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Speedy_2's Progression Thread.....

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2005 Grand Prix GTP Comp G

Bought in April 2010

48K Miles (62,000 currently)



But, cloth interior. Actually perfect since it is used as a family car. lol

Only Mod is a Motorsports Performance CAI


3.4 pulley














Bought a buffer shortly after getting the car......



Don't have an engine pic since installing the CAI


Vids after the CAI

Hope to get some more current pics soon.

I plan on freshening up all the small stuff after new years. And then start to mod. Progress will be slow since this is our only car right now. Not trying to go too crazy with it. I would be happy with a consistent low 14 car. Maybe mid 13's if it wasn't the only car.

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While I'm not too crazy out the exterior, I've always LOVED the way the interiors were set up in these GPs. The best interior layout Pontiac ever came up with, aside from the Aussie borrowed GTO and G8. :D

IMO, I'd ditch the engine cover. I'd want to see the supercharger, and to boot, those covers just only end up catching and hiding a ton of sand and dirt.

I know you had the topic on AR, did you ever decide on a new set of tires yet? A good bang for the buck: General Exclaim UHPs. I have them on my ROHs, amazing tires, with about a 45K-50K tread life.

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  • 1 month later...

Haven't done much with the car still. But, I washed and waxed it today. I took the engine cover off recently and it was pretty dirty under there. Pic of the snout cleaned only to show the difference. lol. Any suggestions on getting all the crap out that's sitting between the blower and the valve covers/heads?


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I'd attack it with some 1000 or 1500 grit sandpaper, then polish. I hate the cast aluminum GM uses, it gets all scaly and crusty too easily. Even some paint would help out, grey, silver or black would do good. Or, if you feel like making it look like out of a Commodore VXR8 Bathhurst...bright red. :woot:

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  • 2 months later...

Hey everyone. Haven't been here in awhile.

Since I've been here I had the boost bypass solenoid die on me. And random misfires.

New Solenoid and new plugs and it's running better than it ever did.

Here's my latest project I did this week.


Driver Side



Passenger Side



Process and Before/After sidebyside

I did 400, 800, 1000, 1500, and then 2000 grit wet sanding.

Then I used Prima Cut with a cutting pad. Then 3M Rubbing compound with a lighter pad. Then a coat of the urethane. I'm probably going to do a 2nd or 3rd coat once it dries 4 hours between each coat. Any suggestions on what grit to sand inbetween coats?





Undone Light


Completed Light


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Those lights are exceptional! I wish I wouldn't get moisture in my lenses but they are old school and don't ever seal correctly.

I absolutely love this Grand Prix. I have a special place for a 5th Gen Grand Am too, it is after all what my Phoenix eventually became and it was my bro's first car. Now the 9th Gen Bonnevilles are sexy as hell.

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watched ur youtube vids. that bitch moves OUT!

Thanks. And yeah, after getting that solenoid replaced and the CAI in there it seems pretty quick. Timing that latest 0-80 vid with a stop watch and I keep getting about 6 flat to 60mph. It feels like it too. Can't wait to get some real mods going.

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I love the colour of that car. Do you know what Pontiac calls that colour? Gotta paint the truck in the next year or two and that one is leading the pack.

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I love the colour of that car. Do you know what Pontiac calls that colour? Gotta paint the truck in the next year or two and that one is leading the pack.

Color is called "Blue Green Crystal."

I'd have to check the ID tag for the code though.

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