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  1. Nice GP. It's nice to see someone take care of a car that is getting up in age. :-)
  2. Color is called "Blue Green Crystal." I'd have to check the ID tag for the code though.
  3. Thanks. And yeah, after getting that solenoid replaced and the CAI in there it seems pretty quick. Timing that latest 0-80 vid with a stop watch and I keep getting about 6 flat to 60mph. It feels like it too. Can't wait to get some real mods going.
  4. Hey everyone. Haven't been here in awhile. Since I've been here I had the boost bypass solenoid die on me. And random misfires. New Solenoid and new plugs and it's running better than it ever did. Here's my latest project I did this week. Pictars Driver Side Passenger Side Process and Before/After sidebyside I did 400, 800, 1000, 1500, and then 2000 grit wet sanding. Then I used Prima Cut with a cutting pad. Then 3M Rubbing compound with a lighter pad. Then a coat of the urethane. I'm probably going to do a 2nd or 3rd coat once it d
  5. Haven't done much with the car still. But, I washed and waxed it today. I took the engine cover off recently and it was pretty dirty under there. Pic of the snout cleaned only to show the difference. lol. Any suggestions on getting all the crap out that's sitting between the blower and the valve covers/heads?
  6. Maybe so. I plan on doing headers and deleting the CAT anyway.
  7. Not sure what plugs it has now. I'm thinking of maybe just doing plugs and wires all together. Think it would be ok to drop a heat range even thought I haven't started with major mods yet? I'm sure in the Florida heat it wouldn't hurt. lol. Car ran like crap when I went to the track 6 months ago. Also, I didn't find any leaks. The bypass valve(wastegate) looked to be stuck slightly away from the bump stop on the SC housing. Maybe that's normal? Can anyone with a L32 confirm if it's supposed to be all the way against the stop at idle? Also, when I go WOT, I can see on the gauge and
  8. I bought this car in April 2010. Love the car. No problems. But, a couple months ago the check engine light came on. The code was "P0243 - turbo/sup wastegate solenoid A malfunction" I had it cleared and it didn't show up again until a month later. When I got it scanned again, there was a #4 Cylinder Misfire code on there. Now the codes come back immediately after being removed. I haven't had time to mess with this at all. It's our only car. Putting in the shop would be hard. But, hopefully these are issues I can handle one weekend. Any tips would be appreciated.
  9. 50-125mph Video. Taken awhile ago, just never uploaded it.
  10. 1st - 1965 Mustang Coupe 2nd - 1994 Camaro V6 Coupe 3rd - 1998 Cadillac Seville STS 4th - 1998 Camaro Z28 Hardtop 5th - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD 6th & Current - 2005 Grand Prix GTP Comp G
  11. Forgot to add the vids after the CAI install....
  12. 2005 Grand Prix GTP Comp G Bought in April 2010 48K Miles (62,000 currently) Sunroof HUD But, cloth interior. Actually perfect since it is used as a family car. lol Only Mod is a Motorsports Performance CAI Plans: 3.4 pulley Tune Headers CAI Bought a buffer shortly after getting the car...... Don't have an engine pic since installing the CAI Vids after the CAI Hope to get some more current pics soon. I plan on freshe
  13. Hi everyone. I was referred here by [ChaosweaveR] from another forum we're both on. Name is Luis(I pronounce it Lewis). I'm 27 & married. Living in Northwest Florida. Car is a 2005 Grand Prix GTP Comp G. Do I need to post pics here or in a separate forum. I didn't notice notice any "User Rides" section yet. Glad to be here, and hope to be a regular. EDIT: Looks like everyone else posts up pics in their Intro thread. So here they are. Bought in April 2010 48K Miles (62,000 currently) Sunroof HUD But, cloth interior. Actually perfect since it is used as a family car. l
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