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  1. Autocross ... I think he means he's going huntin'
  2. Great ... my car's broken down in Toronto .. I need it towed to Montreal
  3. Why you wouldn't .... because the front legs have to be low enough to fit under the car. But given that the only place I have that I can work on my cars has a ruined asphalt driveway, I need some way to make it work. The cell number is long dead. GE still hasn't gotten back to me on fartbook. How much grunt work is it to pull a first gen vortec engine out of a pickup? Support and disconnect the trans and TC. Exhaust at the flanges. Fuel. Main wiring harness. Half a dozen sensors. Altenator, AC, power steering .... Drain the rad. Probably a smart idea to drain the engine oil. Engine mounts. What am I missing?
  4. BTW, The pickup (98 GMC 1500) sounds like it's got a rod knocking. Cheapest I can find an engine around is $800 CDN ... plus install. And that scrap yard doesn't install themselves. Replacing the truck all together would only cost $1500. Unfortunately time and place have me in a bind. I could do the swap myself, but don't have the free time, and don't have anywhere with a hard flat floor that I could do the work. Anyone ever put off road tires on an engine hoist?
  5. That's creepy. He should have it from the Stacey's poster fiasco. I'll fire it off. You should have it too from ordering my Woodward parking permit too. The new job ... well the old job was repairing fleet laptops for the phone company. Then they ended laptop repairs (cheaper to just replace them) and I had to build a lab for repairing smart phones (samsung note family). Did that for a few years. Of lately tho, they doubled the size of the lab staff, and a lot of minority based hiring instead of skill based has led that lab downhill. So I went to the bosses and demanded out. Well, a position opened up in building and maintaining the software images for the laptops, and the rest of the company. Very little user interaction, and high troubleshooting requirements .. and not unionized. I grabbed with both hands. Been here since last september. Still dealing with the previous generations' clusterfucks.
  6. Naw .. changed jobs and now I'm sitting right next to the boss so I've had to curtail a lot of my internet time.
  7. And on today's episode of Prof's an idiot .... what can you tell me about the 3800 1994 Pontiac DustBuster? Might be going to look at one for $850. Problems already known ... since it's 25 years old, it has to have an evaluation by a professional (costing about $125) so that the gov't can determine how much sales tax to charge me before they'll allow it to be plated. Tax on $850 .... $85 . And before you ask ... yes, the fuckers charge sales tax on the evaluation too.
  8. Dropping a northstar in there should be fairly easy
  9. The next Bandit run is going to be spectacular
  10. I'm wearing my 2010 Woodward shirt today in solidarity.
  11. A bit of body rust ... the usual cab corners and rear wheels. Shocks are due. Fuel pump is noisy. Nothing really. Just damn expensive to run. Too expensive if the Saudis decide to spank Justin as they should.
  12. His or mine? At $100+ in gas every time the needle dips ... mine's on thin ice right now.
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