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  1. My OCD has to deal mostly with my Alarm system..... 1) Car has to stay in range 2) my 2 way remote has to be always in my hand, in my pocket etc. Never a purse or a counter. 3) I have to park a certain way in my laneway so my LED lights into my bedroom window (therefore bounces onto my ceiling so i see it flashing from ebd) 4) I HATE when random people use my windshield knocker as a prank... makign me run out of stores like a maniac for complete strangers.... its a PAGING system idiots not a "knock and see what happens" oh and the biggest thing 5) any rattles squeeks etc are al
  2. iz getting quite annoyed with the fox-cons all over the place
  3. ^^ is way too young to start looking for a sugar daddy
  4. it wasnt chris that said he was 12 years older then me Emily....
  5. ^ LOL does not know that she might be in Providence, RI in August EDIT: Dammit yall are too fast LOL
  6. ^^ will never learn that she will never stop pokin fun of him LOL
  7. Here when a local officer died we had over 4000 police, military & Emergency workers attend from all over the country. That is what it sounds liek to me.
  8. ^ Speaks of "bidding" but she does not know of any "bidding"?
  9. ^ is wrong... Jedi crowned her Cause Jedi is awesome and the sweetest man alive
  10. iz one big sweetheart and is a friend i can trust
  11. ^ doesnt owe you beer???? what did i promise @ Albany I thought i was the sober one?
  12. ^ is using past tense but is still in present.... still NEEDS cheering up
  13. Jeff will get it dont you worry It's a GAOC whore thread thing....
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