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Progression of a Car

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I have spent about 30 minutes total in and or around my new car.

There are some things wrong with it.

Leaking coolant, i am 90% sure from the water pump. :angry: (he told me "the guy at the shop said it was a hose or something") pfft

There was water on the inside of the trunk lid but not on the bottom. :dancingpontiac: (i'm sure it's nothing)

I thought these things had power steering? :dancingpontiac: Maybe i am just used to driving the GA where i can spin the wheel with one finger.

Haven't figured out how to get the top down. :dancingpontiac:

Front bumper is faded. :huh:

Oh, the mirrors are off and look to have no way of going back on. :lol2:

But i guess if it was perfect than it wouldn't be a project car. :lol2:







He said New timing belt, water pump, battery and wires just done a few hundred miles ago. Clutch and all that feels great. He said the car was owned by a little ol lady before him, he drove it for like 2 months.

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For ideas and/or inspiration, I will link you to 'The Sharka Build'. It is one of the best build threads I have come across and has a lot of information regarding these cars. Enjoy!


I just skimmed through that thread and the pics are phenomenal and it's an awesome build!

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Brace yourselves this very build thread on this very site could be better than that build thread.

As far as plans. I have no idea, i know nothing about this car and that is just what i wanted it for. I know i will be putting storage insurance on it and wait till spring to drive it. Save up cash, and figure out this coolant leak.

I know what it needs, and what i will end up buying.

Coilovers, maybe springs. But most likely coilovers.

Roll bar.

Front lip.

And idk. haha. I only got the car today, it may take a while to set in.

Edit: Just for the record, chris. I will NOT make this a hella flush, scenester, fukin classy, jdm vehicle.

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Edit: Just for the record, chris. I will NOT make this a hella flush, scenester, fukin classy, jdm vehicle.


Nice pick up! I always kinda liked those little cars, not that I would admit it to my Fiero or Sunfire and make them jealous. I hope she treats you well and you have fun learning about her! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress :)

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Apperantly i have the more desired "R" package, which as all the upgraded suspension and drivetrain mods. Also, in my year there were only 1200 of my cars made.

1994 R Package

The R package was a $1500 option package and not a special model

Equipment: Sport Suspension (Bilsteins shocks, heavy-duty rear springs, heavier sway bars), rear spoiler, front air dam, rear skirt, alloy wheels, Torsen limited slip differential The R was not available with power steering, automatic transmission or with A, B, C option packages

Optional: air conditioning, hardtop (dealer installed only)

Production: 1218

Base MSRP: $18,150 plus $395 freight, plus options

Brochures: The R Package was listed in the sales brochure. The Laguna Blue R package was shown in a magazine ad in 1994

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I'm not putting a v8 in it. That's just stupid.

And it is not getting riced out. I'll find a new R spec front lip and call it a day as far as body goes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tore the front of the motor off today.

Leak was in and or around the water pump somewhere...

Bummer is, i have to take the timing belt off to get to the water pump.

Hopefully when i take the old pump off i can see where the leak is.

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' date='Dec 9 2010, 08:41 AM' post='43508']

Needs moar low. Miatas aren't supposed to have 4x4 status like my GA. :lol2:

I don't know, I was thinking he should lift it so it really is a 4x4.

Mmm, lowered Miata. Makes me want to drive my Fiero.

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Boy do i ever love the hard top. But i want to be able to remove it quickly, and none do that. Plus they cost so much i don't even like talking about it.

Oh, and the top of the car is at my belly button. I'm 5'10"

It don't need a drop, it just needs rims to fill the gaps.

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Now this guy on xceed i bought it from said that the water pump and timing belt was replaced which was not true. Not sure if he lied to me, or he was lied to. Either way it doesn't matter. Ended up that the water pump was leaking, actually spraying on the back of the crank pulley.

Started tearing it down.


109k on the clock.



These are in order. I'm new to the whole DOHC stuff with the spark plug down inside. But the little tube that had spark plug 1 in it had some oil in it. I also almost never got #2 out it was so tight.


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