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My 97 GA, the day I got it to Now

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Well I just joined up on here and Jedi3 Wanted to see how my GA have evolved from the day I got it. I bought the GA for $3000 in December of 07 after my 94 GA blew the engine. The main reason I loved this car is it had a sunroof and I loved the color. I never thought Id put some much Time, Money, work and Blood into this car. yeah there was blood during some of the mods i did haha.

Heres some pics from the day I bought the car.



the day after I bought the car



my first mods where Painting the interior, headlight covers and installing mesh grill




then I installed a Cold Air Intake.


I had a Flowmaster Exhaust Installed with all new piping after one of the stock Mufflers compleatly rusted out



after that I installed new Tail Lights and a sound system


now what got my car realy popular is the Green Halos I installed.


then I painted my rims silver and black. which looked ok I also installed a windshild banner and also installed side window louvers






I went with a Tiger theme for my car.




I then installed audiobahn subs


next was all 6 halos and strobe lights


next is my favorite part on my GA. ITs the AED Hood. there is 5-7 left in the world. I drove to New York to get it.





then stalled a couger spoiler on my GA.


then I drove to NY to get my front and Rear bumper





Then a friend of mine sold me his Rare APC Fenders and I installed Hood Struts.





next I drove back to NY for the AED Side Skirts and Door Panels



then I compleatly Redid my interior





The Engine blew and I had to have a brand new 3100 installed, I also had to install a new radiator and then the Tranny went so I had a used one installed. theres 2000 miles on the motor and 35000 on the tranny


I then installed a Mustang spoiler and a engine cover



next I finally painted the car one full color




Next i made Projector headlights for my GA. No company makes projectors for 4th Gen GAs




I removed the windshild banner and rear windshild decals.

the last mod I did was installed dual post Mirrors off a 5th Gen GA.




Hope you like it and Heres the plans for the future

Im gonna paint the GA Black with Green flake on the bottom and dark green Metallic on the top. Also going to lower the GA and get 5 spoke Rims. Im also going to be redoing the whole interior.

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Wow you have done alot of work to that baby! :welcomeFP: Also no mod is compleat without spilling a little blood. :lol2:


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Wow you have done alot of work to that baby! :welcomeFP: Also no mod is compleat without spilling a little blood. :lol2:


Thanks man, yeah its been a long job but I love doing it.

yeah, lol I sanded me kuckles, slamed my hand into the engine, crused my hands between parts, and the one that hurt the most was putting a drill into my hand. that sucks, lol cruashed my foot, hit my knees, hit my head, lol but thats what comes with car modding

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Lotta work is right, my god this cars been through a lot of modding!!! Those halos look pretty mean! Any performance mods? I may have scrolled too quickly through the pictures :lol2:

Also no mod is compleat without spilling a little blood. :lol2:



Just actually cut myself slightly installing my tails last night, nothing big or much blood at all but it was like WTF did I just cut myself on? lol.

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lol yeah its kicked my ass but its worth it doing something I love to do. haha

As for performace mods theres nothing major, as stated it has a new engine and tranny, CAI, new full exhaust piping and flowmaster mufflers, and High performance spark plugs and spark plug wires.

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This an awesome Progress thread and it makes me extremely happy to see a fellow tuner working hard on his Pontiac! :D I had those exact same mirrors on my 99 GA, I always loved how they looked and they look just as good on your older generation GA :agreed:

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Everybody that knows Darren and his GA, we all jokingly poke fun at the primer paintjob. I don't know how many times in one of his threads we'd ask, "When ya painting it?" :lol2:

I know it'll get painted soon.

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lol at you all. dont worry Jenn it will be green again. Pretty Much I dont have a date when it will be painted I have to wait till I get another Job im looking at cuase they srewed me over at work and Im not gettting paid worth crap. but I also cant get my new job till I turn 21 which is in April.

The Paint Job is gonna be a 2 tone. it will split at the spliter on the fender vent. Its gonna be Black with a Green Flake on the bottom, and the top is gonna be dark green metallic(close to the stock green)

heres a photochop of how it will look kind of


you guys are the first to see my design, Ive kept it underwraps for the past few months. your the first to see it lol

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I know you love green Darren, but another two tone idea,

Black on top, grey on the bottom.

And with that scheme, a set of gunmetal wheels (17"s) with a drop (Eibachs) and holy fucking fuck. You'll cause accidents with all the rubberneckin' you create from other people driving by.

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