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    My 6, girls, sports.......typical guy stuff.

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  1. Titan

    91,807 miles on a Lamborghini

    If society wasn't so demanding I'd join him.
  2. Titan

    SwiTched it Up!

    I likes. The last pic looks great.
  3. If you need help I think I got a quarter around here somewhere, I'll gladly send it to ya.
  4. Titan

    Then and Now Pic

    Beautiful, not much else needed to be said. The people in the black car seem a little jelouse.
  5. Buy two more sets and have one for each season.
  6. Titan

    Then and Now Pic

    I like that color, it'll go well with darker colors. How much did the springs drop your ride 1.5", 2"?
  7. Titan

    Crimson's Goat Progression

    Looking great.............You can never go wrong with black and silver.
  8. Yeah I don't know how many hardcore Pontiac fans are out there but a lot of people take the military seriously. One day back in high school I did some errands for my mom with my ROTC suit on(too lazy to go home first). I got a lot of salutes and shook a lot of hands that day.
  9. Titan

    Another new member!

    Welcome to the site. Yet another 6 joins the roster.
  10. Titan

    Pontiac Officially Gone Today

    The HIDs shall be on the way.
  11. Nice, I wouldn't be surprised if you get a few flashing lights when people pass by.
  12. Titan

    Pontiac Officially Gone Today

    Damn........................tear. Ya know I wasn't going to add anything new to my 6 until I get my career started next year, kind of a reward to myself for staying focus. Just to show my respect I might do a few simple things, just as long as they don't break the bank. I've been wanting a new box for my subs so I might do that. I've got some hyper white bulbs but I don't have them in my fog lights or high beams so that'll be another easy thing to do. And I might buy one of the forever Pontiac stickers. I said I'd never put a sticker on my car but it's for Pontiac and they deserve it.
  13. Titan

    How many GM vehicles?

    LOL, I just posted that like two minutes ago.................good to know I'm an inspiration. My moms Grand Prix, my G6, and what used to be mine but is now the family 1976 Chevy Caprice Classic.
  14. Titan

    Car logos -- How well do you know them?

    Yeah, I had to google a few for spelling. Some I've never seen before and a few I've seen but never knew the name.
  15. Titan

    New to the Forums

    Wow, your car history is like a epic novel. For the love of god don't sell the GA. I don't care if the stock market crashes, there should always be a Pontiac in that driveway.............................There should be a GM in every driveway for that matter.
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