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  1. What a great Looking GP! Your Dad had a good eye. As far as "Certified" I assume your looking for something Pontiac Historical Society. This service offers documentation as to how your Pontiac left the factory. This is good for buying and/or selling. http://www.phs-online.com/services.htm
  2. Welcome aboard, Sounds like quite the project. Hows the overall shell/body? All Pontiac is well known by anyone who has been around Pontiac and they have a stellar reputation. There are several other well known Pontiac Performance people/businesses that I would suggest you look into. Spotts and Butler are two that come to the top of the list as well. https://butlerperformance.com/ http://www.spottsperformance.com/ This will give you more options and/or ideas for putting together a plan. Lots of research before pulling the trigger is key. Hey it may even save you some cash, and we all love to do that Best of luck.
  3. If all else falls through REBUILDING might be available by White Post; https://whitepost.com/brake-sleeving-rebuilding-services/
  4. 👍 Those old PP pages are full of good info; Hit the HOME tab at the top of that page and see the other stuff. Been floating out there for awhile.
  5. WELCOME! Lets see that Signet Gold Beauty. I miss this one we put back together many years ago She was an oddball, but I LOVE odd Pontiacs
  6. c1995 Our back Yard, Long Branch NJ. Man if I could only roll back the clock
  7. Andy, Not that that this isn't a great group always willing to help, however you may want to reach out to the guys in the 61-63 Tech section over on PY. Those guys were very instrumental with me getting this old '63 together. https://forums.maxperformanceinc.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=427 Cheers.
  8. FWIW; We did a full suspension overhaul on the '63 TEMPEST with a KANTER kit over 20 years ago and everything is still going strong.
  9. NICE! 👍 Welcome to the site.
  10. Regardless of power train, That is one Killer Looking GMC 👍 Looking forward to seeing come along. Cheers
  11. If you can't find one at your local Auto Parts Store, almost all the Pontiac Vendors should have them.
  12. Nice! 👍 Welcome aboard. '66 IMHO had some of the best body line across the board 😉
  13. WELCOME! Good to see another '66. Nice Toy Box you have there 😉
  14. I have no experience with either a wrap or this spray but when I came across this spray I thought it was a great option for anyone not wanting to spend 1000's on Re-Chroming. Check it out...
  15. Welcome to the board ! '71 looks good, I notice she might be getting some of that good V-Power? I hope so
  16. It's been sunny and warm, Honey Do all done, Grass cut and now... 😉
  17. Looking good. Hagerty Barn Find Hunter brought an old ford back to life with similar paint issues. If you car had a vinyl roof and the trim is still in-place you could paint the roof in a stain to mimic vinyl look. I don't know about '64 but in '66 you could get a painted roof as opposed to vinyl but it would be in gloss. Just a thought. Cheers.
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