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  1. A couple of suggestions for working under it ... presuming you don't have a lift. Transmission jacks are great ... but you don't have the room if you're only on stands or ramps. A 2x10 stretched the width of the car, with blocks of 2x6 stacked flat under the ends provides a wonderfully stable support without you trying to bench press the damn thing under the car. Ease it down from either end by removing blocks ... lift it back up the same way. And while you've got it out ... Universal joints are cheap. If you haven't changed them recently, MAW do it now and benefit from the cheap insurance against future failure.
  2. I knew there was a reason we're friends.
  3. GE is plenty warped
  4. Did you ever wonder why there was no stun setting on the big ship based phasers.
  5. So if your car ever breaks down, instead of the check engine light coming on .. the doors lock, windows roll up and a cyanide capsule breaks killing you.
  6. Well, since I don't own one, you know I don't.
  7. Nope, no sign of them anywhere. But, hey ... took me 7 years to get the wagon ... Rome wasn't burned in a day, y'know
  8. You're gonna need bigger fenders.
  9. Hell, I'd settle for one IN a scrap yard to start with. Can't even find that much.
  10. Um ... I liked Howard the Duck.
  11. *popcorn*
  12. Fast and Furious 8 has broken the global record for release revenue ... surpassing Star Wars - the force awakens. That this colossal turd of a movie franchise made it past the first iteration is depressing enough ... but breaking box office records after 7 implausible and comically bad episodes .. If ever there was proof that we need to follow the dinosaurs' lead, there it is. There is no redeeming the human race anymore.
  13. Belongs? There's enough dust on it, that it looks as old as the car
  14. Maybe they can't put the arrowhead, but they could have left a relief for the owner to apply one
  15. Be warned ... if she's giving you a knob job when you hit the loud pedal in the twisties, it can end ... well let's just say you run the risk of getting cut off.
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