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  1. Yeah ... don't have anymore shots
  2. Bad plan. There's only a ninety percent chance the Mexican water will fark you up
  3. Never have I been more glad of the U in my name. Dodged a bullet there Btw ... did you notice the name embossed in the glass? You guys are drinking GE's Ball juice.
  4. The Vauxhall was a grand nameplate ... but lets face it ... it was pointless.
  5. Child car seats expire ... maybe. Car seats ... are car seats. So ... what about all those cars with magic built in child car seats? Are you supposed to rip them out too?
  6. Be careful. The most common cure down there is ... hair of the dog.
  7. Chopped steak (hamburger) rare is just asking for a tape worm. Calling Olaf Frosty is racist ... I guess they all look alike to you. GE, tell the truth. There was no car accident .... that was just what happens went you and she go a little overboard on the kinky sex and she forgets the safe word. No shame dude .. happens to everyone sooner or later. Just ask Ted Kennedy.
  8. More photos over there, but nothing anyone really wants to see.
  9. Big thread on this over at Canadian Poncho. Heartbreaking.
  10. Well, cut bait or stop selling automobile shaped garbage and get back to selling quality vehicles.
  11. Naw, it's from the clouds, about 1000' straight up.
  12. We've had about a foot in the last week.
  13. Stupid .. it's the turbo diesel they need to be pushing. Market is wide open for them.
  14. I'm here to paint cars and chew bubblegum ... and I'm all out of gum.
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