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  1. C8 Corvette could be 850 HP

    I wonder how much it would take to turn a new Chumparo into that?
  2. Actually it says less than 25% Iso .. It could be as low as 6% Hydrocarbon blend* Blend < 95% Isopropanol 67-63-0 < 25% *Note: The exact composition of the above listed chemicals are being withheld as a trade secret.
  3. I was a chem major in high school, but that was a long time ago and I pretend no expertise in the field. I'm running off their info page. For the top end, I don't add it to the tank, but pour it down the air intake, throttle body or carb. At worst I'll pour it down the brake booster vac line. The first time you do that with an engine is always spectacular. Done right it loosens a lot of soot. Whether it's from the crank case breather, soot on the back of the valves, or even off the top of the pistons ... the next 5 minutes of running I've learned to do after dark. If the injectors need cleaning, I'd rather pull them and have them cleaned http://seafoamsales.com/how-to-add-sea-foam-motor-treatment-to-gas-and-diesel-crankcase-oil/
  4. Personally .. I use whatever's cheap at the store. Since I change early, before the 5000km mark, I don't loose much sleep over it. Once a year, seafoam. Top and bottom. Half a bottle down the intake, half into the oil. Then leave her idle for half an hour, and change the oil.
  5. https://youtu.be/taJ4MFCxiuo
  6. Things that make Pro tingly.

    What a silly bunt
  7. The same thing that happens when a human "crashes" (stroke, heart attack, diabetic shock, etc)
  8. In a world where car bombs and trucks ramming bus stops are becoming more and more common ... this is just FORDing genius. Now you can program your car to suicide while you stay home watching the news.
  9. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    They're hand in hand with the minister of resources. They've literally dotted every T and crossed every eye.
  10. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Ha ... keep your nasty deer back straps ... I just found a very local butcher who just happens to have seal meat. So in the vernacular ... I'm gonna go phoque myself. https://www.seadna.ca/fr/ou-acheter/
  11. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

  12. because they'll be linking themselves into trains and tailgating
  13. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Burger, steak, kabob .... I'm not fussy if it's not bleeding.
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