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  1. Hopefully this doesnt come too late. I was in your exact situation a year ago , lost my job and had to live 3 months on my savings.When that ran out, I was in deep haggis financially because I couldnt afford my car loan. I called the bank and requested ( almost begged,actually) that the payments be added to the end of the loan to keep me outta default, until I got my money and job situation settled. The bank did it, I got a new job after 3 months, and made the payments. With folks losing jobs right and left you're not the only one who's in that situation, and by calling the bank and saying that you want to work things out, its better for both parties. You get to keep your ride, the bank doesn't have to hire a repo guy to find the car ( and hiring a repo truch aint free), everyone wins. If you DONT call them and let the loan go into default, they'll hire a repo company to find the car. Unless you move the car to someplace youve never lived at before (remember your references on the loan app? ), they'll find the car. If that happens, the bank will try to auction the car to recoup their cost on the loan. Since its VERY unlikely that your bank will get at auction the cost of the loan balance plus collection and repo fees, youll get hit with the credit damage of a reposession ( 7 years negative report) AND a final balance due to your bank for the car loan balance+repo and collection fees -auction income. That's called a deficiency judgement, and it means you will still owe on your car-but you wont have it to drive, and wont qualify for a loan towards a new one. Talk to the bank,and see what they can do for you . Worst case, they say no, which is where you are right now by not talking to them. God bless, and good luck with all this. -Smok3
  2. Silversmok3

    South Dakota Pics

    Well, I got some parts in today and added some cosmetic enhancements.The GAOC decals reflect , so they're not completely invisible. I had white ones before and they stuck out too much, so here's the black-on-black 'stealth' decals .I two-tone wrapped the SC/T wing in real CF, not the easiest task with the curves on that wing.
  3. Silversmok3

    South Dakota Pics

    Nothing but wide, open, traffic-less 4 lane highways.
  4. Silversmok3

    South Dakota Pics

    That's the plan cheif.
  5. Silversmok3

    South Dakota Pics

    I cannot confirm, nor deny the exact nitrous shot .
  6. Silversmok3

    South Dakota Pics

    Im surprised you of all people missed what I just added , in the last pic. The hint-its purple, and it was installed today.....
  7. Silversmok3

    South Dakota Pics

    Changed some sensors ( new TPS, IAC, and spark plugs) and something else, while leaving the outside alone. Finally brought the camera and took some scenery pics.
  8. www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC5qk7KO_9Q I was digging though my old Youtube videos , and found this gem from last year.It has Sammy's old GA,another black GAGT , and myself as the video car on I-270 around STL. Jedi3 added the youtube cod.
  9. Silversmok3

    91,807 miles on a Lamborghini

    Quite cool. Its a downer that the timing chain failed at 90K miles ,though.
  10. Silversmok3

    Rough/low idle on the GA

    Open your hood and look down at your intake manifold. On the front, facing the front bumper is a small 3" vaccum hose that connect two lines , it looks like a U when your looking at it. This line cracked on me last year,a big hint is that when it was windy the idle problem got worse ( which lead me to check my CAI, IAT, and intake manifold sensor ). The motor was good until it got to about 600 RPM, where it died immediately. Got real good at brake tourqing at 1K until I found the problem. 50 cents worth of tubing later, problem solved.Let us know if that fixed it.
  11. Silversmok3

    SwiTched it Up!

    Get in line.
  12. Silversmok3

    SwiTched it Up!

    Still got em in the closet, literally. Better to have extra parts and not need them, and all that jazz..
  13. Silversmok3

    SwiTched it Up!

    So, waddyall think?
  14. Silversmok3

    Little Spring Photoshoot

    Nice. Your job appearance wise is done, now get some N20 in that bish!
  15. Silversmok3

    Little Spring Photoshoot

    Nice. Your job appearance wise is done, now get some N20 in that bish!
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