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  1. Rust. Makes for bad grounds. But if you're using Canadian Tire batteries, I'd suspect that first. Worst batteries I've ever seen.
  2. Bienvenue. Rust repair on a unibody car is an effort in futility. The strength on the body is in layers of thin metal. Repair one and the next is already failing, and by the time you see it, it's already terminal. The wife's old 2005 Malibu is in similar condition. No feeling worse than heading a jack punch through what's supposed to be the strong points.
  3. Gotta wonder what he needs the trailer for
  4. Four and a half foot long ... might have to go with an electric fan and water pump. I hate electrics.
  5. I wonder if I could get that under the hood of the parisienne .....
  6. To whom, if he's taking the wife and kids?
  7. The Yugo can go in the kids' room. The bus is his problem.
  8. Wife, kids .... what ever frees up some time for me to get more wrenching in.
  9. With someone wrapped in duct tape and stuffed in the trunk
  10. I've got a mig. It's 220v, and it's put away for the winter. My 110v flux cord is snowed in at the cottage. That left my old 110v AC stick and a box of 6013 I could get at. Burned half a pound of rod on coupons before I got comfortable enough to do the 2" actual repair (snow blower control). It'll do, bit it looks worse than one of SD's welds. Sadly, neither JB Weld nor duct tape would do the job. I was gonna challenge you to try and come get me, but then I remembered GE might still have my address from that damn poster. Had a serious pucker moment right then. But I'm safe enough until April. Winter tires are law here and I know GE doesn't have them. They won't let him cross the border without them. He'd have to swing far enough west to come up through Ont. If he was gonna do that, he'd collect you guys, and the lack of posting would be enough warming for me to hide.
  11. The only worry I have where GE is concerned involves duct tape and a school bus. That, and how much I suck at stick welding with 5/32" 6013. Why does this shit even exist? A worm turd could hold things together stronger than this.
  12. Forget an oil change or two and that swiftly drops .. I'm averaging 12mpg city. The big wagon gets better even with having to leave the carb warm up for 5 minutes.
  13. If I only had the space. Y'know ... I suppose I could junk the Jeep. Hmmm.
  14. The missus has that same POS in a 2005 Malibu. You think you've got it bad.
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