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  1. I'll say this flat out .. liability. 99% of bodyshops will refuse to touch this type of work simply because of the liability issue. If cost is an issue, you need to stop right now. Safety is the first and only issue. If your frame is rusted through forward of the rear wheel, it's neither operational nor serviceable. As Black Top said .. if it's rusted through in that location, you've lost a lot of strength to rust in other places too. You don't measure metal strength with an eyeball. And if you're caught with a frame patch and don't have a welder's certification to prove it was done right, you're looking at a world of trouble. Depending on your location, possibly even jail time. Not kidding on that ... I have that first hand from investigating the legality of frame repair on a Jeep YJ I had. I could weld on it all I like ... for off road use. Any frame repair (anywhere) would need to pass a DOT inspection for road worthiness. They won't even perform the inspection without proof of certification on the welder's part. There's a reason replacement frames cost so much ... the liability insurance and certification requirements. And a word of advise from someone who'd been there. If your frame is rusted that badly ... your hard brake lines aren't far behind.
  2. Who, exactly, do you hate enough to force them to handle a naked GE?
  3. What weight T-shirt? Unlike you oven-livers ... I like a heavy shirt that won't instantly rip when I have to slide under the car to fix something.
  4. The only thing you're interested on putting on the floor is the gas pedal. Can we tie him crucifix style to that giant wing? Does anyone else see the irony that his car is a Dodge ... but it's the one thing he seems incapable of doing with it?
  5. I think the top one .. with a pin up girl wrapped around the arrowhead.
  6. And you have no pics to share. I say we disown GE.
  7. Actually, you'd spell it Caitlyn
  8. They may not have a torrent ... but I'd wager that's not a torrent specific part. Probably the same thing is used in the Montana and possibly many other cars.
  9. Have you thought about just calling the local scrap yard? Bring them the old one and they'll find you it's match in short order.
  10. Now U see ... if U'd spelled 'colour' with a U as U're supposed to .... U'd know where it is, because U would be right there.
  11. GE, which one ... rag top Firefly, or minivan powered wannabe Camaro?
  12. Just based on the wire colours, it's definitely not the one Frosty circled.
  13. He said, his voice quivering with fear as frost crept up the gates of Hell.
  14. Change America to Driving and you'd have something.
  15. I tried to upload a pic of my Canadian Poncho jacket's logo but it keeps failing. It's the header logo shown here Clean, precise, and perfect. Doesn't even have the word Pontiac on it, and it still screams Pontiac.
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