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  1. Well, that's a Viagra prescription if ever I saw one.
  2. Professur

    Craigslist '81 Camaro For Sale

    I think Frosty need to be taken out back for a good fonging for having posted that.
  3. Well given that for most Canucks, TO is pretty much the on ramp for the highway to Hell .... I give it a solid Meh.
  4. You made that same joke in this same thread in 2010
  5. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    I might jump at a 66 4 door. Dad had one like that.
  6. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    I'd start at $700, but go to $400 if he seemed to want to build it instead of parting or demo. It's not up for sale, no sign on it. Just people who see it and ask for it.
  7. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    AT $400 - $700 all I'm getting is tire kickers it seems. Fuck 'em.
  8. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    $400 . Hardly worth the effort. I'd get more selling it for weight.
  9. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    Dunno. It's possible someone else took a call from him and hasn't gotten around to telling me about it. Either way, I think next weekend I'm gonna finish doing the brakes on it just so I can start it and move it around. I still haven't had the chance to run any tests on that transmission I rebuilt and I really want proof I'm as good as I think I am.
  10. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    And a week latier ... I still have the parisienne.
  11. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    I'm split between driving it and the boy's pickup at the moment. I'll run her til she dies if I can... But she's a tough old horse. She's not going down without a fight.
  12. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    I've got a guy wants it. He's supposed to call me this weekend to arrange picking it up. He finished a Lemans project last year and saw it while driving past and inquired. Interested enough to make 4 calls to finally catch me so I think he's bonified. I mentioned that I was keeping it as a parts car for the olds and he countered by asking what parts I needed ... he might have them for me. More importantly, he knew the ins and outs of plating an old car in QC, so I'm pretty sure he's legit.
  13. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    For sure. Worst case I can always beg a spot with the Olds crew down the road.
  14. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    Even if I find one, it won't be this year. Too many irons in the fire. I might make woodward this year just because I don't have time for anything else.
  15. Professur

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    All of the above. with a bunch of 'we're just dickheads' thrown in for spice.
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