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New here, hi huys..this is my 2007 GXP

It is the DD and weekend double duty of car show/cruise nights.

Just one performance mod. Reworked the exhaust. Got rid of the resonator and welded in a cutout. So that everyone knows its a V8.

Apperance mods:

05 18" Bonnie GXP rims.

SEMA concept inspired GXP badging.

H/D front chin spoiler.

Just some pictures to give you an idea.







SEMA badge:http://tinypic.com/m/9jzmuf/3

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Thanks guys!!

Ohh there will be more. It is a DD so not going to extreme.

Untill I can get the trans done by a performance shop (GM did not give these cars a very strong transmission) I am just doing some minor bolt ons.

Money is kinda tight right now but once it starts flowing a little more looking at a fender well CAI, TB and spacer and maybe a tune.

Bodywise I am hopeful to get some tint on the windows and tails. And looking for exhaust tips that have a little more shine to them on the lip, maybe Magnaflows or something. Maybe get the S/E bumper with the diffuser in the middle. But thats just luck if I find one.

And I would love to drop it. But where I live my driveway it just about clears it. steep ramp from the street. So untill that changes gotta keep it the ride height.

PS: D ranger..you got a 5.0 in your truck? Would love to see that! I wish Ford put them out with the V8's. Dont know why they never did?

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' date='May 30 2010, 01:58 PM' post='27625']

You forgot the most important mod:

Get lowwwwwwwww.

can't, wish I could but as I stated:

And I would love to drop it. But where I live my driveway it just about clears it. steep ramp from the street. So untill that changes gotta keep it the ride height.

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A picture taken at an extreme angle is not jdm???I have no idea where that's comming from...jdm as in imports?

And atomic..thanks man..I went way past that..cutout!! V8 with full open exhaut from the cat. Does wonders..cheaper and scares little children!! Lol catback is not loud enough for me..

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JDM = Japanese Domestic Market

Nowadays, it's coined as terms for angled pics and such. Like driving up an incline on an angle, "JDM" angle. :lol2:

Seriously though, driving at an angle over speedbumps and inclines greatly reduces the chance for underbody scraping.

Plus, a drop is so worth it. :bowdown:

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I have been taking pics of cars for years and this is the first time I heard people call this a JDM angle.

Unless this is a popular import word thrown around...if so I stay far away from those meets..very far away..

last thing about the drop. Again, Could if I would.

my driveway has no way to go over it like a speedbump entering. I got a concrete wall on one side and a fence on the other side. So cant angle it to go up.

With the cutout I lost almost 1" of ground clearance and I scrape if I have 4 adults in the car going into my driveway. Thats how much of an sharp incline I have to go up.

And just letting you guys know. It comes lowered from the factory. GM dropped the GXP's stock ride height already. So it is already lower than a regualr GP. :bowdown:

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Dooooode! I test drove one of these the other day, and DAWM, 5.3 V8, lots of power! Nice car!!!!!

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