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  1. Dropping a northstar in there should be fairly easy
  2. Found this on YerTube and thought you guys needed to share it
  3. The next Bandit run is going to be spectacular
  4. I'm wearing my 2010 Woodward shirt today in solidarity.
  5. A bit of body rust ... the usual cab corners and rear wheels. Shocks are due. Fuel pump is noisy. Nothing really. Just damn expensive to run. Too expensive if the Saudis decide to spank Justin as they should.
  6. His or mine? At $100+ in gas every time the needle dips ... mine's on thin ice right now.
  7. Jesus Wept. Cringe warning. Someone kill this hack.
  8. Canada day? WTF ... I think that Quebec Premiere actually pulled off that swap with that carribean country they tried years back. They've got our weather and we've got theirs. This isn't Canada.
  9. Well, that's a Viagra prescription if ever I saw one.
  10. I think Frosty need to be taken out back for a good fonging for having posted that.
  11. Well given that for most Canucks, TO is pretty much the on ramp for the highway to Hell .... I give it a solid Meh.
  12. You made that same joke in this same thread in 2010
  13. I might jump at a 66 4 door. Dad had one like that.
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