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  1. Woodward Dream Cruise


    This year I'm taking two of the kids to a medieval camp for the week. All three of us are volunteering so it's almost free. But yet somehow I'm still out nearly a grand.
  2. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    That's next week's trouble. I'll address it then. Got enough grief just trying to get to vacation.
  3. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    MT-2500. I can hunt them down on e-bay .. and the necessary obd2 keys .. but at that point I'm approaching the cost of just having the job done by someone else.
  4. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    We jsut talked about the lousy brakes on the Sierra and what might be the trouble. He thinks MC as well, or a rubber line hernia. I've never had a MC issue that didn't go to the hard floor. But I've never had a pedal this spongy from just old fluid either. 2 more days and then I'm off for 2 weeks and can tear into it. The bitch is this thing has ABS, and I don't have the right modules for my Snap On scanner to cycle the solenoids.
  5. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I had a yammer with him on Fartbook a couple of days ago.
  6. Never saw a Chevy SS here, haven't seen a Viper in over a decade. That Hyundai thing ... didn't know it even existed. Fully half of that list is vehicles I've never seen on the road.
  7. When Was The Last Time.....

    I don't trust anyone .. you know that. But brazing (not welding) a manifold ... if an exhaust shop isn't up to that ... WTF. Hell, my local scrap yard can do that. And for a manifold, 9 time outta 10 a good braze will last forever. Literally the only stress on it is thermal.
  8. When Was The Last Time.....

    Why does he not just braze the damn thing like a normal person would?
  9. Really???? Poor Fiero

    Frosty .. you have to go see this in person. and then ...
  10. Really???? Poor Fiero

    So many bells and whistles going off all at once .. not the least of which is the confession of tampering with the odo.
  11. The Random Pics Thread (NSFW)

    Does anyone here have the conversion formula to go from kW to Llamathrust?
  12. Prof's shopping nightmares

    First link comes up dead. No worries about the keychain .. I've not yet begun to look. Nifty fact .. the last 4 digits of the VIN ... 1998
  13. Prof's shopping nightmares

    Oh my ... 4l60E, 3.43 with a posi.
  14. Prof's shopping nightmares

    Mostly just looking ... since POCI doesn't have a G in it anywhere I was curious as to how much GMC there was. Only thing I really want at the moment is a GMC keychain. I've so many car keys it's important to help identify which key goes where. And since I keep ALL my keys even after a car's long gone ... that can be important. I've had 4 dodge colts ... 3 of which the keys all look identical. This truck's keys are the same as my old Transport. The olds, the parisienne and my old Celebrity of long ago all have identical keys. Mum's Honda and my daughter's Sentra are easy to divide ... but mum had an earlier Sentra too. I don't have a spare for the missus's Sonic. It's probably something like $400 to get one made.
  15. Prof's shopping nightmares

    I'll say this for it. Last week I rented a 2016 F-250 4x4 from U-haul ... This is so much nicer. Honestly ... I stole this thing. I'd expect to see this truck going for $4000 easy. A shop would do all the rust repair for under a grand, add another grand for paint (it's pretty close to british racing green). I said to my son as we drove away from the Firefly ... no way does so many things work against you unless something's pushing. I've learned to listen to that push over the years. It's never steered me wrong so far ... looks like whatever it is, it's still got my back.
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