


    From the album: CAMMING

  6. Yes there were reported corrosion issues with some between the Aluminum and cast insert. Any good old school brake shop should be able to turn them as long as they are still within spec. Yes having them RE-Lined can be pricey but once done correctly and maintained they are worth it if your wanting to maintain the OE wheels. IMO your going to be spending some good coin which ever way you decide to go, weather its restoring what you have or buying all the needed parts to switch back to standard drums. https://www.jgrelining.com/services https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hmn/2006/05/Eight-is-Enough/1281932.html http://www.pontiacparadise.com/parts-id/8-lug-wheels.php
  7. Bud, Sorry I read right past the "Bonneville" portion, The link I posted refers to A-Body. 99% of the B-Body jacks I've ever came across/seen were BLACK and had rectangular bases. Many had additional large bumper hooks not just the slot hook, but I can't help on what years with that detail.
  8. IIRC the rear is a direct swap but the fronts are a complete assembly. Thus you don't have to change the spindle but will need a full standard drum assembly to replace the 8-lug wheel. I have to say you are the first person I can recall that does like the 8-lug 😲 but it's all good! 👍 Cheers.
  9. Heres a bit more info on '66 jacks; https://forums.maxperformanceinc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=827154
  10. IMO you can't go wrong with the DC Hi-Pro wheel paints. I did the R1's on my '66 years ago and the Argent Sliver has held up greatly. Cheers
  11. Common issues on Pontiac V8 water pump to Manifold "O" ring gasket is likely failing. You may have to reset with intake with new gaskets along with the "O" washer gasket to successfully eliminate this condition.
  12. Lets not forget the certain group of Pontaics that were built sans Undercoating, Seam Sealer, Steel Fenders and lots of other items to shed weight
  13. RED OXIDE PRIMER is more likely what they may have been referring too. If you oped out of undercoating you would see all this primer on the tubs, pans and frame rails of some of the later cars.
  14. OUTSTANDING! Now that's how to deal with the winter blues
  15. PRESTON, Welcome aboard, If I'm understanding your question is referring to mount #4, but I'm not sure about the PLUG you mention? If it is #4 and you can't access it from under car you may need to carefully cut floor above the mount so it can be cut out/off. If you post a picture of the mount area we may be able to better assist you. Cheers
  16. Welcome aboard, Looks like the path of that project has been set. You'll likely need to check in on the PY race section for this type build. We had a basket case '66 years ago that I contemplated doing a similar build with but never did. Love the old school stuff. Best of Luck with it. Cheers
  17. WELCOME ABOARD. That is a striking '72! wow oh wow she looks good.
  18. I'd Venture a guess these haven't been avail from the auto parts store for over a decade now. 😉 Ames Performance has several listed in their FULL-SIZE catalog, possibly one that will fit your needs. Cheers
  19. Welcome Aboard! Drive it like intended. It will not Melt. I promise
  20. COLD CASE comes highly recommended by almost anyone who has used one of their products. CC is a division of Max-performance aka AMES. Ames has been in the business longer then most of out parts suppliers so I don't think you can go wrong. We have used several on past project and the fit and function was near perfect. Any defects/issues were handled swiftly. They are made very close to factory spec as far as filler and hose locations so if you prep and paint it most will never notice.
  21. IMHO You would be far better off with a Trailer over a Dolly for such a size car. I think the '64 is at the MAX if not over the limits. so you may want to look into this further with the Dolly source. Last time I used a Dolly it was for a '67 A-Body parts car and it was just a bit to wide and on wide turns rubbed the fenders. If a trailer in not an option you may even be better off with bumper to bumper flat towing, but check state guidelines on this as well as Dolly use. Cheers.
  22. Rick, Glad to help. Yes it's been years. Glad to hear you still have your '67. I still run into a few folks from the club but not many. The Drop Top Is Lois Janule's She is one of the few from the club that still comes out and plays with Pontiac's I help her as much as possible to keep it rollin. Cheers.
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