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  1. 360Rocket......definitely a lot of work but got to appreciate the dedication. I may be that way with my '64 GTO! Got to keep these beasts alive and kicking!
  2. 540RAT Blog

    Last Indian, I very much appreciate all the advise and plan on using it. You have given me more than enough info to get me going. You have reinforced info that I believed already and then some. My oil changes will be 1 year/1500-2000 miles. Thanks for all the info and I hope this will keep me off the topic of Zinc for a while! I've had enough for now. Thank you, again! Will stay in touch in the future on this Forum.
  3. Automobile 101

    When did tire manufacturers start putting the born on date on tires?
  4. 540RAT Blog

    Last Indian, The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner around 2010 and has about 4K on it. No, I do not know the clearances nor do I have a pressure gage currently hooked up. What would be "good" numbers and clearances and how does this affect the different oil choices? Looking forward to more oil education.
  5. 540RAT Blog

    According to Valvoline, Valvoline Maxlife 10W-30 has 830 ppm of zinc in it. Several other oils state that they have zinc levels of around the SN max of 800. If that is the case, will these oils protect my 1964 flat tappet engine during normal, everyday driving? No racing and a stock, rebuilt engine with 4000 miles on it that went through a correct break-in. Just trying to make an educated decision for the choice of my oil for the next oil change without going overboard with zinc concerns if I really don't have to. Only putting 1500 - 2000 miles on the oil with a once a year oil change.
  6. 540RAT Blog

    Has anyone read this Blog? His testing methods are unknown but do you think there is anything to it all? My concern with current zinc levels in oil is what brought me to this Blog. Just want to get some "expert" opinions on all this info that is out there. https://540ratblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/motor-oil-wear-test-ranking/
  7. So, the best products that work are Sta-bil and Gumout Regane, in your opinion?
  8. Automobile 101

    Good, basic read. Auto maintenance is being lost with the current generation. Only thing I saw missing from the tire illustration was the mention that there is a Date of Manufacture on tires that can be important to know.
  9. I should have clarified my question. I've only used the motor treatments in my fuel tank, not in my oil. Are the motor treatments PEA technology? I, too, don't like adding things to my oil if I don't have to.
  10. How do you feel about the fuel injector cleaners from Lucas Oil? How about the Motor Treatments that are out from STP, Seafoam, etc.? I always have liked the products from Gumout.
  11. Thanks for all the info guys! True, it has been a great exchange of data between you two. Oil has always been interesting to me; especially being in the aviation industry my whole career, starting as a jet engine mechanic. Looking forward to future discussions!
  12. So, if synthetics are out, Amsoil and Rotella T6 are out because they are synthetic. So, of all the current-rated oils, what oil would you use if no synthetics and no access to older-rated oils? I'm not a fan of additives added to the oil.
  13. And what is the zinc/phosphorus levels of Rotella T6? Have heard a lot about zinc levels going down in diesel oils as well.
  14. For those with flat tappet engines, what oil do you use and is the zinc content of concern to you when you choose an oil? Almost certain that I'm going with Amsoil Z-Rod 10W-30 for my next change. Just not sure if zinc is a real concern in a stock 1964 GTO that is never pushed too hard. Only street driven.
  15. 1964 Pontiac GTO

    1964 Pontiac GTO
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