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  1. My '64 GTO 2-speed transmission is leaking. Any info on a new gasket for the pan and what type of fluid will I need? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Petronix set-up installed and all is good so far! Next is a gage set-up to be installed.
  3. How true. The older I get, the more fondly I think back to the automotive powerhouse that Michigan used to be. Woodward Avenue on a Saturday night must have been a sight to see and be a part of.
  4. I should have said that I am favoring the Petronix pointless set up like you have. Cheaper and people seem to like it a lot. I'm not a racer either, so no need to get too fancy.
  5. Interested in converting my '64 GTO point-ignition to an HEI ignition. Would like to get input into changing out the whole distributor vs. changing out the internals of the distributor. I have heard a lot about Petronix conversions. What have you guys done and would recommend?
  6. What does the term "e-core" stand for? I understand that they are the cartridge filters like the one in my 2011 Equinox? Are they as effective as spin-on filters? The Fram Ultra and STP Extended Life filters seem well made. I have heard that SuperTech filters are now made by WIX. Very good looking filters now days.
  7. Would love to see a pic of all that! I usually don't have anything on hand until right before an oil change. But, I may stock up on oil filters for the GTO.
  8. Just asking, what exactly is an " enormous " stash of filters? I'm too much of a neat freak in my garage to keep much of anything extra. Though, with all my cars getting older, maybe I need to rethink keeping a stash of filters around. I've seen pics of people's stashes of oil and that would drive me nuts having that around but oil filters wouldn't be too bad. Great job on those filters! They look great!
  9. Seems like you have to start all over every time you look for a filter. I have a hard time finding available filters for my GTO so I don't have much of a choice if I want to pick one off the shelf. Right now, only the STP Classic filter, S25, is at Autozone. Everything else needs to be ordered. Maybe I'm better off not having to make a decision.
  10. Just wanted to find out if there is more of a preference towards one brand of oil filter over others? How do all the economy filters, i.e. Fram EG, STP Classic, Purolator Classic, etc., compare to each other? I like upper end filters for longer OC's but which brands do the best for the shorter O.C. of our classic cars? Or, does it matter much for 1-2K O.C.? Seems that oil filters are made by different companies from time to time and it's hard to keep up with who makes one filter now compared to years ago.
  11. 360Rocket......definitely a lot of work but got to appreciate the dedication. I may be that way with my '64 GTO! Got to keep these beasts alive and kicking!
  12. Last Indian, I very much appreciate all the advise and plan on using it. You have given me more than enough info to get me going. You have reinforced info that I believed already and then some. My oil changes will be 1 year/1500-2000 miles. Thanks for all the info and I hope this will keep me off the topic of Zinc for a while! I've had enough for now. Thank you, again! Will stay in touch in the future on this Forum.
  13. When did tire manufacturers start putting the born on date on tires?
  14. Last Indian, The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner around 2010 and has about 4K on it. No, I do not know the clearances nor do I have a pressure gage currently hooked up. What would be "good" numbers and clearances and how does this affect the different oil choices? Looking forward to more oil education.
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