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  1. Woot! Found the problem! Found a TSB that had most of the information I needed! That RCDLR thingie was labeled under the CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM/REMOTE FUNCTION ACTUATOR fuse. I pulled it out and back in to reset the RCDLR and it's all okay now!
  2. Hey guys, My daughter played with the dome light switch Thursday night causing the battery to deplete itself. We recharged it overnight but now I have "SERVICE TIRE MONITOR SYSTEM" displayed in the dash and both remotes for keyless entry won't work at all! I tried to relearn the remotes but the DIC won't activate the sequence (Instead of displaying REMOTE RELEARN ACTIVE it flashes and comes back to the press to start remote relearn). I also wanted to relearn the TPMS sensors but I need my remotes to activate the sequence! Does anyone know what to do?
  3. coulomjo

    my life....f***

    Wow man, that's a lot of bad things to happen at the same time! There are two things that I've learned in life: 1- Change is good. Nothing happens for nothing. It's tough at first but once you get through it you'll be smarter, tougher and more experienced in life. What happens next is usually better than what you had before. 2- Never say never. You never know what will happen. Take good care of yourself and learn from your experiences as well as other's. But never say never, cause life has too many twist to make yourself that lie. Take care man, a lot of people love you here. You're n
  4. Hmmm.... that reminds me of something... the seal between the engine block and the intake resonator (that plastic box in front held with 2 bolts, at least I think it's a resonator) is dry and bits are missing... could it be the problem?
  5. It's been 5 days now and I have "Service Engine Soon" lit up since Tuesday... Also my choking problem is still as bad. I've cleaned the ICV back in March because it was doing it... could it be that the valve is no good?
  6. Sorry guys, didn't have time to update this tread lately. So 1.49$ later I I changed the hose and it's still doing it but not as brutal as before and the engine seems to run better. I guess the hose was part of the equation but not the answer... Anyways it's a lot better thanks to your suggestions so I wanted to thank you for pitching in!
  7. You know what, that could be exactly my problem. The tube is all cracked in different places. I'll stop at Canadian Tire this week to get a replacement tube. I'll update you guys when I change it. Thanks!
  8. No engine lights, doesn't matter if the tank if full or not. Plugs are almost new and are in good shape. I've even cleaned the ICV and at first its seemed that it was doing better but the problem never left. It still could be the ICV doing a bad job. I also read on the net that a bad vaccum seal can cause the engine to receive less air and cause it to choke momentarily. I'll try to take a look at it this week-end, see if I can identity the problem.
  9. Hey guys, I'm having a rough idle on my '99 Grand-AM (2.4L). When the engine is cold it idles at 700rpm but after it goes down to 500-550 and that's when for instants it seems like it's choking. Is there any way to raise the idle?
  10. I got my HIDs on Ebay. 175$ CDN including shipping for High/Low & fogs (relay harness included with the H13 kit) Installed them last August and never had a problem with them! (PM me if you want info on the seller)
  11. I bought it like that. at 500$ and everything mechanic being A1, I wasn't going to be difficult on the body No refunds as these are used had terms about the buyer "making sure it will fit your model". It's okay, I was prepared for that eventuality. I'm just disappointed they don't fit and there's no way in hell that my wife will let me cut into the bumper... in fact she wants me to stop modding it!
  12. Alright... pics as promised: As you can see they don't have the same size & shape... Too bad they don't fit on the Grand Am
  13. I'll post some better pics this weekend... unfortunately even if I find a way to actually fit them inside the bumper the fact that the exterior curve on the trim is different I'd be left with a gap on each side... You'll understand once I show you the pics... *to be continued....
  14. Here is a pic of my grilles. Here is a pic of a GXP. Notice the the curve of the chrome trim is different on the outside. Also the way they attach is very different from the base model (one is snapped from the front of the bumper cover and the other is from the back)
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