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  1. wow. I love looking at old cars, especially when I see them in good hands. I was kinda ticked at first that you drive them regularly, but then I thought "why have them if you don't enjoy them" cuz I know I wouldn't enjoy just looking at one of those old cars. keep on keeping on.
  2. is it sad that I don't even like the Goats anymore? they just represent GM's retarded business strategy from the time, and they look like the 2dr GP. No offence to the GTO owners here, yours are well done, I just am kinda burned out on them.
  3. mmmm I like. I'd like the 5-door better... I thought the manual was a 6sp though... ?
  4. uhh..... I have no idea what to think of that. its like Barbie's Zombieland Dream house.
  5. On a related note, MSW willing to live in the woods, away from civilization, without any news sources and raise a family for the rest of our lives.
  6. so when the US defaults on their loans, what happens to us?
  7. looks good. I think i need to go change my shorts after looking at those pictures with the other cars in teh background...
  8. anyone order a peanut butter & jealous?
  9. so someone parks illegally in front of your house (for whatever reason) and your first response is to bust a cap? </yourself> I love hearing them all flip shit though "omigodomigod gungungun!"
  10. whats $300M compared to $14.5T ? boats:______300,000,000 debts:14,500,000,000,000 0.0000206% not that we shouldn't be cutting any and all unneeded spending, but this 300M is pretty much chump change to the gov't... but that 14.5T was built 300M at a time.
  11. so my parents want a new deck. which means I get to do a chunk of work on it, in the hottest week of the year. so this involves sinking postholes... no problem except the clay puts some odd vibrations in the handle of the posthole digger... shoulder swells up and pinches a nerve... so we get one of those gas augers to dig the holes. It worked fine until it hit a rock about 2 feet down. by rock I mean softball sized chunk of granite. The poorly designed piece of shit bit on the rock and twisted the top around the auger. right into my bad knee that has suffered several injuries over the last 5 years. By several injuries, I mean the same one aggravated over and over. I can barely walk up and down stairs now. to top it off, I find out that we are between insurance companies/policies right now and have no coverage.
  12. I"m torn too. if the hood was the lid and the whole engine bay was the grill, it would be completely badass and no mixed feelings.
  13. haha, I know the feeling. I wanted to slap a CAI and posi on our '85 pickup truck.
  14. I'm a fan of their nut brown ale and imperial stout. haven't tried the Organic ale yet. Car looks great, btw.
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